Tuesday, January 31, 2012

11 Gems - The White Soots

When a White Soots song comes up on my shuffle I immediately hit stop and scroll to the album (released 2010) and play the whole thing, every song on their debut album is excellent lyrically, vocally and musicality.
If you haven't giving them an ear yet and you like fuzzy, bluesy, psychedelic mix of guitar infused rock and roll, the album is available for free. Download it and listen and you will listen again and again. Hopefully they have something new in the works cause I want to hear more from this Ohio trio.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Psych Me Popa! Vol. 1

Since groovy is it the air, this psych compilation has been sitting in the box for a while, so I'll add it to the grey matter filler. So you know the deal - download, share, enjoy and as always, like something, find the artist portal and support, support, support. Click on arrow to play, right click individual songs, save link as, or click here download all

Root Glen - Detective Porn.mp3
Tripsichord Music Box - On The Last Ride.mp3
The Dandelion Seeds - Wasted.mp3
Ruby The Hatchet - The One You Love.mp3
Apache Dropout - Nothing In My Hand.mp3
The Othermen - I Don't Know Why.mp3
Strange Haze - Straight Dope.mp3
Stone Darling - Can You Get to That.mp3
Foxygen - With All My Friends.mp3
Woods - Find Them Empty.mp3
Brass Buttons - Hell Will Take Care Of Her.mp3
Great Red Spots - Ghost Invertebrate.mp3
Koonda Holaa - It's Not Like You (Always).mp3
Sic Alps - Message From the Law.mp3
Electric Flower - Four 16.mp3
Yellowbirds - The Rest Of My Life.mp3
Joy - I need You.mp3
The Lunar Effect - Face Down In The Dirt.mp3
Sky Picnic - Siren Song.mp3
Cupla- Tearing Me Down.mp3


Austin Psych Fest 2012

Austin Psych Fest 2012 is confirmed for April 27-29, 2012. The 5th annual festival will be held at Emo’s East & Beauty Ballroom.

They also released a FREE Bandcamp mix by Al Lover featuring tracks from some of the announced artists.

And while you're at if you haven't gotten it yet get, the Bang Bang Boogaloo/Beyond Beyond is Beyond, epic free Psych digital compilation released last week for FREE! download individual below or click here for the whole zip file


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Those Mockingbirds–Record Release Party

Last Friday my son and I aka Takeover Radio DJ ‘The Kid’ went to Maxwells in Hoboken for Those Mockingbird’s Fa Sol La EP Vinyl release party. I have been following the band for quite awhile and enjoy immensely the video’s Adam and Tory put out of their escapades, they are both extremely entertaining people. Their ‘commercial’ for the release party was hilarious with Adam playing the record Grinch on Christmas morning.

The place was packed when we got there, but soon overflowed to over max capacity. The crowd was energetic and raring to go. As the night went on and the opening bands got the crowd whipped up we found ourselves being pushed closer and closer to the wall, but behold there are two steps running along the wall! Now I’m vertically challenged so this was actually the best thing that could happen. Our view was greatly enhanced.

Adam is like the ultimate Rock and Roll warrior, with duct tape on his geetar and an ace bandage on his wrist he wrestles some killer riffs from that axe. I also love the violin and what Tory does with one playing rock and roll is fantastic, she adds a big sound to the songs and her and Adam’s vocals are one of the best duets I’ve heard in a long time. Their cover of Fleetwood Mac ‘The Chain’ is better then the original.
As an added bonus, like one was needed.. World/Inferno Friendship Society's violinist Rebecca Schlappich joined the band for the song ‘Don’t Stray’ sparks were flying from their bows, like the Sorcerers apprentice! It was a sight to behold and hear..
But dang, it was over to quick. Bottom line, I love this band.Get their record, see them live if you can. Order Vinyl here Download the EP Fa Sol La here um it’s free!
Check them out on Twitter - Facebook
Thanks to Terrance Pryor on NJ Underground for these great Videos. WATCH THEM!
Those Mockingbirds – “The Difference Between Love and Addiction” Maxwells – 1-20-12

Those Mockingbirds – '”Don’t Stray’ featuring Rebecca Schlappich Maxwells 1-20-12

Those Mockingbirds – “The Chain” Maxwells 1-20-12


Monday, January 23, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, Shayfer James!

Shayfer James

Those of you who read this blog, (there are a couple of you, right?) know that I have Vaudevillian, Carnivalesque tendencies and like music that capture the mood and visuals of times past but bring them smack damn to the present. Shayfer James does that for me, I wish I had discovered earlier would definitely been included in Popakazooza. He recently closed the house, a packed house at Maxwells Thursday night closing for Those Mockingbirds at their Fa Sol La Vinyl release party. (more on that later)
Anywoo, let’s just get to the music!

"...poetic compositions, which ride turbulent waves of melodious verses, backed by a storm of intricate instrumentals (“Battle Cry,” “Diggin’ Up Hatchets”), with a pair minimalistic testimonial type-tracks mixed in amongst the bunch (“Peace,” “Have A Seat Misery”). However, the cream of this crop rose to the top in “Weight Of The World,” the leading number to one of SIMGE’s favorite albums of the year" - Speak Into My Good Eye

"the songs are a welcome dark wave that takes the listener in unexpected directions and unexpected realms of emotion" - whatstrending.tv (InDMusic)
"dark and funky piano arrangement lets you know that this wired situation is one that James thinks is quite dire" - MTVHive

Counterfeit Arcade released Nov. 2011

The Owl & The Elephant released May 2010

Free Ep Red Room Vol. 1 released Dec. 2008

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Be part of the scene,man! @BBiB - @Bangboogaloo Psych Comp. Release Party

Beyond Beyond is Beyond/Bang Bang Boogaloo Psych Compilation Release Party

Thursday, January 19, 2012 - 9:00pm until 2:00am At Shea Stadium

The New Yorker - Jan. 19: The shoegaze-y and guitar-heavy indie-rock veterans Hopewell (named for the home town of the founding member Jason Russo) have been performing their tight, well-balanced rock songs since 1995. With Woodsman, a quartet sporting two guitarists and two drummers, whose songs are reminiscent of Sonic Youth’s early-nineties work, except that the vocals are almost completely obscured by effects. Also appearing are the Zabalas, a collaboration between the Argentinean singer Flor Zabala and the New York producer David Pattillo, who offer a straightforward, slick rock-and-roll sound highlighted by Flor’s commanding vocals. Read more
Party starts at 9:00 with DJs Invisble Familiars (Jared of Minerva Lions) and Unicorn Pudding (Beyond Beyond is Beyond's Mike Newman). Then...
10:30 - Woodsman (http://woodsmanman.tumblr.com/)
11:15 - Hopewell (http://www.hopewell.tv/)

With visuals provided by the amazing BAMiAM.tv and DJ'd jams from Invisible Familiars and Unicorn Pudding to keep vibes alive long into the far-out hours!

Poster by Justin Gabbard

Bang Bang Boogaloo brings you Beyond Beyond is Beyond, the epic free digital compilation of cage-free jams, on January 24th. But for those groovy duders and dudettes that are reading this, get it here NOW!

cover art by Justin Gabbard

The compilation will include tunes from the likes of Hopewell, Woodsman, Minerva Lions, Mondo Drag, Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter, Buffalo Killers, Paperhead, Velcro Lewis Group, Conspiracy of Owls, The Zabalas, Amy Annelle, Citay, Jeffertiti's Nile, Herbcraft, Bizi Gara, Outrageous Cherry, Main Street Gospel, Blues Pills, Heavy Eyes and Brooklyn Raga Association!

Stay up to Date: 
On FaceBook: Beyond Beyond is Beyond - Bang Bang Boogaloo

J. Roddy Walston and the Business announce March Tour Dates

3/5 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter [Get Tickets]
3/6 - Athens, GA @ 40 Watt [Get Tickets]
3/7 - Chattanooga, TN @ Rhythm and Brews [Get Tickets]
3/8 - Birmingham, AL @ Work Play [Get Tickets]
3/9 - Baton Rouge, LA @ Chelsea's [Get Tickets]
3/10 - New Orleans, LA @ Maison [Get Tickets]
3/14 - 3/18 - Austin, TX @ SXSW (Shows/parties still be announced)
3/21 - Nashville, TN @ Exit/In* [Get Tickets]
3/23 - Louisville, KY @ Headliner's [Get Tickets]
3/27 - Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Entry [Get Tickets]
3/30 - Chicago, IL @ Double Door [Get Tickets]
3/31 – Columbus, OH @ TBA (It's a secret for a little while longer)

In April they will hit the road with Lucero for two weeks down the East Coast
4/14 - Toronto, ON @ Lee's Palace [Get Tickets]
4/15 - Montreal, QC @ Les Foufounes Electriques [Get Tickets]
4/18 - Northampton, MA @ Pearl Street [Get Tickets]
4/19 - Boston, MA @ Paradise Rock Club [Get Tickets]
4/20 - New York, NY @ Webster Hall [Get Tickets]
4/21 - Pawtucket, RI @ The Met Cafe [Get Tickets]
4/22 - Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer [Get Tickets]
4/24 - Harrisburg, PA @ The Abbey Bar at Appalchian Brewing Company [Get Tickets]
4/25 - Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club [Get Tickets]
4/26 - Richmond, VA @ The Hat Factory [Get Tickets]
4/27 - Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel [Get Tickets]
4/28 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade (Heaven Stage) [Get Tickets]

Here's a couple songs from HearYa Live Session 9/22/10
Don't Break The Needle.mp3
I Don't Wanna Hear It.mp3

Sunday, January 15, 2012

#CXCW '12 Poster and Buttons

Update: It appears the original poster had a couple misspellings, so anyone who saved that one now has a collectors edition. The Poster below as been corrected.
I took it upon myself to make these up for Couch By Couchwest 2012, Why you ask? Because I have way to much time on my hands.
More Info:
Last Year's Event here
Facebook here
Poster 11x17

Buttons or Twibbons 


Friday, January 13, 2012

Popa's Rock Mix Vol. 4

Dang, haven't done a Rock mix since September. Must rectify that immediately. So here's the first one of the new year, a collection I've been culling from the vast wide web wilderness. These songs have been finding there way from playlist to playlist on my portable music machine, so I'll put em together here for prosperity. So you know the deal download, share, enjoy and as always, like something, find the artist portal and support, support, support. Click on arrow to play, right click individual songs, save link as, or click here download all


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Living Kills -Faceless Angels

The Living Kills

Guest Post by: Takeover Radio Show DJ 'The Kid'

The New York City based band The Living Kills are without a doubt a product of the 21st century. An amalgamation of so many genres and musical periods, their debut album Faceless Angels combines the warm and fuzzy charm of a 60’s rock outfit with the aggression and high energy of a middle finger saluting punk rock band and everything in between.  
It is all combined with a sensibility that is distinctly fresh.   In a scene that is full of watered down, lo-fi, wanna be psychedelic acts The Living Kills is the real deal. Merrill Sherman’s lyrics are poetic and thoughtful; rivaling those of Jim Morrison- yes I went there- and the accompanying music is equally resonant.  Some songs are slower and more dramatic, like “Dead,” and “Long Shadow of The Day”.  While others are energetic and aggressive; even danceable like “My Gun’s a Fist” and “Others Lips”.  The Living Kills are the perfect mix of classic, groovy Rock N’ Roll a la The Animals, The Sonics, and The Rolling Stones;  dirty blues bands like ZZ Top, and The Black Keys;  and glorious psychedelia akin to The Beatles and The Yardbirds… Well maybe I shouldn’t say “the perfect mix” because I have high hopes that this band will continue to push forward in the future and carve out a perfect fuzzy little psychedelic Rock n Roll place for themselves.  
Others Lips.mp3
Angels Without Faces.mp3

Merrill Sherman (guitar, vocals)
Jennifer Bassett (organ, synth, vocals)
Erica Keller (bass, vocals)
Yancy Sabenicio (drums, percussion)

Music Video for “My Gun is a Fist” from “Faceless Angels”
My Gun is a Fist from The Living Kills on Vimeo.

Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, The Web, Buy the Album

Monday, January 9, 2012

And so it goes: Feel Bad For You - Best of 2011

Here's this month's FBFY 2011 Favorites Mix from a collection of Notorious Muso's, Carouser's, Rascals, Tweeters, and Bloggers.  


1. Powder Mill - Devil In New Orleans
Southern Independent Vol. 2
Submitted By: Adam Sheets
Comments: Of all the exclusives we put on the three volumes of Southern Independent, this is probably my favorite.

2. Robyn Ludwick - New Orleans
Out Of These Blues
Submitted By: Mando Lines
Comments: My favorite track off of one of my favorite records of 2011. Robyn Ludwick is a Robison, as in sister to Charlie and Bruce, but she's got her own take on being a singer-songwriter. As New Orleans demonstrates, her voice is sexy, her lyrics are smart and her songs are real.

3. Mount Moriah - The Reckoning
Mount Moriah
Submitted By: Ryan (Verbow at Altcountrytab)
Comments: One of the more upbeat songs off this album. Sweet vocals, beautiful melody, just makes you feel good all over. If you've ever liked any music described as "alt-country" you need to check this album out. A perfect blend of country and indie rock - go get this one now.

4. Daniel Knox - I Make Enemies.mp3
 Everyman for Himself
Submitted By: April @ Now This Sound Is Brave
Comments: Since I already submitted my favorite song of 2011 to the August FBFY, here's my top runner-up from Couch by Couchwest alumni Daniel Knox. With some help from Akron, Ohio's own Ralph Carney (Tin Huey, Tom Waits, the Black Keys), Knox spins a heartfelt tale of love for humanity. Ah, my cockles, they are warmed.

5. Ghosts I've Met - Out With The Embers
From A Spark
Submitted By: erschen

6. Robyn Ludick - Out Of These Blues
Out Of These Blues
Submitted By: Truersound
Comments: Has been my favorite song for the better part of the year. I love everything about it.

7. Artist: Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears - You Been Lyin’
Submitted By: BoogieStudio22
Comments: Four of my top ten favorite albums leaned toward R&B and Soul-influenced sound. Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears captured it beautifully. Great band to see live too!

8. John Paul Keith - You Devil You
The Man That Time Forgot
Submitted By: mikeorren
Comments: Lots of new music this year, but I keep going back to this one. And I'm always a sucker for a Devil song.

9. JEFF the brotherhood - Bummer
We Are The Champions
Submitted By: annieTUFF
Comments: I was able to catch JEFF the brotherhood at the Pilot Light here in Knoxville back in September, and I feel really lucky that I did. It was an amazing show, one that I keep thinking about. (I posted about it on my tumblr...just in case you wanna see pics) It was definitely in my top live shows of 2011, sooooo I decided to pick a song off their 2011 album "We Are The Champions" for this mix.

10. 4 On The Floor - Workin' Man Zombie.mp3
Buy: 4 x 4
Submitted By: toomuchcountry
Comments: Nothing like a little optimism about the working life to begin the new year.

11. The Dead Exs - Shut Up And Love Me
Submitted By: Popa2unes
Comments: I’m trying to make it on 10 dollars a day, I’m working part time and their docking my pay, My baby tells me we got three mouths to feed, I’d stop complaining if she just say to me, Shut up and love me.

12. Lori McKenna - Sweet Disposition
Submitted By: Rockstar_Aimz
Comments: I think that this song may be about me.

13. Zoe Muth & Lost High Rollers - Before the Night is Gone
Starlight Hotel
Submitted By: Simon

14. Childish Gambino - Freaks and Geeks.mp3
From: Freaks and Geeks EP
Submitted By: philnorman
Comments: My favorite records of the year would be folks like Jason Isbell, Chis Thile & Michael Daves, Glossary, and Gillian. But when I looked at my iTunes play counts, a little guilty pleasure was right there at the top. Donald Glover is insanely talented.

15. The Pollies - Ashes of Burned Out Stars.mp3
From: N/A - Live From The Shoals track (rough)
Submitted By: Corey Flegel - This Is American Music
Comments: The Pollies are just another band along with DBT, Jason Isbell, The Civil Wars, Doc Dailey, and Lauderdale that hail from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. No big deal...they will have their proper coming out party in 2012. Be ready...

16. Kelsey Waldon - God-Fearing People
Anybody's Darlin' EP
Submitted By: Trailer

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The End Men - Build It Up

The End Men
Photo by David Kerry Hannan

The End Men: Matthew Hendershot - vox, screaming, guitar - Livia Ranalli - drums, percussions, toys, vox - Jason Godbey - harmonica, guitar, vox are a DIY band working out of a Brooklyn loft that they turned into a recording studio where they self-produced their fist EP 'Build it Up' and launched The Rehearsal Space Project You Tube Channel showing behind the scenes footage of live shows and the recording process. 

Livia's stomping crisp percussion, Matthew and Jason's tight guitars and Jason's haunting harmonica with Matthew's vocals that sound like Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart and Joe Cocker in an alley after a long night of whiskey and cigarettes but with his own originality create an after hours club atmosphere thick with smoke and beatniks. Jack Kerouac would be right at home reciting the lyrics with a piano accompaniment. Great stuff from a band I want to hear more of in the new year.
If your in the city catch them live January 12th at Hanks Saloon 46 Third Ave (corner of Atlantic), Brooklyn, NY

The Rehearsal Space Project 

As Hurricane Irene bore down on New York Ciy, Matthew and Livia of The End Men spent their days inside crafting this haunting tune ringing the warning bells of the oncoming storm!

Enjoy "A Storm Is Coming"
Music by Livia Ranalli and Matthew Hendershot
Lyrics by Matthew Hendershot

Check them out on the web on Facebook, Reverbnation and Twitter


LA Blues Band - Miserable End

A rocky start for Miserable End - formed in July 2010 as a jam band without a name they had numerous personnel changes but in March 2011 settled in with their current line up and are now ranked #12 on the LA/Ocean County Blues charts. You can hear influences from other music genres including funk, industrial, jazz and reggae. With 20 original songs in their repertoire they are hitting the studio this month.
Live at Whiskey-a-Go-Go

Scott McGarrigle: Vocals & Guitar.
Scott Jones: 12 string electric and acoustic rythym, Lead Vocals, background vocals.
Bernard Nicolas: Lead guitar, rythym guitar, background vocals.
Mike Kaloian: Bass
Alex Saulus: Drums, Percussion

Check them out on FacebookReverbnation and Twitter

Friday, January 6, 2012

Best wishes Dan Hare of 22-20's

May 3rd 2012 Statement from the bandSadly we have to announce that Dan has left the band. Dan’s life and home are in England and with the other three of us now living in Minneapolis the situation had unfortunately become untenable for both him and the rest of us here. The decision, made a few weeks ago, is both amicable and mutual. We will not look to replace him (he’s irreplaceable anyway) and will continue as we originally started, and as we have been doing throughout this year, as a three piece. Dan is a great guitar player and, above all else, a great friend. We’d like to thank him for all he has contributed these past four years, both as a musician and a person, and wish him all the very best for all he goes on to do. It’s been an absolute pleasure having him in the band and, being as he is one of our very favorite people on the planet, he’ll be sorely missed.
May 3rd 2012 Statement from Dan HareUnfortunately the time has come for me to part ways with 22-20s. It’s not a decision that has been taken lightly, however due to the circumstances, both financially and logistically, I feel that this is the best decision for all involved. I have been lucky enough to spend the last four years of my life making and playing music all over the world, meeting some amazing people. The thing that makes me most proud is the fact that in 22-20s I have been fortunate enough to ‘work’ with 3 people whom I consider to be not only my best friends, but incredible musicians too. Everybody else involved with the band during my tenure was always helpful, friendly and fun to be around and I will take a lot of experience and happy memories away with me.
I’m very happy to say that this situation has been handled in an amicable fashion by all involved and that I wish the band all the best in the future with their efforts.
I will be putting together some form of band together in the near future so if you are interested and want to kept up to date with developments then follow me on Twitter at @dan2220s
A massive thanks to Glen, Martin and James and everyone who was there along the way!

22-20’s disbanded in 2005 but got back together in 2008 after the band's former manager offered Trimble and Bartup some studio time, and in need of a drummer called up Irving to play on the sessions. At the time, the band didn't know whether the tracks would ever be released or if they did, whether they would be as 22-20s. They were then offered a gig at the Heavenly Festival in September 2008 at the Royal Festival Hall in London at the request of Heavenly Records. The band were joined by second guitarist Dan Hare, an old school friend and formerly of fellow Sleaford band 'The Jubilees' Coombes was not present and is no longer involved with the band. Despite debuting a new song at the gig, a spokesman for the band claimed that there were no plans for the band to continue beyond the gig.
The band then secretly toured England under the pseudonym Bitter Pills (the title of one of the band's new songs) in September 2009, playing amongst others Oxford Jericho Tavern, Hull Adelphi, Derby Rockhouse and Northampton Picturedrome previewing new material.
With no announcement, they released their first new material in the single, "Latest Heartbreak" and released ‘Shake/Shiver/Moan’ in May 2010 and visited Daytrotter for a session in July 2010
22-20's Shake,Shiver,Moan.mp3
22-20's Latest Heartbreak.mp3
In February 2011, a Pledgemusic campaign was launched to release Shake/Shiver/Moan for people outside of Japan and the US. This new exclusive version of the album will include the tracks from the "Latest Heartbreak Live EP" and "Latest Outtakes" releases as bonus tracks.[59] The band announced in December 2011 the release next year of the bands 3rd studio album "Got It If You Want It" and confirmed plans to tour it. The band have been confirmed to appear in the US at 2012's Coachella Festival in California.
Get the new song 'Ocean' in exchange for an addy


The Easy-Offs will stick on you

Montreal twosome Zak Izbinsky on Geetar and Vocals and Robert Nicolo on Drums must of went to the Delta and brought dirt, sweat and tears back with them. They make some great blues, fuzz tinged growling music that goes straight to the mojo of yer soul. Looking forward to more of this.

Their Debut LP 'Life is a Drone' is eleven songs that will have you listening over and over again. Kick arse stuff!
Special guests: 
Pat Loiselle: Harmonica on ‘Jealous Blues’ Kiran Mehta: Bass on ‘Hand Full O’ Gimme’
Angela Boismenu: Backing Vocals on ‘Hand Full O’ Gimme’ and ‘Going Back Home’
Bharath Rajakumar: Harmonica on ‘Denise’ and ‘Peach Tree Blues’ 
Mike Speight; Keys and Percussion ‘Life is a Drone’ ‘Going Back Home’ ‘Skid Row Holler’ 
Eric Bhell: Fuzz Bass ‘Poor Boy Long Ways From Home’
Get it on CDBaby, now not later The Easy-Offs | Life Is a Drone | CD Baby


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Check out NYC Rockers The Shake

The Shake

Don Merkin – Vocals Mike Serman – Guitar Jeremy Stein – Bass Dan Kirschen - Drums
Starting in February The Shake will be in residency at The Bowery Electric on Wednesday's if you're in the city diffidently check them out.

“Although The Shake’s sound pays homage to classic rock, there is a surprising eclectic quality to the band’s music that reflects the diverse musical backgrounds of its members…It looks like The Shake may be on a winning streak” – Alexis Nelson, Columbia Spectator

 Check them out on Facebook  Bandcamp and Twitter

I want more of this...like now. Blues Pills

Blues Pills 
Cory Berry and Zach Anderson the former rhythm section of Radio Moscow have formed a new band ‘Blues Pills’ sonic guitar licks, driving bass lines, heavy jazzy drums and the soulful singing of Elin Larsson. I am looking forward to hearing more from this band in 2012

Elin Larsson:  Vocals – Cory Berry:  Guitar – Zack Anderson:  Bass – Keith Rich: Drums

Check them out on Facebook and Reverbnation

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