Thursday, December 13, 2012

Heavy Wooden Hammer Gods, The Danglers 'Hang Loose and Swing Free'

Jason Loveall (Electric Violin/Vocals) , David Gelting (Upright Bass/Vocals), and John Sparrow (Drums/Percussion)

This ain't your Daddy's psychedelic music, man. Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Heavy Wooden Hammer Gods, The Danglers have just released a new EP  'Hang Loose and Swing Free' dark folky electric violin, hard hitting upright bass and innovative, ferocious drumming, Jason Loveall, David Gelting, and John Sparrow create the sound of the Gods taming the chaotic sounds of the Universe atop Mt. Olympus.

They stopped by Couch By Couchwest '12 with this killer heavy wooden couch banger Aphrodite’s Thighs (John Sparrow the drummer found his fine skins on the curb and gave them new couch life)

THE DANGLERS - New Years Song (Live on WMSE 2011)

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