Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rock and Roll Revival in NYC

Bang Bang Boogaloo is a NYC label specializing in hand crafted digital compilations of amazing music and is at the forefront of the Revivalist Rock and Roll Scene taking place in NYC.
David Pattillo, creator and curator of Bang Bang Boogaloo, is a producer with a credit list from Alanis Morrissette to Robert Plant, The Black Crowes to the Beastie Boys. Last year he co-wrote and produced the Reni Lane debut for Universal Motown. He is a writer, producer, and member of the bands The Dirty Glamour, The Dead Exs, and upcoming artist Flor Zaballa. The New York Rock & Roll 1 compilation is his premiere compilation of NY based alt rock unsigned bands reviving roots rock and roll. A free download of this compilation is available here...BangBangBoogaloo
Here is the tracklist:
  1. The FierosTo Pieces
  2. The OthermenI Don’t Know Why
  3. The Dirty GlamourNo Way To Go But Up
  4. Golden AnimalsThe Steady Roller
  5. The Dead ExsMore Stuff
  6. The Naked HeroesFoxy Moxy
  7. Boom ChickCryin’ Rooster
  8. Kelle Calco and The Colored BoysSame Dark Circles
  9. The Compulsions - Groove On
  10. The Dirty ShamesYou’re A Drag
  11. Only Living BoyMy Heart Is Burning
Elmore Magazine says "Bang Bang Boogaloo is where it's at!"
Elmore Magazine in their May/June issue profiles Band Bang Boogaloo as a tastemaker for up and coming hard hitting roots rock and roll. In an issue that features some of the greatest guitar players on the planet, we got a very nice toast. “The BBB Launch Party heralded a hefty bill of New York’s best yet-to-be-discovered acts like The Fieros, The Othermen, and Pattillo’s own gutter-blues band, The Dead Exs.” Thanks to writer Lara Hemingway for a sweet write up.
Here are some video's of some of the bands on the compilation:
The Dead Exs: Inspired by classic garage and blues recordings, The Dead Exs bring it back to mono, recording entirely LIVE in the studio with dp (David Pattillo) on electric slide guitar and vocals and Wylie Wirth on the skins.
The Fieros are a straight up, no-frills rock-n-roll band. Formed in 2005 and honored with Dallas Observer awards for Best New Act in 2006 and Best Indie Rock in 2007, their fan base has continued to grow steadily. In their short time together they have opened for The B-52’s, The Polyphonic Spree, Okkervil River, The Redwalls, The Whigs, and The Black Angels. They have played over 200 shows in the southwest region. In 2008 The Fieros relocated to Brooklyn, NY to spread their music to a wider audience and are looking forward to the release of their debut EP
Boom Chick "Oozes punk thunder through a smoke screen of Delta ache. It’s an honor to be mentioned in the same breath with The White Stripes and Led Zeppelin, and the most thrilling moments on Show Pony actually earn the privilege." - American Songwriter
The Dirty Shames have managed to stir up quite a buzz in and around New York City. Their frequent live appearances have helped build a following that transcends boundaries and brings people from varying scenes together for the love of rock n' roll.
The Compulsions Heralded by Classic Rock magazine as "The Coolest Band In The World," The Compulsions have been riding a wave of increasing success and visibility. The New York band has amassed a mountain of critical acclaim the likes of which most bands would, to quote a Compulsions lyric, "shake hands with the Devil" to receive. Their recorded work has seen incredible success in the world of college radio, often out charting artists like Beck, Metallica and Oasis. The Compulsions have had their Demon Love EP licensed by MTV for popular programs The City and Parental Control

The Naked Heroes Rump shakin', soulredemmin', head bangin' rock 'n' roll.
Golden Animals Blending '60s psychedelic- and surf-rock with bluesy folk, Golden Animals formed when Tommy Eisner (vocals, guitar) and Linda Beercroft (vocals, percussion) met on a sidewalk in Brooklyn.

Kelli Calco and The Colored Boys don’t just sound like classic rock, they are classic rock. Soaring electric guitar riffs accompanied by chugging acoustic and passionate growling rhythm-and-blues vocals were the real deal, not a gimmick.

Only Living Boy "...blues on the nastier side... aggressive and in your face, like a locomotive steered by Eric Clapton on a collision course with The Raconteurs." —Dustin Schoof, Exposed Magazine/Express-Times

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