Friday, September 23, 2016

Release Day! Listen France Moon Self-Titled EP - Release Day Show 9/23 at The Other Side #Brooklyn

(Brooklyn, NY) One of the best kept secrets in New Jersey, Garage-rocker and singer-songwriter Francie Moon is exactly what you might think of when you hear “free spirit.” Always traveling in her well-worn van, Moon has gigged in every nook and cranny, bar and coffee shop in the continental U.S. 

With a prolific amount of releases to her credit since adopting the moniker in 2013, Francie Moon (real name Melissa Lucciola) is now gearing up to drop her most fully realized songs to date. The three-track Francie Moon EP is out September 23rd, 2016 via self-release with Release Show at The Other Side
338 Moffat St, Brooklyn, New York 11237 $5 Bands at 9pm BYOB Friday Night September 23rd on the bill are Sun Voyager, The Big DropsElephant Fire (Special acoustic set) Also a special guest is slated for the show.

Each of the three tracks on the EP were recorded live on a tape machine before Moon moved for a spell down to Georgia, which lends the overall sound a feel you might hear on a Third Man Records release. Before she returned to the NJ area in early 2016, engineers Richie Semartin and Jon Irizarry worked up the tracks with Moon deciding to record more guitar and solos, backing vocals and little extra bits and pieces. The EP, which teases a larger collection of songs to be released next year, features Semartin (drums) and Adam Pumilia (bass).

Moon’s gritty, garage-blues sound is a direct reflection of her life. In her own words, “I set up my life around music to make it work, no matter what. I handpainted 500 covers of my vinyl EP and made and cut every cover. I made hundreds of shirts and sold them on tour and I sold at least a couple thousand CD’s by hand to each person who bought one and gave away hundreds more. 

I sold my handmade earrings on my merch table. I sold a DVD player one time on my merch table. I bought a van a week before a tour so we’d have something to drive. I’ve come home with $500 and I’ve come home with $50. 

I’ve walked 2 miles to a show with all my equipment from a train station in San Diego and another time in Boston, ride shared a 15-hour overnight drive from Hollywood to Denver, CO and crossed the desert 5 times in a month just to make it to some shows.”

As always, Moon will be picking up plenty of shows as she continues her travels probably to a town near you. 
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Monday, September 19, 2016

Dex Romweber is Sinisterly Tarantino-esque on Carraboro

 Don't get the idea Dex's hat tip is a farewell, on the contrary it's a cocky tip of the hat that the bawdry bar room troubadour is back with a vengeance, with some lighter tunes like on the opener 'I hade a Dream' is a lullaby with tragically sadness to it. The second track 'Lonesome Train' is a gritty pining for a lost love, or perhaps many  with haunting slide and eerie riffs leading to an outright pursuit of the lady lost. 'Nightide' is where he gets sinister and haunting with amazing guitar work and siren back up singers and an utter obliteration of surf riffs that is pure Dex.
Tomorrows Taking My Baby Away is pure desert roadhouse crooner, piano comes across as the house player in an old time saloon. But it's a double shout pounder of sorry. Trouble in the World finds him in a revival meeting preacher mode, yet the sinister pours forth like the wine at a monastery. 
'My Funny Valentine' seems an after thought but the drum solo and other worldly organ feel in keeping with the overall feel of the record. 'I Don't Know' seems to be a Woody Guthrie tribute.
"Where Do You Roam' is not a question but a demand from a roadside avenging angel. More sinister guitar and vocals, this one's another treat to my apotheosis of the album. 'Smile' is a beautiful standard melody  to let down your guard and deceptive in it's placement." Knock Knock' killer rocker, with a great sing along and twang a wang doodle and signature guitar sound. "Midnight at Vics' rips the floor boards off with it's guaranteed shoe sliding floor board shaking rock out. 'Out Of The Way'
is an harmonically heavenly quieting of the storm, in it's beauty and melodic riffs, like the sinister character calming himself form demons. 'Tell Me Why I Do" pines for love found but perhaps to late and not what was wanted all along. As I said in a tweet taking as a whole the album could be the sound track for a Quentin Tarantino remake of Robert Mitchum's 1953 Night Of The Hunter. I stand by that after many listens, and this is an album I'll be playing for a long long time. I really recommend this album for it's dark sinister feel.
Highly recommend as a companion 2014's Dex Romweber Duo and if you missed the Dex Romweber sampler on 
Noisetrade shame of you.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

There's a Francie Moon on the Rise

Gone on six years now the garage hounds and I have been howlin' the praises of Francie Moon, way aback then we knew her as Melissa Lucciola, a prolific powerhouse of DIY output that featured her edgy distinct voice and slam it to the bedroom wall guitar playing set to heartfelt emotional lyrics that could soar with the best of classic and contemporary poets. She was our Jackie Kerouac, our 21st Patty Smith packed in a petite frame and shyly distant from us ordinary folk, but with a smile to light the haziest dark corners of a venue. Like an aspiring troubadour wittingly or unwittingly must do. Melissa assumed the moniker Francie Moon and took to the road, the country roads, the forgotten roads, the Red Cloud Road and back again to record the dust, dirt and the quilt of America she was weaving and coming to understand herself. It's in her songs, the journey, the growth, the hard lessons learned and shared with us through her undaunted spirit. A moon spirit of many phases. Six years the hounds and I have rocked by the fireside checking our google alerts, where she's playing, the adventures she's having, a song she's posted and now our great hope is showing signs of shining as publications of record and taste makers are taking notice. There's a Moon on the rise and the hounds wagging their tails and howlin' at the moon..
Self-titled EP, releases on September 23rd.

Elmore Magazine on August 29th ran this headline:

EXCLUSIVE: Francie Moon Mixes up a Brew of Garage Rock and Surf Pop For “Walked Away”

"The phrase DIY gets thrown with eye roll inducing frequency these days, ringing less of a counter-cultural, damn-the-man aesthetic and more of a com-modified punch line. But for New Jersey based singer/songwriter Melissa Lucciola, who performs under the moniker Francie Moon, DIY is alive and well– not only a way of life, but as the only way- for now- that she can devote her life to doing what she loves. “I set up my life around music,” the young artist confesses. In order to spread her work to cafes, coffee shops, bars and back porches across the country, she’s shared rides with strangers, hopped trains, hiked and hawked items to save up for a van of her own. She’s made albums and t-shirts by hand and moved her own merch, making friends and music all along the way. As Moon continues to work on a full length debut and build her catalog of songs, she’s getting set to release an EP, Francie Moon, on September 23rd."

On September 7th American Songwriter followed with:

Song Premiere: Francie Moon, “West Virginia”

"We’re excited to hear prolific, bluesy garage rocker Francie Moon’s latest EP, which she’s set to self-release September 23, but even more excited to premiere one of its tracks, “West Virginia”. It’s a slinky, groovy tune that drips with fuzziness."

On September 14th Baeble posted


BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'Red Cloud Road' by Francie Moon

"garage-rocker and singer-songwriter, Francie Moon. Recorded at Crud Studios and the Land Bridge Records/Rigbi home base in NJ, Francie Moon, AKA Melissa Lucciola, produced the song herself along with Richie Samartin, Jon Irizarry, and Richie Samartin. She encompasses everything that makes her an inspirational woman: attitude, depth, dirt, grit, coolness, and grace. The track is calm with a retro vibe, reverb-packed vocals, jangling guitars, clashing drums, and even a thumb piano at the very end. Francie Moon's ability to make you feel like you're floating in the air is hypnotic."

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