Monday, January 30, 2012

Psych Me Popa! Vol. 1

Since groovy is it the air, this psych compilation has been sitting in the box for a while, so I'll add it to the grey matter filler. So you know the deal - download, share, enjoy and as always, like something, find the artist portal and support, support, support. Click on arrow to play, right click individual songs, save link as, or click here download all

Root Glen - Detective Porn.mp3
Tripsichord Music Box - On The Last Ride.mp3
The Dandelion Seeds - Wasted.mp3
Ruby The Hatchet - The One You Love.mp3
Apache Dropout - Nothing In My Hand.mp3
The Othermen - I Don't Know Why.mp3
Strange Haze - Straight Dope.mp3
Stone Darling - Can You Get to That.mp3
Foxygen - With All My Friends.mp3
Woods - Find Them Empty.mp3
Brass Buttons - Hell Will Take Care Of Her.mp3
Great Red Spots - Ghost Invertebrate.mp3
Koonda Holaa - It's Not Like You (Always).mp3
Sic Alps - Message From the Law.mp3
Electric Flower - Four 16.mp3
Yellowbirds - The Rest Of My Life.mp3
Joy - I need You.mp3
The Lunar Effect - Face Down In The Dirt.mp3
Sky Picnic - Siren Song.mp3
Cupla- Tearing Me Down.mp3


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