Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Brittany Bexton - Free Fall

Born and raised in Northern California, Brittany Bexton now hangs her hat in Nashville, TN. where upon arrival expecting to have a room to rent and having that fall through she did what every self-respecting independent artist would do, found couches of strangers and friends and began to write “Somewhere In Between.” about those moments of transition that come along in life. She released her first single “Baby Come Back to Bed” in July 2012 which gained radio play from multiple stations all over the country, and even in the UK, and Australia. Settling in to the Nashville scene and putting gigs under her belt at The Silver Dollar Saloon, Dan McGuinness, Roosters BBQ, The National Underground, Losers Bar in Cool Springs, Wild Wing Café, Taps & Tapas, and The Piccadilly Club, She has also performed in showcases, including The Billy Block Show, broadcast on the Big 98WSIX, and iHeart radio.
Brittany has been writing up a storm in Nashville, gaining new material for a future release, and while we anxiously wait, in October she put out this powerful single ‘Free Fall’

Charlie and the Foxtrots - “The Man I Am"

A meeting of seven musical minds, Charlie and the Foxtrots originally conceived in a small Georgia town, and now relocated to Nashville, Tennessee is comprised of Chas Wilson (vocals/guitar), James Varner (drums/vocals), Matt McClure (bass), Jeremy Webster (piano/vocals), Andrew McPheters (banjo/mandolin/trumpet ), Josh Ramos (guitar/harmonica/banjo/mandolin), and Rob Hutchison (fiddle).

They released an EP 'The Evergreen' in June 2013 which one of my favorite go to bloggers, Leicester Bangs stated.
The production is clean and wholly sympathetic, and the result is a collection that’s fresh and bright sounding, and emphasizes their talent for ambitious, accessible pop writing, while effortlessly avoiding the clichés of the form.
All six tracks are worth getting to know, and as an introduction to the band, they work beautifully. Launch track “Mademoiselle” is a doozy and vocalist Chas Wilson has a perfect voice for the song; rootsy yet urbane, with the slightest hint of fragility. “Leaving It Behind” is an upbeat floor-filler, and must surely be a live favourite, and “Thumping” adds a little twang to their sound.
Now, they introduce their poppy, energetic writing intertwined with country/folk vibes on the single, “The Man I Am,” from their forthcoming debut full-length album due out in early 2014.

Charlie and the Foxtrots – The Evergreen EP released June '13

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Introducing The Lies - Whatever

The other half of one of my fave lo-fi rock duo's Melissa and Paul, Paul Alan has emerged with a new project 'The Lies'
In early 2013 Ian Matthew Keller decided he had enough. He grew tired of the north, the woods and receiving no fruits for his labor, so he did what a lot of other people with similar sentiments do...he left.  He embarked on a 6th month self-finding journey to the South and like many others who take similar plans of action, he returned to “the cave” he knows so well, but he did not return empty-handed.  With plenty of time to reflect and indulge in life experience, Ian’s creativity was stimulated and manifested itself through the blues.  One member at a time, a band formed around the songs that seemingly went right from Ian’s head to his guitar- each member adding their own touch without taking away from the overall rawness or sincerity. They simply brought new life to the skeletons that were already there.  Two months later and after a steady rehearsal schedule,  the quartet known as, The Lies, braved a snow storm and recorded the 7 songs on their debut EP, “Whatever.”

Ian- Vocals/Personality/Guitar
Ben- Bass/Beard
Vince- Guitar/Beard
Paul- Drums/MS Paint

Paul's steady but boisterous beats complied with Ben's deep ominous bass and Vince and Ian's moody leads and rhythms are a perfect match for Ian's dark rakish bluesy vocals. I'm digging on this big time, excellent stuff looking forward to more. Grab this free album!

'Whatever' coming January 2014 on Bedside Manner Collective
1. Don't Know What You Have
2. Don't Lose Your Faith
3. Work
4. Somehow You Still Can't
5. Deep On The Inside
6. You and Me
7. Living On

Their first show is January 15 at Stanhope House 45 Main Street
Stanhope, New Jersey 07874

Recorded on 12/14/13 by Sean Farrelly and Tom Fett.
Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Carafa.
All songs written and played by the lies.
Released 1 January 2013

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Wylie & The Wild West - Relic

Yodeling! Classic west coast country shuffles, northern waltzes and high plains yodeling. When I was a wee lad knee high to a grasshopper my paw paw would disappear into the mountians and every evening he was out, around dusk we would hear him yodel from some deep valley to let my Grandma know he was alright, as a kid I worried and would set on a log a parcel away from the cabin and await to hear his yodel echo from afar. Ever since I have loved yodeling.
Wylie Gustafson earned his mastery of cowboy/country music and its core subject matters the hardest way and almost certainly the best way- by playing thousands of shows and working his family’s fourth generation Montana ranch as he experiences the life that gives his music a dynamic that is inherently genuine.  A dynamic performer and authentic voice of the West, one critic describes him as “…the coolest cowpoke around. Forget everything you hate about modern country, this guy is old-school cool without being a tired period piece.”
Wylie & The Wild West are Wylie Gustafson, Sam Platts, Rick Bryceson, Shane Queener, frequent guest Erik Gustafson
Purchase directly from the website store

1. 21st Century Blues
2. Diet Of Strange Places
3. Hey Maria
4. Hutterite Boogie
5. Meadowlark
6. Hello Heartache
7. The Book
8. Cutters Waltz
9. Why Why Why
10. Chicken Feed
11. Indian Love Call
12. Rhythm Machine
13. Without You
14. Big Whiskey

The Deadfields - Often Wrong, Never In Doubt

The Deadfields are: 
Geoff Reid - guitars, vocals, harmonica 
Jeff Gardner - guitars, vocals, mandolin 
Chase Alger - bass guitar, vocals 
Brandon Russell Jay - drums, vocals 
Corey Chapman - pedal steel, dobro, banjo

Foot Stompin’ Hand Clappin’ Knee Slappin’ Ruckus Rowsin’ Americana Rock!
Stemming from the pines of the Carolinas to the swamps of South Georgia, members of The Deadfields converged in Atlanta Georgia in early 2011 for a simple, honest mission: to have fun writing and performing meaningful music.

The group's founding members knew they had something special from the get-go. Geoff Reid and Jeff Gardner began booking and performing shows before the lineup was complete and immediately started work writing, selecting, and recording songs that would become the band’s debut release, “Dance In The Sun." After an effortless search for like-minded musical souls, Corey Chapman, Brandon Markert, and Chase Alger came on board to complete the line up in mid 2011.

The Americana/Folk-rock outfit’s 2012 independent release, "Dance in The Sun,” has since and so far climbed to #99 on the AMA (American Music Association) charts, reached #8 on the FAR (Freeform Americana Roots) charts, and achieved #61 status on the Roots 66 (The Alternate Roots) charts. The collection of songs was well received and reviews for the debut began pouring in.

The band's follow-up release, “Often Wrong Never In Doubt," (2013) was a year in the making, but well worth the wait. The band worked in studio time between many dates on the road and finished song selection for the album based on live fan reaction and the overall energy of the songs on stage. “Often Wrong, Never In Doubt” certainly shows the growth and maturity of the band in songwriting collaboration and musically as a whole. Completely self produced, engineered, recorded and released, this album shows The Deadfields' true commitment to sticking to their guns and doing things on their own terms without compromising quality. In persistent Deadfields’ fashion, the group is already writing material for 2014.

Accessible, yet fresh and distinct, The Deadfields' energy and sound stir up a feeling similar to that of the Randy Rogers Band, the Old 97's, or the Avett Brothers. And their passion to create meaningful music bleeds through every performance, like a band on a mission. They'll yell. They'll stomp. They'll push. Push back. They can take it.

Purchase from their website store 
2. Often Wrong, Never In Doubt 
3. This Night (Never Ends) 
4. Let It Rain 
5. The Spark 
6. Keep Me Clean 
8. Good Enough 
9. Give It Back 
10. If It Don't Matter 
11. All Apologies 
12. The Joneses 

Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash - New Old Story

Described by Rolling Stone as "pure Americana heart and soul" -The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash are the voice and vision of songwriter Mark Stuart. Since forming the group in 1995, he's shared the stage with such notables as Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Willie Nelson, George Jones, Lucinda Williams, and Steve Earle. He's built an international reputation as a skilled recording artist, producer, and tireless live performer. He was personally given permission to use the band's name by the "Man in Black" himself. Then Stuart and the band also received the additional endorsement of an invitation to record at Cash's home studio "The Cash Cabin" in Hendersonville, TN. W

With the release of their debut cd "Walk Alone" in 1999, the Bastard Sons quickly proved they were a creative force on the forefront of the Alt. Country/Americana Music scene. No stranger to the road, their constant touring and hard work built the band a loyal grass roots following both in the States and abroad. Whether sharing his songs in front of thousands at one of Willie Nelson's Annual 4th of July picnics, or recording duets with Billy Bob Thornton in the Hollywood hills, for Stuart it's all about respect. "The Bastard Sons never were, and never will be, a Johnny Cash tribute band". "We've never tried to imitate anyone, it's always been about honoring the musical ideals of our heroes. Paying respect to the integrity, independence, and originality that made artists such as Cash, Willie, and Waylon who they are".

A passionate advocate of keeping the sounds and traditions of American Roots Music alive, Stuart has done his best to stretch their boundaries. Framing his stories in the lean bar room Honky-Tonk born in the Bakersfield dust, he adds elements of Western Swing, Tex Mex, Folk, Rock, and Bluegrass to create the Bastard Sons unique "Texacali" sound. His songs have been included on several European compilations focusing on the groundbreaking artists in the genre, including the well-respected "Way Beyond Nashville", and "Beginners Guide to Americana". His music has recently found more exposure on the hit HBO television series True Blood.

The group has released five critically acclaimed cd's: "Walk Alone"-,1999 "Distance Between"-2002, "Mile Markers"- 2005, "Road to Texacali"-2007 (Europe only) and "Bend in the Road"-2009. All have spent time at the top of the worldwide Roots Music Charts. They also have a Live DVD filmed while the band was on tour in Europe. Recorded at the historic Hunzigen Mill outside Bern,Switzerland.

1. Highway Bound  
2. Well Worn Heart 
3.     No Honky-Tonks
4. Poor Man's Son  
5. Ain't No Tellin' 
6. Leave A Light On 
7. Into The Blue 
8. El Troubadour 
9. New Old Story 
10. Bounds Of Your Heart 

Mark Stuart - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Mike Butler - Electric Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Nylon String Guitar
Dennis Caplinger - Banjo, Dobro, Fiddle, Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar
Alex Watts - Electric Guitar
Dave Berzansky - Pedal Steel
Ed Kornhauser - Piano
Archie Thompson - Hammond Organ
Lou Fannuchi - Accordion
Arabella Harrison - Background Vocals
Patrick McClory - Bass
Dave Raven - Drums

Produced and Engineered by Mike Butler
Recorded at the Lost Ark Studio, California
Mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Mastering, New York

Fresh new Rock and Roll, True Strings

The story goes while driving down the 101 in Los Angeles listening to another cheesy pop song, singer/songwriter Mitch Brookhyser said, "We can write better songs than this over-processed American Cheese!" Well, Mitch that is a vast understatement employing both digital and analog technologies to create the sounds and tones of classic rock from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, True Strings capture R&R in it's purest form, great lyrics, great beats and great guitar work fall into place like an alphabetically ordered classic rock vinyl collection.

The nexus of True Strings was a Newport Beach garage band in the 1990s. Scholz, an incredibly gifted guitarist from Chicago, happened to live next door to Brookhyser, a singer/balladeer. They started writing songs together in the garage. The most insightful thing they did was record sessions on a TASCAM 464 4-track recorder. This went on for years. Literally hundreds of musical ideas were captured and archived using this simple technique. True Strings often references their collection of cassette archives when deciding upon songs to produce. Brookhyser says, “A good rock song never dies, it just gets sampled by a rap artist.”

Brookhyser a career firefighter, and Scholz, a successful graphic artist, began recording professionally in 1995. They were so respected as a recording team that when a certain studio closed, the owner gave them all his equipment and encouraged them to keep producing. True Strings believes digitizing music has devalued the purity of singer/songwriter/musician but recognizes the digital age is here to stay and this technology can be harnessed with great results if used wisely. Since the internet reaches a worldwide audience, True Strings proclaims, “A rock-n-roll resurrection is long overdue!”

Their first self-titled CD is a compilation of analog and digital recordings ranging from 1995 to 2012. The intent of this first release is to close unfinished business. Their goal is to produce forty high quality songs over the next 18 months and distribute True Strings recordings internationally.
Purchase on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon

Lead Vocals: Mitch Brookhyser
Guitar: Danny Scholz
Bass: Kurt Radmacher
Drums: Julian Shea

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Yawpers NEW Single Sister Mary

Denver, Colorado three piece band The Yawpers are not a band looking for a sound or a genre, with their EP Savage Blue, 2012’s debut full length ‘Capone Crusade’ the recently released underground bootleg "Good Songs/Shitty Versions" you’ll find they’re a band with a sound and style all their own. So perhaps they are looking for a sound they can’t tackle so they can say ‘well okay then let’s cross that off the list?’ With this latest single the voluminous 60's poppy/psych groovy ‘Sister Mary’ the lads are batting a thousand. Since I first heard this band I was intrigued by their unique sound and effortless way they incorporate disparate pieces of the American musical lexicon into it, so I for one am not surprised nor dissapointed by the direction of this song, it fits them well.
Band member Nate Cook puts it this way…
“This is completely different for us so we're doing a super underground release in that we aren't even announcing it, or making it available for sale at least not for a while, just kind of giving it to a few people, and letting them spread it how they will. It's far enough outside of our normal range that I’m curious to see how people react to it before we get behind it totally. And if you know anyone who would be interested in hearing it, please pass it along”

The Yawpers are in the process of working on their next record, of which I am eagerly awaiting but in the meantime download this single, spread it like butter over hot mountian oysters and download their cover songs "Good Songs/Shitty Versions" on my guest post over at Common Folk Music

Friday, December 20, 2013

Chris Wilson's new solo album 'It's Flamin' Groovy!'

photo credit: Anne Streng

Chris Wilson's 'It's Flamin' Groovy!' will see its official U.S. release on CD & digital formats January 14th. This album also features the musical talents of fellow Groovies Cyril Jordan and George Alexander, along with Procol Harum’s Hammond legend Matthew Fisher, who played live with the Groovies during their recent UK dates and the sessions for this album earlier this year was the impetus for The Flamin' Groovies' recent reformation, world tour and new band recordings for their next studio effort due in 2014.

1. All The Action
2. She Satisfies
3. Last Roll of the Dice
4. Heart in Her Hand
5. Shake That Feeling
6. Bad Dreams
7. Semaphore Signals
8. Down to the Wire
9. Sweet Anne
10. Feel Your Love
11. Can't Let Go
12. Gamblin' Man

New music from The Flamin' Groovies also coming in 2014

Gerard & the Watchmen - Wooden Castles

Photo by Nigel Lupton
Dave Gerard -Songwriter, Producer, Guitar, Drums
James Frid - Harmony Vox, Guitar, Mandolin
Nuala Honan - Harmony Vox, Guitar Banjo Harmonica
Dan Rogers - Upright Bass
Gerard and the Watchmen are a UK acoustic folk collective based around the song writing of producer Dave Gerard. They combine the influence of 70s English and American folk with more modern alternative sounds and production. 
Beautifully melodic and moody with expansive instrumentation and harmonies the album is an exploration of themes of escapism, love and death, performed on a wide variety of folk and electric instruments and a plethora of open tuned guitars.

1. Intro
2. Long We Stood
3. Viking Burial
4. Broken Horses
5. Cureless Love
6. Wooden Castles
7. All is Grace
8. A Restraint
9. In the Summer
10. Restless Sounds
11. Step Lightly
12. Final Waltz

For a limited time get the 2012 release 'I Climbed a Tree' for free

India Ramey - Blood Crescent Moon

The granddaughter of a Sand Mountain bluegrass and gospel musician, India Ramey was born with music in her blood. India grew up listening to everything from gospel choir, to Willie Nelson, to Pat Benatar to the Ramones. India grew up poor and a child of domestic violence in Rome Georgia. In an effort to overcome her rocky start and became a lawyer, working with battered women. Ramey's first love, music won out and she decided live out her grandfather's musical legacy.
She gave up her law career to be a full time musician and never looked back. Now, Ramey puts many of her life experiences of growing up under less than ideal circumstances in the south into her writing and music.
Ramey went from singing Jesse Coulter tunes into a curling iron at age 4 to writing her first album, Junkyard Angel. Junkyard Angel received much acclaim, including an Independent Music Award nomination for "Best Country Song" and India has developed a strong and loyal following after performing and promoting her music over the past two and a half years.
Never satisfied, India now brings us her sophomore album, Blood Crescent Moon. When you listen to her newest album, you will quickly realize how much Ramey has evolved as a singer and songwriter. Moving more toward americana and alt-country, “Blood Crescent Moon” reveals India’s darker side. With its southern gothic mystique, haunting lyrics, driving rhythms and powerful vocals, “Blood Crescent Moon” has a definite swagger.

1. Easy Come Easy Go
2. Wildfire
3. Blood Crescent Moon
4. Get Behind Me Satan
5. Too Good For Me
6. Eulogy For Joe
7. Dodging Bullets
8. Remember You
9. Rusty City
10. If I Didn't Have Him
11. Boots Or Hearts

New Album Blood Crescent Moon available at iTunes and CDBaby:
In addition to being a 2012 Independent Music award Nominee, India has been a 2 time regional finalist in National Public Radio's Mountain Stage New Song Contest and has opened for Robert Earl Keen, Emerson Hart, Daphne Willis and Drake White. India has most recently played the Basement in Nashville and is looking forward to upcoming shows on the Knoxville's Blue Plate Special broadcast on WDVX and Nashville's 5 Spot.
Easy Come Easy Go - India Ramey (Live)

Popa Tunes 10 Video Favorites 2013

Those Mockingbirds - How To Rob A Bank

The End Men - "Work" 

Skeletons In The Piano - The Price Put On You

William Gruff - At the Bottom of the Ocean

Strange Majik on The Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase

Christopher Paul Stelling "Brick x Brick" 

Black Casino and the Ghost - Hoboland (live)

BROTHERS NYC: "Whiskey and Loose Women"

White Denim - Pretty Green

Those Darlins - In the Wilderness

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kirsten Thien - Live From The Meisenfrei Blues Club

Rarely does a major talent like Kirsten Thien come along with the vocal chops and ability to express the profound feelings of women. When it is accomplished so effortlessly with grace, intelligence and artistry, it is a musical event of major importance to be celebrated and further anticipated.
Kirsten Thien’s unlikely path from a Georgetown University Business School graduate to a Blues and Roots Rock singer/songwriter began when she decided to forgo life on Wall Street for a career in music. Since then she has released three full-length albums, toured the USA extensively, opened for Dickey Betts, Shawn Colvin and Buddy Guy, and headlined two European tours with more to come in 2014.

1. Hold Onto Me
2. A Woman Knows
3. Thank You (For Saying Goodbye)
4. You've Got Me
5. Wild Women Don't Have The Blues
6. The Sweet Lost And Found
7. Ain't That The Truth
8. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
9. Please Drive
10. Leaving Las Vegas
11. Nobody's Ever Loved Me Like You Do
12. Women Be Wise
13. Fooled Around And Fell In Love
14. I'd Rather Be Blind
15. Ain't No Sunshine/The Thrill Is Gone

She opens with the soulful, gently swaying “Hold Onto Me,” her propulsive acoustic guitar the perfect rhythmic and tonal accompaniment to her gorgeous vocal instrument, melting hearts with “Hold onto me, baby I'll show you. If you see anything that you want, I’ll get it for you.” “A Woman Knows” floats on a supple, insistent chord vamp with Thien soaring passionately in the chorus, her voice dramatically rising in pitch “...and you can… count... on, you can count on me. ‘Cause a woman knows when her love is meant to be.” Easing into a saucy funk groove on “Thank You (for Saying Goodbye),” she attests to the truth that when one door closes, another opens, in a creative, dynamic arrangement implying a sound bigger than the sum of its lone instrumental part. The hypnotic “You’ve Got Me” stuns with the aching imagery “Tracing your face with my hand, I see you, but you can’t see me from where you stand. Crying out but not too loud, you’re too shy, well, I’m too proud to break through oh, to you.”

Thien owns the Ida Cox classic “Wild Women Don’t Have the Blues” and engages the audience in call and response, thumping her axe commensurate with the lyric content. “The Sweet Lost and Found” finds her chugging the blues with sensual syncopation while presenting the unique metaphor “The sweet lost and found is a place you can go when every place else is out of reach” for finding peace and joy on the journey. On the autobiographical “Ain’t That the Truth” Thien delivers the disarming broadside “My heart will overcome all reason, or doubt when it comes down to you,” the chords and musical rests adding drama to her devastating performance. Jacking up the energy with the Bob Dylan classic “It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry,” Thien digs into the evocative country blues lyrics with unvarnished grit and sass while powering the shuffling progression like a hot rod Dodge. Getting further down in the alley, her street cred in full evidence, Thien colors dark cerulean on the heavy Delta blues “Please Drive,” a Thien-penned tune previously recorded with the late blues guitar legend, Hubert Sumlin.

In an unexpected cover of a Sheryl Crow song, Thien introduces the Pop song “Leaving Las Vegas” putting forth that it’s the lyric of the song, not the music, that reminds her of the blues. The tragedy and desperation of this song are palpable with her voice rising and falling with defiance as she evokes the hurt and disappointment life sometimes serves up. “Nobody’s Ever Loved Me Like You Do” accentuates the positive in a relationship with the poetic “If a ship needs an anchor to keep from drifting at sea, I’ll hold onto you my love, you provide that stability. I don’t need to get too existential about what you mean to me.” Sequencing with wit and logic, Thien follows with the Sippie Wallace classic “Women Be Wise,” performed with the wisdom of warning the ladies against too much "whiskey and conversation" or “advertising” the virtues of your man.

Showing unfailing taste in covers, her hip version of Elvin Bishop’s pop hit “Fooled Around and Fell in Love” is a knockout via her additional lyrics that casts the cavalier male tale from a woman’s point of view with a stunning vocal that will have Mickey Thomas grinning. Likewise, her choice of Freddie King’s “I’d Rather Be Blind” throbs with smoldering instrumental and vocal intensity as Thien makes you believe she really would go anywhere, do anything to keep her lover by her side. Encoring with a brilliant medley of “Ain’t No Sunshine/The Thrill is Gone,” she underscores her uncanny ability to cut to the emotional center of a song while revealing even deeper aspects.

Like a comet, vivacious singer Kirsten Thien has blazed across the firmament with a series of gender and genre-smashing albums featuring electric backing while laying claim as the new “wild woman of the blues.” With her first live solo album she now adds “woman with guitar” in the manner of legendary Memphis Minnie, taking a spellbound audience on a musical journey through the rigors of life and romantic love with 16 originals and poignant covers. - Dave Rubin, KBA recipient in Journalism

Full Hour Live with the KT Band on “Blues and Friends” on TV in The Netherlands
On tour in Europe 2012, the KT Band stopped by the RTV Studios in Baarn, NL to chat with Bertwin and play 8 songs live. Broadcast in Nov 2012 in Holland, you can see the whole show now.

Statesboro Revue - Ramble on Privilege Creek

Reminiscent of past great Southern rockers, Statesboro Revue capture that grand sound and add a Texas sized twister to it. Stick this in yer crawfish and chawl on it.

Described by Mann as earthier with catchier hooks, this new music is pure living energy that winds through light and lofty atmospheres down through the depths of sweet Celtic miseries and over to angry growls through clenched teeth…all without ever losing that gypsy pulsation that is the very definition of rock and roll.
“This album is extremely broad in subject matter and style, in musicality and production, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’ve always strived to create a sound that doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel; merely merge the little idiosyncrasies of all my influences and shape them in a manner that might someday be looked upon as my own unique sound. I think this record is as close as I have ever been to accomplishing that goal.” 
Joining Stewart is younger brother Garrett Mann, the lead guitar player who holds down the fort then lets loose when the song calls for it. On bass guitar is Musicians Institute alumnus Ben Bradshaw, providing backbone and foundation, all while mixing in melodic leads and runs that only a player of his experience can muster. Drummer Luke Ayer’s ability to both drive the tunes and lay down a lazy snare for the slow groove furthers the dancing frenzy that ensues at a Statesboro Revue show. The all-star list of shared stages more than hints that this all-inclusive working band is truly worth their weight. The Statesboro Revue has played with the Los Lonely Boys, The Wailers, the Allman Brothers Band, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Whiskey Myers, Dirty River Boys, Willie Nelson, Charlie Robison, Ryan Bingham, Reckless Kelly, Turnpike Troubadours, Randy Rogers Band, Bob Schneider, War, Arrested Development, Eli Young Band, Marshall Tucker Band, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and Will Hoge.

1. Fade My Shade Of Black
2. Huck Finn
3. Cold November
4. Till I Leave
5. Live A Little
6. Lil Mary's Last Stand
7. Another Day In Rome
8. Half A Mile To Lincoln
9. Wildflower
10. Love Run Easy
11. Isabella
12. Hands On The Sun

Available on iTunes

Upcoming Shows:
Dec 20 Smitty's Bar and Grill Denison, TX
Dec 21 Magnolia Motor Lounge Fort Worth, TX
Dec 27 Buffalo Run Casino Miami, OK
Dec 28 Royal Theatre Fairview, OK
Dec 31 Tavern In The Gruene New Braunfels, TX
Jan 04 Musicfest 2014 Steamboat Springs, CO
Jan 04 Slopeside Grill Steamboat Springs, CO
Jan 05 Musicfest 2014 Steamboat Springs, CO
Jan 06 Musicfest 2014 Steamboat Springs, CO
Jan 07 Musicfest 2014 Steamboat Springs, CO
Jan 08 Musicfest 2014 Steamboat Springs, CO
Jan 09 Musicfest 2014 Steamboat Springs, CO

Quiet Hollers - Debut Album 'I Am The Morning'

Shadwick Wilde - Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar  
Adam Buntain - Acoustic Guitar  
Aaron West - Violin  
Nick Goldring - Vocals, Drums  
Ryan Scott - Vocals, Bass  

'I Am The Morning' is the debut album from Kentucky alt. country band, Quiet Hollers. Those familiar with songwriter and frontman Shadwick Wilde's earlier solo work will hear echoes of that brooding self-effacement that all but defined Unforgivable Things, his 2010 solo album. But the work here is a more cohesive entity, rather than a compilation of individual works.
The Louisville-based band seamlessly bridges the gap between the raw energy of Punk rock and the woeful wisdom of American heartland music, in seedy bars all around the country, and with little sleep in between. Fronted by singer/songwriter Shadwick Wilde, a veteran of hardcore punk outfits Brassknuckle Boys and Iron Cross, and whose self released solo album (Unforgivable Things, 2010) was the vehicle that sparked Quiet Hollers' inception -- originally to play just one show. But a chemistry like theirs doesn't come often... and when it does, you've got to hold on to it. Countless shows later, Quiet Hollers are still showing us why.

The band spent the better part of a balmy Kentucky summer, together inside the walls of Kevin Ratterman's Funeral Home Studio. Drummer Nick Goldring disobeyed his Doctor's orders and recorded all his drum tracks while wearing a full neck brace, and nursing a teardrop fracture in his C4 vertebra -- an injury sustained jumping from the top of a waterfall in rural Tennessee. And while five men recorded their first album together, families continued to honor their decedents in the rooms of the funeral parlor below. That haunting solemnity isn't hard to pick out of this album. Rather it is dripping with it. These eight songs range from quiet tracks (Road Song) recorded in one take with one guitar, to raucous and vast ballads pushing the seven-minute mark (Flying Song.)

Recorded inside a working funeral home, and by a band whose drummer's neck was literally broken, this stunning debut bridges the gaps between hope and despair -- and between the raw energy of Punk rock, and the woeful wisdom of American heartland music.

1. Road Song
2. Their Dark Robes
3. Some Day Darlin
4. Not Oceans, Not Skies
5. Boxer Song
6. Deep Sea Mama
7. Mean Avenues
8. Flying Song

Motorcycle Song (Live).mp3
Recorded live at Quiet Hollers' first show.  June 12th, 2010, at the Monkey Wrench in Louisville, KY

Live on 91.9 WFPK Radio Louisville.mp3

Nick Verzosa And The Noble Union - Live At Thirsty Armadillo

The Noble Union is:
Nick Verzosa - Lead Vox, Rhythm Guitars 
Shawn McGee - Bass, BG Vox 
Danny Poole - Drums, BG Vox 
Matt Gracy - Lead Guitars
Additional Musicians for recording night:
Courtney Stefan (Verzosa) - Duet Vox 
Matt Cardenas - Organ

Nick Verzosa And The Noble Union was the 1st winner of the Thirsty Throwdown Battle of the Bands Competition held over 3 months in the historic Ft. Worth Stockyards during the summer of 2012.
They competed with 12 bands selected from the venue's top draws over the previous 2 years for over $12,000 in cash and prizes including the recording, mixing, mastering and manufacturing of the first "Live at Thirsty Armadillo" record.
Staunchly independent, Nick has proven to be that necessary mix of pure talent, hard work and personality required to dig deep roots into the always competitive Texas music market and shows the ability to spread his branches outside the state lines as well. Averaging 4 shows a week is nothing uncommon for he and his 4 piece band of talented musicians as they continue to impress and entertain a constantly growing fan-base. His strong belief in working hard for what you want is self-evident in his road-warrior mentality, still finding time to vigilantly hone his songwriting craft, what he would tell you is his true passion.
“I feel very blessed to have been prepared for the opportunities that have unexplainably come my way. Everyone I’ve met along this journey, from band members to collaborators to business associates to loved ones have positively affected me somehow and even though we’ve worked very hard, the pieces have seemed to just fall together. I can’t wait to see whats around the next corner.”

1. Change Your Mind
2. I Don't Mind
3. 30 Second Soulmate
4. So Mean
5. Look Back To Texas
6. I Wouldn't Answer (Intro)
7. I Wouldn't Answer
8. Love On It
9. Lazy River Days
10. 7th Year Senior
11. Stronger Than That
12. She Only Loves Me
13. Closer To You
14. Back When Love Was Easy

Recorded live at the Thirsty Armadillo, Ft. Worth, TX on December 8th, 2012 Released March 12, 2013
Available on iTunes

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Video Premiere Don Ryan & The Blank Canvas Movement – The Murder Industry

New Video from Don Ryan & The Blank Canvas Movement 'Live in Studio' release, recorded in the bands rehearsal space with thier good friend John Komar handling the camera. Long a favorite solo preformer and friend of this blogger, Don's new project The Blank Canvas Movement expands on his signature Americana, gypsy jazz and psychedelic-folk sound with a like minded collection of talented muscians, a full length is coming in the near future and they want to share these songs with you for free or pay what you want if you're so inclined.

The Murder Industry 

Don Ryan - Vocals, Guitar
Paul Vanderwal - Cello
Rich Haddad - Bass
Joe Vernazza - Drums
Footage by John Komar

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Lappes - Lappe It Up!

John Fraze - Bass
Will Miehe - Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Shane Naidoo - Drums
Tom Wilkinson - Guitar/Vocals

Let there be no confusion, The Lappes deal in fusion... sonic excursions and tight instrumentation abound on their debut EP ‘Lappe It Up’ as they venture on a groove filled spacious jammy sound experiment. Even in these chilly dreary days of winter 'Summer Breeze' wafts around you like sun lit drops of cool water while the rest of the songs cover you with warm glows of electric tones.

The four piece alternative rock band known as The Lappes began in February of 2013. Long time friends Will Miehe and Shane Naidoo were playing music in between their careers when Will brought forward another great friend, Tom WIlkinson. Almost immediately, the trio had a connection that was difficult to believe occurred so naturally. With Tom’s voice and melodies bringing a smooth and flowing lead line, Will providing a strong groove on the guitar, and Shane bringing forth stable and soothing rhythms, all that was missing from the music was a strong foundation. John Fraze was introduced to the group one week later and the missing link was discovered.

The Lappes have been on the fast track to musical idealism ever since their first notes together. They quickly began to play in public places such as Roxy & Dukes in Dunellen, NJ, and Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ. The crowd response for every show they played was incredible at which point The Lappes were invited to play a variety show night in Atlantic City at the renowned Revel Hotel. Playing for a crowded hotel in America’s Playground then brought The Lappes to play for The New Jersey Walks for Tourette Syndrome at Ramapo College where the band was positively embraced.

The Lappes recently finished a 5 song EP which is available for download and are currently working on an album. Moving forward, the band will continue to branch out with upcoming performances in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York City and Virginia.

1. Can’t Stay
2. Through It All
3. Summer Breeze
4. Gotta Problem
5. Disinclined

Listen The Black Lips NEW single "Boys in the Wood"

Listen to the new The Black Lips single from their first full length in three years 'Underneath the Rainbow' out 3/18/14 via VICE Records.
Recorded at a variety of locations over the course of 2013, the twelve songs boast a stable of studio collaborators whose pedigree speaks to how much the band has grown and sonically matured over the course of their 15 year long career. After letters to incarcerated studio legend Phil Spector to produce went unanswered the band convened at Dunham Studios in New York to record initial tracks with Dap Kingsmusic director Tommy Brenneck (Cee Lo, Charles Bradley). The group then decamped to Nashville to record several songs with Patrick Carney of The Black Keys producing, finally rounding out the album with a couple of songs co-produced with lifetime Lips recording collaborator, Ed Rawls. The resultant collection was mixed by Grammy winner Jimmy Douglass (Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg, Björk) and features artwork shot by legendary photographer Mick Rock (David Bowie, Queen, Lou Reed).

See them live, 12/31/13 Atlanta, GA at The Drunken Unicorn

Popa Tunes Top 20 Debuts 2013

Twenty new bands/artists that caught my ear this year and hope to hear more of...

20. Swaai Boys - Meet the Mysterious Swaai Boys

"Meet the Mysterious Swaai Boys establishes its sonic agenda in the first few seconds of opener “Camilla,” as virtuosically tasteful guitarist Caleb Townsend’s sweet African licks rise atop an undulating groove set by Andrew Roth’s thick, melodic bass and Jose Ginarte’s eccentrically funky drumming. McInerney’s smooth voice is pure honey, and the song seems to advance a simple conceit: taken at face value, it is sung by a downed fighter pilot in West Africa, who is imploring his nurse Camilla to make him well again. But hidden throughout the song are tiny little clues, and by the time he gets to the final lines “And now I’ve lost another day, while you’re repeating what I’m saying, Camilla I’m begging you to stop,” we realize that the pilot is dying in his own wreckage, hallucinating wildly and calling out to a passing parrot. In the Mysterious World of Swaai, nothing is as it ever seems, and there is always some dangerously intoxicating and threatening mystery lurking beneath the warm surface." - Mama Cocos Funky Kitchen

19. The Mad Doctors – Fuzz Tonic

Vocalist/guitarist Dr. Seth Applebaum, bassist Dr. Josh Park, and drummer Dr. Gregory X make up The Mad Doctors; a fusion of retro aesthetics, furious energy, and songs about barbecue. Self-described as psychofuzz, the band is a hairy snot rocket of garage punk, surf rock, and psychedelia smashed into a disgusting blender in some backwoods shanty.

18. Lucious - Wildewoman

Brooklyn band Lucious is a lusciously infectious sound of '60s-pop with delicious harmonies and loads of bebopping and spunk.

17. Harper’s Fellow - Thanks For Tonight

Asbury Park's Harpers Fellow was born from the heart and mind of Cortney Metzler, after crafting songs and honing her trade, she began to add the pieces that would become Harper's Fellow including Janelle Reyes, Brendan Smith, Eric Castellazzo and Alex Ford. The group was fully formed and started performing in October 2012 and fast became one of the rising stars of the Asbury Park music scene. After running a successful indiegogo campaign they entered the studio in March to record their debut album "Thanks for Tonight"

16. Butchers of Sky Valley - Self-Titled
“Underneath gusts of heavy distortion, bombastic blues, psychedelic soul and crooning vocals is a mysterious allure both infectious and indefinable.  Butchers of Sky Valley mine the past yet thrive in the present weaving their own signatures rooted in rock and wrangling lyrics. There’s a sense of intrigue inherent within the band – from the name (which Mokotow has hinted partly derives from the Kyuss classic Welcome to Sky Valley) – to the cinematic lyrics delivered with such depth and immediacy that it leaves the listener pondering the message behind each song."

15. Ali Holder - In Preparation for Saturn’s Return
After touring and releasing albums with The Raindoggs and The Broken Hearted, singer-songwriter Ali Holder is striking out on her own. 
In Preparation for Saturn’s Return is a stunning solo debut, incorporating traces of blues and R&R intoher folk-based sound. “I always have a rotating band, so I never seem to know what magical 
combination will be made out of joining together different people,” 
explains Holder, who plays ukulele on the record and guitar at her live shows. Here, she’s backed 
by a stellar collection of musicians, including Adam Ray, who contributes jazzy trumpet to album closer “Falling Up,” a song which gets itsname from a Shel Silverstein work, and guitarist Daniel Thomas Phipps, who trades vocals with Holderon “I Saw a Wolf,” an eerie duet about the pursuit of love. Country-influenced tracks like the cheating ballad “Drinking Double” feature the crying steel guitar of Jeremy Menking, which serves as a gorgeous backdrop for Holder’s smoky alto..

14. Blue & Gold – Self Titled
From the bastion of bad assery Rock & Roll, Brookly NY.  Blue & Gold wrangle righteous riffs , bodacious bass slappery and indomitable drum beats while Chloe sizzles on vocals with Alex contributing hot buttery flavor to that sizzle.

13. The Lappes - Lappe It Up
Let there be no confusion, The Lappes deal in fusion... sonic excursions and tight instrumentation abound on their debut EP ‘Lappe It Up’ as they venture on a groove filled spacious jammy sound experiment. Even in these chilly dreary days of winter 'Summer Breeze' wafts around you like sun lit drops of cool water while the rest of the songs cover you with warm glows of electric tones.

12. Delco Pacers - Stereo Streets
After two years of road travel, on 'Stereo Streets' Delco Pacers hit thier stride and prove why they're one of Philly's Americana-flavored indie rock bands to pay attention to.

11. LaVendore Rogue - What's the Meaning of...
LaVendore Rogue are looking to forge a new path that combines the influence of Americana and Country Music with the attitude of Punk and Rock n Roll.
Rough and tumble Americana with songs about luck n’ loss, life n’ death and with tales ripped straight out of the tabloids.
Purchase on Amazon
Track List
1. Love & Hate 
2. Gangsters, Thieves & Villains

3. A.S.A.D.  
4. The Road
5. Riot
6. The Maze
7. H-A-P-P-Y
8. Lucky Boy
9. What's The Meaning Of...

10. Sun Voyager - Cosmic Tides
While they consider Their debut EP Cosmic Tides, a demo and are heading back into the studio to work on a full length, it has all the ingredients of great psychedelic/garage rock mixed with a bit of stoner, raw loud and rockin’ with sprawling guitar solos, fast beats and wailing vocals. Based out of Orange County, New York, the four musicians see themselves as more of a brotherhood, having known each other for 7-8 years. They vibe on the same musical wave length and set out to write simple songs that groove. I'm looking forward to the debut of the full length, this young band has something that works.

9. The Black Market Merchants  - Self Titled
More goodness from the fantastic Oliver Ignatius at Mama Cocos Funky Kitchen, the self-titled debut EP from NYC The Black Market Merchants benders and twisters of blues/rock. The three song EP is full of dark, delicious experiments. A bit of fuzzy dissonance, lively guitar interplay of Nick Jenkins, Nick Zide, Ryan Yero and the sexy sonorous vocals of Madeline Lingett with Chris Corsico's exceptional wizardry on the skins create a unique sound.

8. Scowlin Owl - These Strange Companions
Scowlin Owl is Nina Lovelace (vocals, rhythm guitar, flute), Yvonne Bordon (vocals, electric guitar), Karina Zakri (vocals, bass), and Sally Gainsbury (violin, vocals). Nina started up the band 2011 with the mission to form a female-led dramatic musical collective based on harmony vocals and folk-style storytelling. Nina first hooked up with Yvonne who, armed with her instrumental genius, immediately shared the vision. Soon after Scowlin Owl found their high harmony vocalist Karina Zakri and finally Nina’s friend Sally Gainsbury decided to throw in her fiddlin’ lot with the band. Since then ‘The Owl’ have been gigging on the London folk and alt-country scene and just released their debut EP, ‘These Strange Companions’
With wonderful harmonies and unique storytelling combined with British and American folk influences they soar in an effortless somewhat minimalist sound that is both haunting and uplifting.

7. Boxed Wine – Cheap Fun

Boxed Wine bring the fun to the dance party, rambunctious, infectious dance floor shufflers, extending the party well into the wee hours of the morning with feet sliding, hip shakin' body contortionist grab a partner groovers of melodious magic!

6. Jeanette Lynn - You’ve Got Me
Jeanette Lynne's Bio states> "She is an up and coming songwriter from West Chester, Pennsylvania" with her debut album 'You've Got Me' I think it's safe to say, She has arrived!  Among the many outstanding female vocalists out there these days she holds her own in both songwriting and vocal style. A very accomplished guitar player the album is filled with gorgeous melodies and harmonies with a dream like quality that is both soothing and profound.  The whole album from start to finish is like a fresh breeze that’s needed occasionally to clear away the cobwebs in the Indie scene

5. Mark Kirkland - Guided Spirit

Singer/Songwriter based in Tuscaloosa, AL. Couch By Couchwest '13 Alumni, Mark Kirkland has been making music for over 35 years. A retired drummer and self-taught guitarist, he recorded this solo collection of reflective original songs using a ribbon mic with no multi-tracking giving it a live house concert intimacy. The songs are insightful and poignant with witty word play and excellent guitar work.

4. Sharkmuffin 1097
"The Brooklyn all female 3-piece outfit Sharkmuffin crafts adorable pop music with jagged, garage-sharpened fangs. With lyrical subjects including incest, mythical bestiality, and homicidal heroin using femebots, Thiessen's gutsy vocals jump between gentle moans to rough, forceful screams. They melt into Janet LaBelle's crashing cymbals and Natalie Kirch's thudding bass in a harmonious union. Admiration for 90s alternative girl group-esquehooks are paired with heavy 1970s inspired guitar riffs to create the raw sound of these punk rocking debutants. With these guys, it's no secret the end goal is fun. Sharkmuffin doesn't really give a fuck, they just want to have a good time." (They released two EPs this year)

3. Francie Moon – Morning Red
Francie Moon is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist based out of the Northern woods of New Jersey. A gorgeous vocalist with a delivery that will reach into your heart and move your very being, she writes poignant heartfelt songs that are wise beyond her years. 
An extremely talented multi-instrumentaist she can shred garage, blues, and punk riffs as well as delicate acoustic arrangements. Her recordings are DIY and highlight her many talents.

2. The Naked Sun - Space, Place, and Time
"The emotional, mid-tempo music that ebbs and flows along its own path throughout these four songs is genuine. Prog rock this is not. For a first outing, no effort is wasted nor is there any misstep to be heard on this debut EP. Space, Place, and Time is a concise yet condensed showcase for a band just starting out. While a somber, restrained affair, Space, Place, and Time is indeed conceptual in title and nature." via Bucket Full of Nails

1. The Miners - Miner’s Rebellion
The Miners are an original alt country band based in Philadelphia, PA. Miners' Rebellion their debut EP is full of great orignal songwriting, sharp steel, toe tapping beats and unique vocals, though many times throughout the album I felt like I was listening to The Traveling Wilburys Alt/Country ego. Looking forward to more from this band, definely a band on the rise in the Americana scene.

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