Friday, March 30, 2012

Band of Heathens acoustic show in Oklahoma

photo by Bill Ellison

Ed Jurdi -- Guitar, Keys, Harmonica, Vocals
Gordy Quist -- Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Seth Whitney -- Bass, Vocals
John Chipman -- Drums, Percussion
Trevor Nealon - Keys, Vocals

There are advantages to subscribing to Band emails, via an email from Band of Heathens:
Acoustic Live Bootleg Free Download
Click here to download a free recording of an intimate acoustic show in Oklahoma back in February for a playful crowd of about 300 in the belly of a Tulsa church on a Saturday night. So download it, go to their website and subscribe for future emails, there is oodles of cool stuff there. It's only your addy after all.

March 30 - New York, NY

March 31 - Philadelphia, PA
April 1 - Cazenovia, NY
April 3 - Washington, DC
April 4 - Charlottesville, VA
April 5 - Raleigh, NC
April 6 - Charlotte, NC
For a full listing of upcoming shows, tickets, and showtimes, please visit


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Melissa & Paul - Live Hard

Take a sponge and dip it in a solution of Blues, Psych and Punk and squeeze it and you have Melissa and Paul, Hailing from North Jersey, Melissa sings and plays guitar while Paul handles the drumming. They have teamed with Bedside Manner and Gruff Beard to release their sophomore EP 'Live Hard' 10' Record on April 13th Additionally they have teamed with Star Beat Music to release a white limited edition, hand-numbered cassette tape, on Record Store Day, April 21st. 
UPDATE: Order the 10' here NOW - Gruff Beard 
Get the limited edition, hand-numbered cassette tape here NOW Star Beat Music
Last night via their Facebook page they posted a new song from the upcoming release on bandcamp, give it a listen and give them a like, maybe they will tease us with more before the release. 

In January they released this killer single, 'Summer' download it! It might just hold you over until the release of their EP. Per Melissa and Paul: Enjoy! We put it up as "Pay What You Want," but don't hesitate to download it for free!

Upcoming Shows

*Friday April 13th – VERNON VFW – Vernon, NJ
w/Jessica Joyce, Boy Things, Keith Kenny

*Saturday, April 14th – THE SUFFOLK – New York City
w/Conor & The Stonehill Kids, Libel, Perp Walk

 **Saturday, April 21st – HELLZ KITCHEN – Newark, NJ Tape Release
w/The Naked Heroes, Six to Eight Mathematics

*Vinyl Release
**Vinyl & Tape Release

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We Run

Hitting me in all my soft spots. Straight up blues rock power trio from Brooklyn. 'We Run' are Alexander Gruenburg (Guitar/Vocals), Martin McDonald (synths), and Jeremy Duvall (drums) They are new on the scene, the band was formed in January of this year and set about making this three song EP which you can get for free.

Check them out on Facebook, and Twitter and Tumblr

Upcoming Shows


Monday, March 26, 2012

Kickstart the 4th Annual Brooklyn Folk Festival!

4th Annual Brooklyn Folk Festival May 18th - 20th 2012
An unexpected loss of venue this year sent them searching for a new home. The 4th Annual Brooklyn Folk Festival will be held at 345 Jay Street in Downtown Brooklyn. Your donation will help to transform this raw space into a venue worthy of the Jalopy name!

The festival is set to be better than ever with over 30 bands, vocal and instrument workshops, film screenings, a square dance, a special program celebrating Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday year - as well as a fun banjo activity to replace the much loved "Banjo Toss" of 2011.

Jalopy and Down Home Radio Show are committed to respectfully compensating artists while keeping the festival tickets at an accessible price range for the public. They are also inviting 100 local students to attend the festival free of charge as an educational outreach to the community. Thus, they are raising funds to help cover artist fees, advertising, space transformation, and staff. Support if you can kickstarter here


Friday, March 23, 2012

BandCamp Discoveries, Folk, Americana blah blah blah

I have one genre 'Music I like'  People always ask where I find the bands I put on the Popakazooza Compilations (not really no one ever comments on this blog) Here is a recent excursion into the wonderful world of Bandcamp, All are name your price downloads, so let your conscience be your guide. And ifin you like, support give em a like on facebook, twitter and spread the lovin.

Folk, Americana, Singer-Songwriter, Soul
Mimi Naja, Kellen Asebroek, Jay Cobb Anderson, Keith Simon, Tyler Thompson
Lewiston, ID - Atlanta, GA - Vista, CA

Science! is comprised of guitarist and vocalist Justin Stang and multi-instrumentalist Jim Elenteny. For a stripped down two guitar, two mic set, the duo offers a full sound sure to turn any unfamiliar listener into a fist-shaking enthusiast.
Seattle, WA

The Dirty Urchins
Folky Rockish Blues Country
David Luther, Freddie Stevenson, Bennett Miller, Julia Haltigan
Brooklyn, NY

Bird Dog
Soul, Roots, Country, Planetary
Ben Chace, Nino Chace, Paul Defiglia, Mark Dobbyn, David Christian
Brooklyn, NY
Formed in 2010, Bird Dog is a Brooklyn based outfit with a sound that draws on a wide set of roots influences from Aretha and Bobby D to S.E. Rogie, John Holt and The Louvin Brothers. Members of the band have played previously with Langhorne Slim, The Avett Brothers, TK Webb, Hellbent Hooker, Loveable Losers and Shots in the Dark.

The Groundhogs
Big Muddy label head Chris Baricevic and Ryan Koenig of the Rum Drum Ramblers and South City Three have been collaborating on music for years. On the night of Groundhogs Day 2012 they made a tape drenched in whiskey, Stag beer, and American music.

Dive Bar Dukes
New York City’s Dive Bar Dukes play an original blend of country, blues & bluegrass music, a sound that emphasizes good musicianship with heartfelt & well-crafted songs. The Dive Bar Dukes formed in 2008 under the leadership of Hans Holzen and perform in NYC’s acclaimed music venues (Living Room, Rodeo Bar, Pete’s Candy Store, etc). In 2011, the DBD’s released their first recording and won a city-wide battle-of-the-bluegrass-bands contest to earn a spot at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, San Francisco. Current members of the Dive Bar Dukes are Hans Holzen, Peter Bitenc, Bennett Sullivan, and Melody Allegra, Ross Martin, and Joel Arnow.

The Bellboys
Jay Cobb Anderson - Vocals/Lead Guitar/Banjo(Caroline)
Brad Parsons - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Tele(Caroline)
Keith Simon - Upright Bass
Tyler Thompson - Drums
Michael Winter - Vocals/Banjo/Acoustic Guitar(Caroline)

Wainwright Brothers
Wainwright Brothers make bonafide foot stomping roots music in Eugene, Oregon.

Jonathan Tully on upright bass and Charles Barrington on acoustic guitar, harmonica and vocals.
In late 2010, Cab teamed up for the third time with producer/musician Jason Kent (Sunfields) to produce their longest and most developed batch of recordings to date.”Leave the Porch Light On” features nine alt-country-blues pieces concerning love, heartache, redemption, death, compassion and whiskey drinking.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Did that just happen? The View From My Couch #CXCW 2012

So seven days of sloth and music has wrapped up and it’s time to remove the couch crud from my body and vacuum the dust bunny’s I have grown attached to over the last week.  From my rough count there were well over 200 videos posted by a wide variety of musicians and I strongly suggest you take the time and go over to Couch by Couchwest and spend some time viewing them all. There will be oodles of blog coverage of many of the highlights over the next week, as the Muso’s who were paying daily attention are done soaking their sore fingers in Epson salts. What I want to do here is thank the great bands/artists that answered my insistent nudging and submitted videos for the event. I would like to think it is my powers of persuasion but when one is presented with the great concept that the folks at Couch by Couchwest have unleashed, it was really just a matter of pointing them in the direction of the couch and giving an occasional ‘did you make a CXCW vid yet’ tweet or message. So without further rambling on my part here is some of the talent that graced the ethereal stages of couch by couchwest.
3/11/2012 First up The End Men started the festival off with this fantastic song;!/theendmen 
3/11/2012 Here’s Jo Wymer of Freehold, New Jersey, I Can’t Live Without Your Kiss.!/jowymermusic 
3/11/2012 The Danglers out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin – with this killer heavy wooden couch banger Aphrodite’s Thighs (John Sparrow the drummer found his fine skins on the curb and gave them new couch life) 
3/11/2012 Cupla really went leisure and submitted this fantastic 20 minute acoustics set that got a primetime time slot.
3/12/2012 Skeletons In The Piano aroused out of slumber with this wicked good video and performance of Longpig.!/pianoskeleton
3/12/202 Courtesy Tier submitted three songs this is the first one – Lovin It
3/12/2012 Here’s Adam and Tory of Those Mockingbirds in an undisclosed men’s room performing The Bloodiest Gums
3/12/2012 As always The Dead Exs kicked it up a notch, here’s All Over You-Nolita Stomp. (filmed and edited by Spencer Gordon) DP shared this with me before he made it public, I know it was extremely difficult to sit on it for as long as he did, but he is the man!!/thedeadexs 
3/12/2012 I wasn’t sure if we were going to get a solo performance or a duet with Don Ryan but we got the full band!  Here’s Nikki Sue and the Bad News doing Bridge by the River.!/nikkisuesays
3/13/2012 Shayfer James- Villainous Thing Shayfer was on a mini tour down south but he got this done for us before he left!/shayferjames
3/13/2102 Here’s Bernadette and Catherine of Bern and The Bright's inside with a tree? with their song Lost in the Sea
3/13/2012  Full disclosure I have a mad crush on Jillian. Here’s Ruby the Hatchet out in the woods or are they nowhere? This song will be on their new album coming out next month look for it!
3/13/2012  Sci-Fi Romance – Goodnight Irene this one shows the power of the concept all it took was one twitter nudge to Vance Kotrla and he was on board.
3/13/2011 Here’ Jay Thomas and Bluejay returning for the second year, All I can say is watch it
3/14/2012 I was very much a pain in the ass to these guys and really thank them for enduring it. Here’s The Bailey Hounds – Dead and Gone

The Bailey Hounds "Dead & Gone" (Live at 13th & Wolf) from The Bailey Hounds on Vimeo.
3/14/2012 Gerry had me nervously tapping my fingers with rumors of rumors of rumors of the video shoot Big thanks guys! Here’s Lost Romance – Straight Into The Future. Let Lloyd back in the house now.
3/15/2012 Here’s Courtesy Tier back with their second one This one is Rescue. Love you guys! Did you know you can get free music on their website?
3/15/2012 Here’s another example of the power of the concept, just a couple tweet exchanges and The Stumbellas were on board. Here’s a song off their just released album My Father and The Hunter

CXCW 2012 - The Strumbellas - "The Sheriff" from the unofficial on Vimeo.
3/15/2012 After The Dead Exs video was posted (and I do believe DP had his tablet every where he went watching the festivities) he sent me a message ‘Should I do another video?’ I was like DUH! Hell yeah! Here’s DP with a just completed song will be on their next album, I for one can not wait. Let The Natives Loose!!/thedeadexs!/davidpattillo
3/15/2012 The EASY-OFFS play a Robert Belfour cover ___________________________________
3/16/2012 The Peculiar Pretzelmen –The Grackle. I bugged these fellows via FB, and Twitter and they took sometime from their road travels and did three videos for us! watching them Imperial Rooster, and The End Men connect and make plans was simply amazing! Let’s see a show together!!!
3/17/2012 Here’s The Bailey Hounds back with on of my favorites of their Album Along The Gallows. Those Devils Don’t Scare Me
3/17/2012 Joe Cirotti of Only Living Boy – Fine For Now. on a mauve couch. I had trouble getting in contact with Only Living Boy, our correspondence ended up being via their ask the band a question page, it came down to the wire, looking back I should have just asked DP of The Dead Exs!

3/17/2012 Here’s Vance Kotrla of Sci-Fi Romance back with Tomorrow May Take You
3/17/2012 Here’s The Peculiar Pretzelmen back with Heart Attack and Gone to Jericho 2fer
3/19/2012 Here’s The Peeps – Odisea a couple last minute DM’s and these great guys found a couch and submitted this hoppin salsapunk number from their EP Our Crazy witch you can get for free on their bandpage. These guys are just plain fun.
3/18/2012 Zelazowa- Alexandria This one came down to the wire as Adam and Bryan were in Austin for that other festival, but the found a spot and got it submitted in time. Thanks Adam, sincerely, your (favorite) pain in the ass.
Unfortunately Don Ryan did not get his submitted in time but I will include it here. Syrup and Beer!
Don Ryan - The Viral Thought

Skeletons In The Piano

Elijah Hargrave – Vocals and Guitar
Dustin Alexander – Bass and Vocals
Jeff Ayers – Violin and Keys
Eric Donovan – Drums
Brad Thibodeau – Guitar
Tatianna Morales – Dance/provoke
Katarra Peterson – Dance/invoke

Featured on Popakazooza Vol. 2, Dark, noir and melodic rockers Skeletons in the Piano from Albany NY, have tapped into the discarded pieces that past great bands either couldn't pull off or didn't know what it was they just discarded.This is a band that young musicians today will imitate tomorrow.
On their new album Stranger on a Damned Staircase, Elijah Hargrave’s vocals range from tormented blues to balladeer belter, laid on top of a labyrinthine of enigmatic songs.  And they have a Violin and belly dancers! Hot damn!  I strongly suggest you give them a listen this is damn good stuff! Hint...Eleanor Rigby, Aiding the Cyclops, The Price Put on You, No Pain, Let it Alone, and Memory Lane Needs A Garbage Man are free downloads. 

They joined us for Couch By Couchwest this year on 3/12/2012: Skeletons In The Piano aroused out of slumber with this wicked good video and performance of Longpig.

Upcoming Shows:


Interesting Bio from their website and tons of great videos there.

Skeletons are not created in death, they are exposed, revealing life’s foundation. Skeletons in the Piano was created by Elijah Hargrave on guitar and vocals, and Eric Donovan on the drums in 2007.  In  2008, after many different musicians came and left, Jeff Ayers on electric violin and keyboards and Dustin Alexander on bass and vocals joined the band permanently. In sumer 2011 Brad Thibodeau joined on second guitar, increasing the layers of sound.  Influenced by old world music, blues, metal, antiques, paintings and rock and roll, their sound is dirty haunted rock.  Their fans are growing in numbers and are highly devoted, starting to incorporate their own creativity, with live art and dance. The band have also traveled up and down the east coast. They have played places like the Big Easy in Maine, to The Knitting Factory in NYC, to CafĂ© Da Vinci Bar in Florida opening up for national acts such as Phantogram, Dax Riggs, The Sword, Paranoid Social Club, Joe Coffee, and Paleface. Skeletons in the Piano is a force that has been playing often, skillfully and delivering their sound, a parallel to a painting, mood feeding, heart melting and feet moving, flawlessly for a few years. The fans are rabid, their shows are naturally captivating and Skeletons in the Piano have created a movement that will continuously haunt you. “The whole band toes this line of blues/rock and terrifying madness… to create a musical experience you never had before.”
Skeletons in the Piano has released two full length albums and two EP’s, numerous videos and artwork, and are renowned for the mysticism of their shows. Performances often invoke dancers; Tatiana Morales, a professionally trained belly dancer, and Katarra Peterson, an interpretive dancer and visual artist. One hundred percent a D.I.Y artist collective, and we are just getting started….

Follow on Twitter give a like on Facebook


Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Great Red Spots: Animal Spirits and Far Away Places

Guest Post by: Sewer Pirate
The first thing I should tell you about Great Red Spots is that you never put a "The" In front of their name, because they really hate that. 

That XMas Snoopy has been to more shows than you will ever know.

Great Red Spots are a two piece band out of Erial, New Jersey, with Joe Musciano on guitar and vocals and Sean Sacks on drums. If you haven't heard them yet, please go to Great Red Spots  right now and download their free EP, "Choose Your Animal." Then listen to them as I recount when I went to one of their many excellent shows, which I think will embody my feelings about the kind of work these guys do.

I was running late getting was this show at a place called Sampson Farms, this massive open field in the middle of nowhere. My ears have almost been conditioned to instantly recognize the guitar and vocal work from Joey, a unique style that goes well with Sean's precise and superb drumming. The end result is a sound that's very easy on the ears while still maintaining it's inherent complexity. It almost feels like it comes from an emotional depth that isn't easily understood or appreciated, but the layers make themselves apparent the longer you listen.

Their music echoed out into the overcast night sky, and the overall beauty of the sound itself always makes me just stop where I stand for second to take it all in. It was raining on and off quite a bit, but if you are familiar with the former exploits of these two dedicated musicians, you know that's not something that would ever stop them. The delicate electronics were protected by a makeshift canopy of tarps, their cords running like wild veins across the ramshackle stage, and you could tell immediately that Joey and Sean were in their element. You can feel their passion from a distance, you can hear their emotions in every measure, and the overall impression is uniquely positive and contagious.

Friends laughed with friends, hugs and handshakes were exchanged, and ridiculous dancing was done while the rain started coming down heavy. If you fell, someone would extend their arm and help you up, and just for a few brief moments could really let yourself go and enjoy the phenomenal sounds of Great Red Spots.

My three favorite tracks: Ghost Invertebrates, White Dwarf, and Inspirace. But they're all amazing, even Full Moon Puppeteering, but which easier to appreciate if you understand Joey's quirky fascination with interludes.

 Unearthly animalistic, their core emotions interwoven into every track, and a metric fuckton of technical expertise, Great Red Spots are a force of nature not worth missing out on.

They're on Facebook too, go like them and they will love you forever.

Thanks for reading, keep yourself involved in your local music scene, it does make a difference!
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