Wednesday, October 16, 2013

William Gruff NEW Release 'Binghamton'

A mosaic of musical exploration from folk, country, gypsy, Latin, jazz, rock, and boogie blues, the second release from William Gruff, ‘Binghamton’ features Matt Cusack (songwriter)(NYC), Vince Federici(Philly), Charlie Heim(Philly), Will Tobin(Ithaca), and Julia Adamy(NYC) each experts on their respective instruments. Recorded in a day at More Sound Studio after a grueling adventure to get there, Binghamton is a loose, freewheeling, powerful record from a band that naturally gels together with an abundance of creativity. Each track is hypnotically catchy, and sinks into the subconscious to wander there perpetually. 
"The first record was an indulgence by us all says Vince; this new one has a more consistent thread throughout that harkens to The Flaming Lips."
An Alternative Folk band based out of NYC under the name of Mountain Man they took 7th place on the East Coast in the Emergenza Battle of the Bands in 2007. Then the all female group came out while they were on hiatus (Matt ended up playing bass in some national touring plays like Beauty and the Beast and Charlie went to get his Masters degree at Penn State)
"We had to change, says Vince, the band mutated and just wanted an ambiguous sounding name that still held the Mountain Man idea. So William+Gruff"

Available on iTunes

Video for the first single "At the Bottom of the Ocean" Shot and Edited by Gregg Monteith. Words and Music by Matt Cusack. Arranged by William Gruff.

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  1. Thanks for the review, and for telling the story of our harrowing journey to make the record happen!


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