Monday, December 31, 2012

39th & The Nortons - On Trial

Wavy gravy plucking flowered floppy hats sandaled feet moving Lo Fi get high garage blaring paisley polka dot chocolate clock melting tasty Owsley Stanley organ monkey grinder record bin relic treasures blossoming clouds of euphoria.
39th & The Nortons - On Trial

Ghosts of Dixie

Bosto(lead Guitar)
Brian Carlisle(Percussion & Vox)
Fisher(Lead Vox & Guitar)
Josh PantsSaxophone)

Bracken, bramble and sticky thorns, moonlight nights in swampy glades, Dullahan dancers seen afar following wagons with thigh bone spokes in fifolet lights. Gritty gris-gris and tales of woe dig on this band called Ghost of Dixie
Ghosts of Dixie is a Rock band straight out of the Live Music Capitol of the world, San Marcos,Tx a true compilation of master musicians with souls that go beyond our years. We are all about the strive
for knowlegde and enlightenment. Although our message is true
and our meaning deep, we like to bring a lighter perspective to the trials in our lives. Please enjoy our gift our of music and share our sacred message!

Get four songs from their ReverbNation Page, follow on Twitter

Rock Me Popa Vol. 12

Well we say goodbye to 2012, I've found it to be quite a good year, I hope it was for you too. Hopefully you've found some new bands to dig on and support and share with friends through these comps, which is after all the main point. Grab it. And in the immortal words of Billy Pilgram "So it goes"

Los Tentakills - Can't Stand It.mp3
The Lovely Savages - Never Think Twice.mp3
The Reverb Syndicate - Return of the Angry Gentlemen.mp3
Night Beats - Ain't Dumbo.mp3
Bettye LaVette - Everything Is Broken.mp3
The Resonars - Paint My Window Green.mp3
Jacco Gardner - The Ballad Of Little Jane.mp3
Fort Lean - All The Lights.mp3
Summoner - The Interloper.mp3
Shakey Graves - Built To Roam.mp3
The Mothership - Ugly Love.mp3
The Delta Saints - Good In White.mp3
Paul Burch and His Waco Brothers - Great Chicago Fire.mp3
Dave Borins - Little White Lies.mp3
Courtesy Tier - Something Better.mp3
The Living Kills - Been Away.mp3
Soul Of The River - As I Sing Here.mp3
Allah - Las - Don't You Forget It.mp3
The Will Callers - Take My Advice.mp3
Dr. Dog - That Old Black Hole.mp3

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Popa's Favorite 2012 Discoveries

In no particular order or genre pigeon hole, twenty bands that really tickled my fancy this year.

Nikki Sue and the Bad News


The Peeps

Lindsey Lou and the Flatbellys - Free Download

The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle

The Slaughterhouse Chorus

Turnstile Junkpile


The Lucky Jukebox Brigade

Bella's Bartok

Kansas Bible Company

 Atom & The Volumes

Neptune's Car 

The Bent Strings

Foghorn Stringband

Bern and the Brights

Sidestreet Reny

The Yawpers

Tin Horn Prayer

Megan Jean and the Klay Family Band - The Devil Herself

Megan Jean-vocals, guitar, stompbox, Washboard queen.
Byrne Klay-upright bass, banjo

Another fedora tip to The Lucky Jukebox Brigade for bringing this band to my attention.
The deliciously deviant barefoot dervishin' devil in a dress bass slapping conjurer traveling duo with crossroads pluckitude Megan Jean and the Klay Family Band.
New album 'The Devil Herself'' to be released Feb. 2013, Sneak peek.

January 2011 Ep 'Dead Woman Walkin'

Great interview from Star News Give em a like on Facebook, follow on Twitter

Download: Megan Jean and the Klay Family Band: Live on WFMU with Irwin October 3, 2012

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Courtesy Tier - Something Better

Photo by Joe Brundidge

Layton Weedeman (drums) and Omer Leibovitz (guitar) aka The Courtesy Tier have been playing together for the last seven years, but they weren’t always a duo. As members came and went, they perpetually conceptualized themselves as a four and sometimes six piece band. Then, during their second winter in New York, the boys had run out of other band members. Regrouping in a closet size practice space under the Smith Street overpass, they finally had enough room to rehearse, and they liked the sound, and I do too.
Gutsy, rockin' blues with a big thick sound that will have you doubting there are only two of them.

For a limited time get an exclusive free download (but hey kick in a dolla if ya got it.) of the brand new single "Something Better" from their upcoming, no confirmation yet next release. New Yorker's you can catch them January 3rd for their only show until Spring 2013 at Glasslands Gallery

They were participant's last year at Couch By Couchwest and will hopefully return again this year. Check that out here.
Check out this Martin Guitar "At The Space" series, a stripped down version of their song "Fall Asleep" using a Martin D-15M at a Williamsburg practice space.
The Resolution released 10 September 2011
Check out more videos on their website give them a like on Facebook and follow on Twitter

From The Barroom to the Bedroom - Secret Country

Jay Monaco: Lead Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Katelynn Siegle: Lead Vocals
Matt Siegle: Drums/Vocals
Joe Hart: Guitars/Vocals
Ryan Gross: Guitars
Tim Siegle: Bass

New Jersey's booze fused, romping and rocking country punkified heroes of Honky Tonk's, Secret Country's long awaited (anytime is to long when you're waiting for your second drink) sophomore full length 'From The Barroom to the Bedroom' 10 high-paced songs about drinking, heartbreak, consuming alcohol, and drunken hook-ups is set to drop on Killing Horse Records January 15th.
Pre-orders include an instant download of the lead single, “Night of Whiskey”.  All preorders will ship on or before January 11th, 2013.

In case you missed it,  previously blogged here
Check out  Seven Days a Week/Deep-Fried Delight 7" released in May and available on vinyl!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Popa's Picks Best Psych Releases 2012

10) Clouder - Freakin' Out The Squares

9) Mother Of Fire - Feral Children

8) The Gypsy West - Accomplices II: You Might Get Caught...

7) MMOSS - Only Children

6) Sky Picnic - Paint Me A Dream

5) Moon Duo - Circles

4) Atomic Honey - Operation Moondust
Listen to three tracks from the album

  Atomic Honey - Operation: Moondust

3) Foxygen - Take The Kids Off Broadway

2) The Smoking Trees - Acetates

1) Prince Ruperts Drops - Run Slow

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Popa's Picks Best Rock Albums of 2012

Genres are the new Thesaurus.

10) Isle Of Rhodes - All Rivers and Oceans

"From opener 'Oceans' to the stomping 'Eyes Like The Sun,' Farren paints a world of surf and sand where one experience melts into the next, and innocent pleas against change get washed away with the next tide. Wherever Isle of Rhodes take you, it's usually an elevated place to match the screeching alto Farren has mastered." The Deli Magazine

9) Fistful of Beard - Until We Know Better

Dirty geetars, bigfoot drum beats, anthemic rhythms and vocals with attitude. There is no pretense with these guys, they wear their hearts on their sleeves and pour their souls into the music. Popa's Tunes

8) The Ugly Club - You Belong To The Minutes

“The Union County-based band has excelled at crafting psych-pop melodies with a punchy funk beat.” – Paste Magazine

7) Black Water

”Jersey City’s Black Water is a tasty stew of funk, garage, indie, rock and punk simmered slowly and served hot!” - Popa's Tunes

6) Steel Toed Slippers

Steel Toed Slippers— a band that can best be described as The Spin Doctors, Drive By Truckers, and Little Feat dancing in the forest— are here to stay and grow, much like the Redwoods that surrounded their youth.  - Ryan Monk

5) Tipi Valley - In The Woods

 fuzzy psych flavored 60's groovyness - Popa's Tunes

4) The Owsley Brothers - Colbolt

Remember when The Black Keys were big, loud and dirty as hell? When they were still recording in basements and closed down factories? Ever wonder what they would have been like had they not abandoned that sound as they matured? - Ninebullets 

3) Blackfoot Gypsies - On The Loose

Blackfoot Gypsies churn out ’70s-inspired, blues-infused rock ’n’ roll with abandon. Singer, songwriter and guitarist Matthew Paige — formerly of Vancouver’s Love Trucker — and drummer Zack Murphy possess Stonesy range. - Nashville Scene

2) Ruby The Hatchet - Ouroboros

Sounding like a cross between Fu Manchu and The Dead Weather, Ruby the Hatchet split their talents between heavy stoner rock numbers and spooky late 60's influenced psych, proving equally adept at both. - Real Gone Rocks

1) The Dead Exs - Relovolution

“What happens when you take the rawness of Howlin' Wolf, the power of Led Zeppelin and the craftiness of Ray Wylie Hubbard? You get the Dead Exs.”
Chris Martin -

Popa's Picks Best Americana Albums 2012

Genres are the new Thesaurus.

10) The Imperial Rooster - Don't Be Afraid: Live at Santa Fe Sol

"the Roosters are unabashedly, irreverently original, dredging chords, rhythms and words to squeeze out the best of muse-inspired music... Clever and crass, harmonizing and (purposely) off-key in turn, these skilled musicians are qualified to take you on a bona fide EspaƱola-style joyride. Buckle your seats, and bring your own luck charms for the rearview."
Ariana Kramer - Taos News

9) The Blind Owl Band - Rabble Rousing

For newcomers to the Blind Owl Band - a hard-driving, heavily bearded, original string music quartet that's caught the ears of music aficionados from across the North Country. They're like a foundation; they grow as the band grows." And this band is still growing. So what should first-time Blind Owl listeners expect? "The album is called 'Rabble Rousing' for a reason," Cardiello joked. Ford said that simply put, people can expect a whole lot of foot stomping and a "real good time."”
Chris Morris - Adirondack Daily Enterprise

8) Annie Lou - Grandma's Rules For Drinking

“The music that Annie Lou plays is resonant, vital, and often fun because it is rooted in the everyday. This self-titled debut is a vibrant and vital recording graced with exceptional songwriting.” – Pat Langston, Penguin Eggs

7) Melody Walker - Gold Rush Goddess
The music is shot through with joyful diversity, fresh original songs and an attitude that is unafraid to try something new on every track. Gold Rush Goddess is easily one of the strongest Americana releases of 2012. Terry Paul Roland, Turnstyled Junkpile

6) Maynard and the Musties - Cheap Cigars

“...molasses with a sweet whiskey kick.” Tsaurah Litzky - Brooklyn Rail

5) Sci-Fi Romance - The Ghost of John Henry

"It’s somber Nick Cave meets Joseph Heller with a screening of Metropolis in the background."
Jade Blackmore - Slums Off Hollywood Boulevard

4) Hurray For The Riff Raff - Look Out Mama

They've been praised for their Americana soul rock, a huge plate full of that dirty Deep South sound. But if you want the true taste of the Deep South flavour, then Hurray For The Riff Raff have the perfect menu on offer with Look Out Mama. Cooked up by a born and bred Bronx New Yorker no less. -  Mikey Rush, The Four O Five

3) Rachel Brooke - A Killers Dream

Rachel's voice is one in a million. It's all natural. She did not develop a unique singing style to delineate her from the masses, like is so common with over-singing songbirds these days. She purified her own voice, with no facade or embellishment. It is so wondrous because it is adorable and seemingly innocent, yet at the same time aged like a ghost, haunting, and filled to utmost capacity with pain".- Saving Country Music

2) Shovels and Rope - O' Be Joyful

Their 11 well-crafted songs, some that belong in a Coen Brothers movie, include double shots full of piss and vinegar. Michael Bialas, Huffington Post

1) Some Dark Holler - Hollow Chest

Combining equal parts Steve Earle, the Civil Wars (if they were drunk), and Breaking Bad, bandleader Chris Porter (Back Row Baptists) and fiddler Helen Gassenheimer bring a mix of vocal and instrumental stylings that are as flawlessly harmonious as they are dark and haunting. Hollow Chest explores and exposes the South's gritty underbelly and its rawest nerves. - This is American Music

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Imperial Rooster drop a double shot of kick arse

Cootie LeRoux, Nat King Kong, Tennessee Skilly McGee, Khorn Syrup, Lulu Lotus Cornblossom, Dusty Vinyl

Espanola, New Mexico's porch pontificator's The Imperial Rooster drop a couple of free tunes from their upcoming album.

The Black Jesuses LIVE at Trinity and the Pope

Sam Bey and Dave Rosen of Asbury Park's The Parlor Mob, side project of Bluesy Garage-Rock The Black Jesuses Live at Trinity and the Pope

Friday, December 21, 2012

Feel Bad For Santa Mix and Dollop

Here it is your favorite fruitcakes, ne'er-do-wells, bloggers, tweeters and grinches gather under the mistletoe and kiss off. Be sure to visit here to share your comments and connect with the contributor of your desires. It's all in the bag here.

1. Title: Boxing Night
Artist: Frightened Rabbit
Album (year): State Hospital (EP) (2012)
Submitted By: tincanman
Comments: Just me and these walls/And a beaten up chair/On boxing day…. You got to admit, the Scots have a unique ability to suck the fun out of anything. This band is so, so, so good!

2. Title: Fuselage (It’s Starting To Look Like Christmas Once Again)
Artist: Centro-matic
Artist: Electric Ornaments: An Idol Records Christmas Collection (2000)
Submitted by: Corey Flegel
Comments: Maybe my favorite Centro song…and I love all Centro songs.

3. Title: Santa Baby
Artist: Eartha Kitt
Album (year): The Ultimate Christmas Album, Vol 3 (1996)
Submitted By: BoogieStudio22
Comments: Sexiest Christmas song of all time. Nuff said!

4. Title: Christmas In Nashville
Artist: Bob Walkenhorst
Album: Soundboard recording from December 19, 2007 show at The Record Bar
Submitted By: toomuchcountry
Comments: The frontman for The Rainmakers – then and now – performs weekly at The Record Bar in Kansas City, MO with a mixture of old and new Rainmakers material, solo performer songs, and cover tunes. One of his traditions in recent years has been to incorporate several Christmas themed songs into the set list during one of his December shows.

5. Title: X-Mas In Vietnam
Artist: Bohannons
Album (year):
Submitted By: TheOtherBrit
Comments: Not your average Christmas song.

6. Title: I’m the Humbug
Artist: Jim Boggia
Album (year): Fidelity is the Enemy (2001)
Submitted By: @philnorman
Comments: The album as a whole is a singer-songwriter pop masterpiece. It’s on Bandcamp. You should get it. And if you’re gonna stick a hidden track on your album, why not a Christmas jam?

7.Title: Scampi for Xmas
Artist: Dropkick
Album: Xmas single
Submitted by: Simon
Comments: I hate turkey, so deep fried scampi it is.

8. Title: Hang Them High At Christmas
Artist: Jimmy Kirkland
Album (2007): Cool Daddy
Submitted By: @popa2unes
Comments: Merry Rockabilly XXXMas!

9. Title: Merry Christmas, I Fucked Your Snowman
Artist: The Showcase Showdown
Album (year): Ho Ho Ho Chi Minh 7″ (1995)
Submitted By: scratchedsoul
Comments: I used to see these guys regularly in the mid-90s around Boston playing the punk rock shows. How can you a) not love a band named after a segment from the Price is Right and b) not buy a 7″ that has a song called ‘Merry Christmas, I Fucked Your Snowman’ on it? The sound is nothing new, but they do it well.

10. Title: Waitin’ On Mary
Artist: Gretchen Peters
Album: The Best of “Nashville Unlimited” Christmas Vol. 1 (2003)
Submitted By: toomuchcountry
Comments: Around 2000, Nashville session bassist Dave Pomeroy began hosting Nashville Unlimited. Performers aren’t announced in advance. Tickets aren’t sold before the night of the event. And virtually no publicity is ginned up for the event. Yet, Christ Church Cathedral is filled each year with folks who stand in line on Broadway on a first-come, first-seated basis to donate to help Nashville’s homeless through Room In The Inn. The artists who perform each year are varied and represent some of the best Nashville has to offer. I’ve seen John Prine, Emmylou Harris, Tommy Emmanuel, Riders In The Sky, Vince Gill, etc. show up unannounced to perform and help bring awareness and support. I encourage those who are so inclined to help at or by finding a way to help in your own town or city.

11. Title: Christmas Time at the Dixie Lounge
Artist: Mic Harrison
Album: Christmas Split (2008)
Submitted By: AnnieTUFF
Comments: (by Rockstar Aimz) Annie sent me nine Christmas mp3’s, so I just picked two that I hadn’t heard before. I picked this one because I know that Mic Harrison rules.

12. Title: My First Xmas, As a Woman
Artist: Vandals
Album: Oi to the World (1996)
Submitted By: AnnieTUFF
Comments: (by Rockstar Aimz) I really hope this song is about a sex change for Christmas. OK, I’m listening to it for the first time and it’s even more awesome than I thought it would be.

13. Title: The Christmas Song
Artist: The Raveonettes
Album (year): (Single) (2003)
Submitted By: Trailer
Comments: Sugary confection that I can’t get enough of for some reason.

14. Title: Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Artist: Twisted Sister
Album (year): A Twisted Christmas (2006)
Submitted By: Gorrck
Comments: While listening to this think of “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” You’ll thank me later.

15. Title: Christmas in a Chinese Restaurant
Artist: Diamond Rugs (Deer Tick’s John McCauley and Robbie Crowell, the Black Lips’ Ian Saint Pe, Dead Confederate’s Hardy Morris, Six Finger Satellite’s Bryan Dufresne, and Steve Berlin of Los Lobos)
Album: Christmas in a Chinese Restaurant (2011)
Comment: I found this one last year and was really happy about finding a new Christmas song so I figured I’d share it here in case anyone hasn’t discovered it yet.

16. Title: Thistlehair The Christmas Bear
Artist: Alabama
Album: Alabama Christmas (1985)
Submitted By: Truersound
Comments: Because it’s not christmas without Thistlehair the Christmas Bear. You know in Pigeon Forge it’s christmas all year around….ALL YEAR AROUND! Also in Myrtle Beach…Myrtle Beach is a lot like pigeon forge just with a beach and titty bars….both love Alabama and Christmas….(and meth).

17. Title: Santa
Artist: Lightnin’ Hopkins
Album: Mojo Hand (1960)
Submitted By: Truersound
Comments: Aimz challenged me to send in a kwanzaa song, I’m not entirely sure how one celebrates a kwanzaa, but my version of kwanzaa has would have Lightnin’ Hopkins in it.

18. Title: All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit
Artist: Half Man Half Biscuit
Album: The Trumpton Riots 7” (1986)
Submitted By: Mad Mackerel
Comments: As relentlessly English a Christmas song as it is possible to get. Since their first release in 1985 Half Man Half Biscuit have been slyly poking fun at British culture and geography through a series of vignettes featuring scalpel sharp lyrics and a healthy sense of the absurd. This classic offering – the b-side to their debut single – lampoons the ‘must have’ toys of the time in the UK – Scalextric car racing and the soccer game Subbuteo for which a Dukla Prague Away Kit was the ultimate in street-cred cool. To this day, fans at gigs still wear the replica shirts of this Czech football club that was formed by the Czechoslovak army in 1948 and sadly folded in 1996. This song remains a fitting festive tribute.

19. Title: How to Make Gravy
Artist: Paul Kelly
Album (year): Songs from the South: The Best of Paul Kelly (1997)
Submitted By: Rockstar Aimz
Comments: I consider this song to be up there with John Prine’s “Christmas in Prison” in terms of modern Christmas classics. First, the narrator, Joe, is indeed in prison, but the song takes place in Australia where it is summer and everyone goes to the beach after the roast is served. Second, Joe is truly, soulfully regretful for whatever he did to land him in the clink, and laments about everyone he is going to miss over the holidays. Third, my favorite line is Joe saying, “Roger. I’m even going to miss Roger. Cause there’s nobody here that I want to fight.” Like he can’t find someone in prison that he despises enough to punch. Awesome.

20. Title: Must Be Santa
Artist: Brave Combo
Album (year): It’s Christmas, Man! (1992)
Submitted By: Rockstar Aimz
Comments: I like even numbers and ending on a fun note. “Must Be Santa” was originally written by Mitch Miller, and released on his 1961 album Holiday Sing Along With Mitch Miller. Miller was a major force in the music industry from the late 1940s to the early 1960s, serving at the head of A&R for both Mercury and Columbia Records. With Columbia in the 1960s he was responsible for signing and producing many important pop standards. However, he did not like rock and folk music, and he greatly disapproved of Columbia’s signing of a certain 1960s folk singer named Bob Dylan. Brave Combo rearranged “Must Be Santa” in polka fashion for their 1992 Christmas album, and Dylan used this arrangement for his 2009 album Christmas in the Heart. Dylan’s video is all kinds of fucked up. It’s nice to know that Bob still does drugs.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Dirty Bourbon River Show 'The Most Peculiar Thing'

New Orleans Gypsy Folk Circus Rock

Noah Adams - Growl, Chordophones
(Jan 2009-Present)
Dane "Bootsy" Schindler - Drums & Percussion
(Jan 2009-Present)
Big Charlie Skinner - Opera, Ringmaster
(March 2009-Present)
Jimmy Williams - Basses and Tubamaphones
(September 2009-Present)
Matt Thomas - Tenor & Bari Saxophone, Clarinet
(May 2011-Present)

Time sensitive info:
The Dirty Bourbon River Show new album 'The Most Peculiar Thing' drops this Friday 12/21/12 exclusively on and in person. It will be free for 24 hrs only on Bandcamp and at the CD Release Party at the Blue Nile ~ Show starts at 11pm

“A circus-like barrage of sound serving as entrance music for a magical mystery tour of whiskey-soaked French Quarter back alleys,” – Rory Callais, Offbeat

“Genetically theatrical… appetite-whetting… a snow-globe carnival segueing seamlessly from kazoo- and clarinet-blown circus shenanigans to smooth-croon lounge, and finely fingered folk ballads to banjo hoedowns, jazzy sax solos and staccato piano jams” – Noah Bonaparte-Pais, Gambit Weekly

“Riotous… racuous… swashbuckling sea chanteys, paranoid polkas, and carnival jazz, often in the same song… now that’s my kind of party!” – Aaron Lafont, Groovescapes
The Dirty Bourbon River Show has released 5 studio albums to date, and has 2 more in the works.

7th record – Volume Four – is currently in the songwriting phase, and is slated for a spring/summer 2013 release date.
6th record – The Most Peculiar Thing – is currently in the mixing stage, and is slated for a Fall/Winter 2012 release date.
5th record – Volume Three – was released on 3/30/12 and is currently available on Bandcamp and iTunes.

The Old-Timey AfroPop Jibberish Junction – was released on 11/11/11 and can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

XXXmas with Popa Claus

Bah hummerbug, dangling balls and honey buns. Grab the booty here

Santa Loves To Boogie - Asleep At The Wheel
Rock And Roll Santa Claus - Babs Gonzales
Be-Bop Santa Claus - Babs Gonzales
Dear Mrs. Claus - The Barr Brothers
Little Saint Nick - The Beach Boys
Santa Do The Mambo - Big John Greer
I'm Going To Lasso Santa Claus - Brenda Lee
Secret Santa - Buffalo Killers
Santa Is A Swinger Now - Candye Kane
Santa Claus Blues - Champion Jack Dupree
Santa Came Home Drunk - Clyde Lasley & The Cadillac Baby Specials
Daddy's Drinking Up Our Christmas - Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen
Santa's Birthday Feast - Cootie Leroux & Nat King Kong
Whiskey Christmas - Darby O'gill And The Little People
Please Daddy (Don't Get Drunk This Christmas) - The Decemberists
Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant - Diamond Rugs
Red-Eyed Santa - Dick Smith
Santa Baby - Eartha Kitt
Please Mr. Santa Claus - Evan Johns And His H-Bombs
Santa Stole My Lady - Fitz And The Tantrums
Santa Claus Boogie - Hasil Adkins
Blue Christmas - Hasil Akdins
Santa Claus, Santa Claus - James Brown
Santa's Lost His Mojo - Jeremy Lister
Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town - Joseph Spence
Santa's Doing The Horizontal Twist - Kay Martin And Her Body Guards
A Party For Santa Claus - Lord Nelson
To Heck With Ole Santa Claus - Loretta Lynn
'zat You, Santa Claus? - Louis Armstrong And The Commanders
The Naughty Girls - Mike Cullison
Claude De Santos - Mudlow
Rootin’ Tootin’ Santa Claus - Pee Wee King
Fairytale Of New York - The Pogues
Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight) - The Ramones
Come On Santa - The Raveonettes
Santa Is A Texas Cowboy - Red Sovine
Santa Ain't Coming For Christmas - Rocket 455
Here Comes Fatty Claus - Rudolph And Gang
Xmas Prison Blues - Seasick Steve
Santa Get Me Outta Here - Shurman
First Christmas - Stan Rogers
Mom & Daddy, Please Don't Steal For Us This Christmas - Suzannah
Hang Myself From The Tree - The Vandals
Christmas (Doesn't Have To Be So Bad) - The Backsliders
I Don't Believe In Santa Claus - The Boulevards
Whore For The Holidays (Redux) -The Davenports
Christmas Party - Eddie Floyd
Santa's Train - The Hipwaders
That’s What I Want For Christmas - Holly Golightly
Christmas In Detroit - Jim Diamond's Pop Monsoon
Cool Yule - The J's With Jamie
Christmas From A Bar - Mike Ireland
Billy's Christmas Wish - Red Sovine
Here It Is Christmas - Red Sovine
The Night Johnny Thunders Saved Christmas - Television City
Santa's Gonna Shut 'em Down - The Untamed Youth
Christmas Spirit - The Wailers
Whiskey Clause - 10 Cents Fuck Flicks

The Lucky Jukebox Brigade - Pretty Well Damned

Photo by Kiki Vassilakis

Deanna DeLuke: Vocals, Baritone Ukulele
Geppi Iaia: Bass, Vocals, Glockenspeil
Kristoph DiMaria: Percussion, Vocals
Gina Mauro: Violin, Viola, Mandolin, Banjo, Vocals
Andrew Burger: Tuba, Trumpet, Vocals
Emily Trumpfheller: Trombone
Christopher Weatherly: Euphonium, Melodica
Michael Graves: Drums

I don't know what the heck is going on in Albany NY but I got to get there! Hat tip to my favorite Albany band Skeletons in the Piano for turning me on to this awesome Albany band The Lucky Jukebox Brigade
Their first full length 'Pretty Well Damned' released in May is a whirling dervish delight, gather behind the caravan and follow these merry minstrels.
They posted this on their Facebook page this morning:
Pretty Well Damned is now up for FREE download for the next couple of weeks!!! Go to our music page at here click buy now and enter zero as your price! All we ask is that if you like what you hear, you share it with another person or two and help us get our music out there. Thank you so much and thank you for all your support this year!!!! 

Recorded at Warming Room Studio in January 2012. Produced by Carl Blackwood and The Lucky Jukebox Brigade. Mixed by Carl Blackwood. Mastered by Frank Moscowitz at Black Dog Studio.
released 18 May 2012
All songs written by Deanna DeLuke and The Lucky Jukebox Brigade, except tracks 8 and 12 by Kristoph DiMaria and The Lucky Jukebox Brigade, and track 10 by Geppi Iaia, Deanna DeLuke, Kristoph DiMaria and The Lucky Jukebox Brigade.

Bio: We started playing music together in November of 2010, with 6 members. We then recorded our 4 track EP "By The Way Your Shadow Looks" in January of 2011 and started performing live in February of 2011. We spent all of 2011 solidifying our line-up, we lost some members, met some people, made some friends, and found new members. In 2011 we played shows non-stop to promote ourselves. As 2012 came around the corner, we established ourselves as an 8-piece band, and then entered Warming Room Studios to record our full length debut album, which is to be released in the Spring of 2012, and it will be titled "Pretty Well Damned". So far, our journey has been very fun, and one day, the world will be saved by The Lucky Jukebox Brigade.


“(On the band's name): Deanna DeLuke, vocalist, ukulele player: "While The Lucky Jukebox Brigade formed in October 2010, the band name was in the works for about a decade. Growing up, I made collages on my bedroom walls, and I used to cut out interesting words from magazines and put them together. I pieced out the phrase 'The Jukebox Rebirth' when I was maybe 14 and just starting guitar lessons, thinking it would make a cool band name someday. "During the summer of 2010 when I was putting up Craigslist ads searching for band mates, I realized that I wasn't just looking for a band, I was looking for an orchestra/brigade, and would be extremely lucky to find the special bunch of people I was hoping was out there. The name then evolved into The Lucky Jukebox Brigade, and we all agreed on it, so it stuck." Tom Keyser - Times Union  Read more:

“With a band that includes multiple vocalists, guitar, bass, banjo, accordion, drum kit, percussion, violin, saw and an array of horns, The Lucky Jukebox Brigade’s scene has been described as a troubadour-led folk circus on a pirate ship raided by gypsies. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if a bell-voiced Siren of the Tyrrhenian Sea and her admiring, chipped-tooth ancient sailors could—for one modern evening—suspend expected outcomes and gather round in revelry, this is what it would look like. Was I a skeptic at first? For sure. But now I’m fully convinced. I’ve done it, folks. I’ve joined the Brigade. Mishel Filisha - The Examiner  Read the whole article here:

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Funk ya! Soul Of The River

Steve Hansen, Brett Dawson, Rene Felix

Soul Of The River are a power trio with a massive soulful sound, if you dig your rock rolled with a spunky, funky beat these guys are setting the standard for others to follow.
Created around freestyle songwriting sessions around a fire pit, Soul of the River was formed in June 2002, out of Southern California, they completed their first full length album late 2011. Soul of the River were voted “Best Roots” at the 2010 Inland Empire Music Awards and “Best Classic Rock” band at the 2009 Inland Empire Music Awards. Soul of the River have been featured on X-103.9 Alternative Radio, KUCR Good Morning San Diego, and the Internationally syndicated “On the Horizon” Radio Show. Soul of the River provide several free downloads on their website. 
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Heavy Wooden Hammer Gods, The Danglers 'Hang Loose and Swing Free'

Jason Loveall (Electric Violin/Vocals) , David Gelting (Upright Bass/Vocals), and John Sparrow (Drums/Percussion)

This ain't your Daddy's psychedelic music, man. Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Heavy Wooden Hammer Gods, The Danglers have just released a new EP  'Hang Loose and Swing Free' dark folky electric violin, hard hitting upright bass and innovative, ferocious drumming, Jason Loveall, David Gelting, and John Sparrow create the sound of the Gods taming the chaotic sounds of the Universe atop Mt. Olympus.

They stopped by Couch By Couchwest '12 with this killer heavy wooden couch banger Aphrodite’s Thighs (John Sparrow the drummer found his fine skins on the curb and gave them new couch life)

THE DANGLERS - New Years Song (Live on WMSE 2011)

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