Monday, September 19, 2016

Dex Romweber is Sinisterly Tarantino-esque on Carraboro

 Don't get the idea Dex's hat tip is a farewell, on the contrary it's a cocky tip of the hat that the bawdry bar room troubadour is back with a vengeance, with some lighter tunes like on the opener 'I hade a Dream' is a lullaby with tragically sadness to it. The second track 'Lonesome Train' is a gritty pining for a lost love, or perhaps many  with haunting slide and eerie riffs leading to an outright pursuit of the lady lost. 'Nightide' is where he gets sinister and haunting with amazing guitar work and siren back up singers and an utter obliteration of surf riffs that is pure Dex.
Tomorrows Taking My Baby Away is pure desert roadhouse crooner, piano comes across as the house player in an old time saloon. But it's a double shout pounder of sorry. Trouble in the World finds him in a revival meeting preacher mode, yet the sinister pours forth like the wine at a monastery. 
'My Funny Valentine' seems an after thought but the drum solo and other worldly organ feel in keeping with the overall feel of the record. 'I Don't Know' seems to be a Woody Guthrie tribute.
"Where Do You Roam' is not a question but a demand from a roadside avenging angel. More sinister guitar and vocals, this one's another treat to my apotheosis of the album. 'Smile' is a beautiful standard melody  to let down your guard and deceptive in it's placement." Knock Knock' killer rocker, with a great sing along and twang a wang doodle and signature guitar sound. "Midnight at Vics' rips the floor boards off with it's guaranteed shoe sliding floor board shaking rock out. 'Out Of The Way'
is an harmonically heavenly quieting of the storm, in it's beauty and melodic riffs, like the sinister character calming himself form demons. 'Tell Me Why I Do" pines for love found but perhaps to late and not what was wanted all along. As I said in a tweet taking as a whole the album could be the sound track for a Quentin Tarantino remake of Robert Mitchum's 1953 Night Of The Hunter. I stand by that after many listens, and this is an album I'll be playing for a long long time. I really recommend this album for it's dark sinister feel.
Highly recommend as a companion 2014's Dex Romweber Duo and if you missed the Dex Romweber sampler on 
Noisetrade shame of you.

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