Friday, October 14, 2011

Updated - Ruby the Hatchet at Kung Fu Necktie

Ruby the Hatchet @Kung Fu Necktie 10-11-11 Photo by DP of The Dead Exs 

The setting was perfect, The David Lynchesque, Kung Fu Necktie Club in Philly. In front of a bright red velvet curtain, Philly's rock/psysche band 'Ruby The Hatchet' enveloped the stage and let forth with sounds that traversed my External Auditory Meatus like an Owsley flashback and swirled around my brain finding electonotes that have been neglected for decades. Their music is steeped in those moments where the mind and the body are one on the etheric plane. My mind soared and my body grooved. This is a kick arse must see, must hear band.  Download new song 'The Lean'
See bottom of page - Great Interview with the band by Lindsey at What's Protocol?

Ruby The Hatchet - The Lean by SPEAKIMGE8

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Local Talent Live - What's Protocol?
Ruby The Hatchet is a psychedelic rock outfit from the city of Brother love (and cheesesteaks, pretzels, and Duck Boat tours..) who put on one hell of a show all of which Daryl has no problem further detailing for you lucky readers below... Read More

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