Monday, October 26, 2015

Feel Bad For You October 2015 Mixtape

A ghost in the machine has forced our FBFY curator to dig up a long forgotten grave and post this months mix where it originated in 2006 at Americana Music forum, widgetless and naked. The collected parts are stitched together to make a monster of a mix, part normal and part Abby Normal.

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1. "Country Music, I'm Talking To You"
Darrell Scott
10 Songs Of Ben Bullington (2915)
Submitted By: @tincanman2010
Comments: Home truths about the state of country music in one of the late Ben Bullington's songs Scott chose for a really wonderful album.

2. "Freak Of Nature"
Freak Of Nature (2001)
Submitted By: hoosier buddy
Comments: Better beware, I’m your midnight angel.

3. "Where the Night Goes"
Josh Ritter
Sermon on the Rocks (2015)
Submitted By: @philnorman
Comments: Josh Ritter's new record is mighty fine.

4. "Killing Time"
City And Colour
If I Should Go Before You (2015)
Submitted By: hoosier buddy
Comments: Some songs just feel like the season, and this is one that feels like autumn, decay, and disillusionment.

What if you're here when I'm not ready?
What if I'm not willing to listen?
I hope these devils never leave me
'Cause I keep takin' what they're givin'

5. "Champagne Halloween"
St. Paul & The Broken Bones
Greetings From St. Paul & The Broken Bones (2012)
Submitted By: Trailer

6. "Cuts Like a Knife"
The Hold Steady
Live from the Horseshoe Tavern, Bootleg (2014)
Submitted By: Rockstar Aimz
Comments: But it feels so right.

7. "Halloween"
The Dream Syndicate
Days of Wine & Roses (1982, reissue 2015)
Submitted By: The Mad Mackerel
Comments: A triumph from the halcyon days of the Paisley Underground - jangly, dark-hearted indie.

8. "Midnight"
Hank Levine & The Blazers
Single A Side (1960)
Submitted By: @popa2unes

9. "Evil Eye"
Al Saxon
Single (1962)
Submitted By: @popa2unes

10. "Monsters Crash the Pajama Party"
Radio Spot
Single (1965)
Submitted By: @popa2unes

11. “Happy Halloween”
Green Pajamas
Happy Halloween! (2014)
Submitted By: Blabber'n'Smoke
Comments: Not too spooky, a result of the band's purchase of a Casio MT-68 keyboard back in 1984 and originally released on cassette. Reissued on CD in 2014.

12. “The Black Rider”
Tom Waits
The Black Rider (1993)
Submitted By: toomuchcountry
Comments: I'm not a big Halloween guy. But this 'un truly creeps me out. Waits' voice is intriguing in its own right. It draws you near before he sets his hook. And then, wonderful lyrics ooze from this song such as ‘I'll drink your blood like wine,’ ‘Take off you skin and dance around in your bones,’ and ‘May I use your skull for a bowl?’

13. "Scorpios Vegas"
Gun Outfit
Dream All Over (2015)
Submitted By: magearwig
Comments: The best song on an album that's front-to-back brilliant.

14. “Peter Gunn”
Roy Buchanan
Dancing On The Edge (1986)
Submitted By: @tincanman2010
Comments: This can't be what Henry Mancini heard while writing the tune. Lucky for us, Roy heard something different and reached for the Telecaster.

15. “Halloweenhead”
Ryan Adams
Easy Tiger (2007)
Submitted By: Truersound/Not RMR
Comments: Guitar Solo! I love this song!

16. "Death Garage"
Peter Holsapple and the H Bombs
Big Black Truck (1978)
Submitted By: Verbow
Comments: Pre-db's tune by the one and only Mr. Holsapple. Heard it on KDHX a few Halloween's ago - not explicitly about Halloween, but its creepy in an Ed Wood movie sorta way.

17. “Pajama Party in a Haunted House”
Beat Happening
Black Candy (1989)
Submitted By: Verbow
Comments: One of my favorite Beat Happening songs - first heard it on the legendary Sub Pop 200 compilation. Again, not about Halloween per se, but it has that nightmarish quality that is kinda spooky.

18. “Halloween”
Attica (2014)
Submitted By: Verbow
Comments: Hey, this one actually says Halloween in the title! Great song from one of my current obsessions - the mighty Wussy. Not spooky or scary - just a great song.

19. “Hell Yes”
Alkaline Trio
Halloween at the Metro (2003)
Submitted By: Verbow
Comments: Alkaline Trio is noted for their generally macabre song topics and sense of humor, so playing a song with the lyrics "bless me dark father I have sinned/ I've done it before and I'll do it again" on Halloween night seems just about right. Great version of one of my favorite Alk3 songs.

20. “Ghost Town (Extended V)”
The Specials
The Best of the Specials (2008)
Submitted by: @simon2307
Comments: Originally released on the 12” single version this is the extended version of The Specials 1981 classic which was the one of the last recordings they made before they split.

21. “There’s a Ghost In My House”
R. Dean Taylor
Single (1967)
Submitted by: @simon2307
Comments: Another classic track but this time a it’s a timeless Northern Soul favourite, written by Holland Dozier Holland and released on a Motown imprint in 1967

22. “Halloween”
Kirsty MacColl
Electric Landlady (1991)
Submitted by: @simon2307
Comments: A themed track from the late great Kirsty MacColl

23 "Werewolves of London"
The Flamin' Groovies
Jumpin in the Night (1979)
Submitted by: TheSecondSingle/Beldo
Comments: Not quite as good as the original but very good and different enough to sound fresh

24. "Red Right Hand"
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Let Love In (1994)
Submitted by: TheSecondSingle/Beldo
Comments: One of my all time favorite songs and to think I first heard it in Wes Craven's Scream.

25. "Human Fly"
The Cramps
Gravest Hits (1979)
Submitted by: The SecondSingle/Beldo
Comments: Like a '50s horror movie in the form of a deranged garage punk song.

26. "Dark Night"
The Blasters
Hard Line (1985)
Submitted by: TheSecondSingle/Beldo
Comments: A great rockabilly song with some very dark lyrics about a murder. If you're not familiar with The Blasters (and you should be), you may recognize it as the title song in From Dusk Til Dawn.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Feral's Debut Full-Length Album Aromatic Bitters

Established musicians in numerous bands, the members of Feral are certified street cats, their songs are tales of hardscrabble living, an existence on the edges of societal woes where compassion and love are a necessity of survival. Hard fought battles result in scars of character and stature, determination and gumption forces one ever forward, each step fraught with setbacks and hard lessons learned.
These are the sounds of the times we live in, dark and distressing with an optimism to turn the corner and do the best with the cards one's dealt.

With Cindy Emch - vox, guitar, Norman Carley - vox, guitar and Ed Cagnacci - backing vox, upright bass, slide guitar their sound is barebones Americana with a touch of '49er goldrush gothic folk.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Feel Bad For You July 2015 Mixtape

Rooty toot-toot July's Mix is all sorts of tasty goodness, dig in!
Thanks to Trailer for the disturbing artwork. The original image is by the famous photographer David LaChapelle.


1. “Guided By Voices”
Selective Service (2001)
Submitted By: magearwig
Comments: One of a few songs anointed the “ballad of Guided By Voices” by none other than Robert Pollard. Perhaps the perfect summer song. Oh yeah, fuck Don Henley.
Note: This track was supposed to be on the June mix, but I missed it. D’oh! Sorry. :(
2. “True Believers”
Have Gun Will Travel
Science From An Easy Chair (2015)
Submitted By: Autopsy IV
Comments: Lead single from the upcoming Have Gun Will Travel album, Science From An Easy Chair. Love the rim shot drums on this song as well as the guitars in it.
3. “The Rise of the Black Messiah”
Indigo Girls
One Lost Day (2015)
Submitted By: @philnorman
Comments: You didn’t think a new Indigo Girls record could be released without me submitting a track did you? Written for the case of the Angola 3, it feels even more appropriate given recent events and the ugly evils of a racist system we’re still not able to face directly.
4. “Rules of Change”
Neil Young + Promise of the Real
The Monsanto Years (2015)
Submitted By: hoosier buddy
Comments: Enlightened anger; got a good beat, easy to dance to, I’ll give it a 90.
Seeds have floated, birds have flown
Seeds have traveled far from home
Seeds are life it can’t be owned
Not even by Monsanto
People must be free to grow
5. “Who Are You Listening To?”
Billy Hubbard
Demo (2015)
Submitted By: @tincanman2010
Comments: The Knoxville Americana-ist has been working on this song for awhile and recorded a demo at home to send out into the interwebs for comment. I feedbacked him :) that it’s one heck of a song. And not a bad question.
6. “Imuhar (Freemen)”
Nomad (2013)
Submitted By: hoosier buddy
Comments: Sometimes a song just plugs itself into your brain; that’s what happened to me with this Bombino number. The swaying beat, the elegant vibraphone solo, the hypnotic guitar arpeggiation, all tell me I need to be smoking what this dude is smoking.
7. “I Ride My Bike”
Kerosene Hat (1993)
Submitted By: @BoogieStudio22
Comments: I’ve been riding my bicycle a lot, so …
8. “Trash The Sun”
Hymn For Her
Lucy & Wayne’s Smokin Flames (2013)
Submitted By: toomuchcountry
Comments: Can’t wait to say goodbye to July. Good lawdy it’s hot. Wait. What? AUGUST??? Damn.
9. “Yuma”
Justin Townes Earle
Yuma EP (2007)
Submitted By: Mad Mackerel Music Blog
Comments: Just discovered this beauty… “And is it too much to ask, he cried as he stepped into the wind, He turned his back onto the world and he fell back to earth again, So with the wind in his hair, and smile on his face, he crashed through the hood of an Old’s 98, and he lay there dying on a cold winters day, all alone, all alone.
10. “Atlantic City (Gonna Make a Million Tonight)”
East River Pipe
The Gasoline Age (1999)
Submitted by: @simon2307
Comments: East River Pipe a.k.a. F.M. ‘Fred’ Cornog is a recent discovery for me even though his early recordings (93-96) were released on legendary UK indie label Sarah Records, this sound effect laden track is from an album released by the mighty Merge Records in 99.
11. “24 Frames”
Jason Isbell
Something More Than Free (2015)
Submitted By: Gorrck
Comments: Just got this today — enjoying listening to the new album.
12. “Call To Arms”
Fritz Montana
Double A Side (2015)
Submitted By: @Popa2unes
Comments: I’m digging on this San Francisco based blues/indie rock trio Fritz Montana. New 7″ just released. New album later this year.
13. “I’m Not The Same”
Fritz Montana
Double A Side (2015)
Submitted By: @Popa2unes
14. “You Got to Me”
James McMurtry
Complicated Game (2015)
Submitted By: Rockstar Aimz
Comments: McMurtry paints with words, way Rembrandt, Monet, or Picasso paints with oils.
15. “Too Close To Home”
My Life in Black and White
Columbia (2014)
Submitted By: Romeo Sid Vicious
Comments: Having kids is always bittersweet. Summers can be especially so. This track is one I’ve been listening to a lot lately while thinking about my kids but it stands on its own even for those without kids. It’s a great punk track from a band who doesn’t get nearly enough attention.
16. “Summer’s Cauldron”
Skylarking (1986)
Submitted By: @BoogieStudio22
Comments: It’s been awfully warm in the Pacific Northwest, so this song came to mind.
17. “Husk”
Michael Rank & Stag
Horsehair (2015)
Submitted By: Blabber’n’Smoke
Comments: From Rank’s latest album, really rootsy Americana from an artist who has released five spellbinding albums in the last four years.
18. “Philophobia”
A Heart of Glass EP (2015)
Submitted By: magearwig
Comments: The raw and unadorned first single from Australia’s Copywrite. The band’s debut LP will be released on 11 August.
19. “Littleworth”
T. Hardy Morris
Drownin’ on a Mountaintop (2015)
Submitted By: Trailer
20. “I Love a Rainy Night”
Eddie Rabbitt
Number One Hits (2009)
Submitted By: annieTUFF
Comments: So, everything keeps getting rained out right now. But it’s ok…because I love a rainy night.
21. “When My First Wife Left Me”
R.L. Burnside
Too Bad Jim (1994)
Submitted By: Truersound
22. “James Alley Blues”
Jeff Tweedy, Roger McGuin & Jay Bennett
The Harry Smith Connection (1997)
Submitted By: Truersound
Comments: Salt for salt

Introducing, 40 Pound Hound

Hailing from New Jersey, 40 Pound Hound is a power trio of hard-charging rockers, steeped in the classics of rock and roll, their roots are buried around the yard like tasty bones ready to be dug up and inserted into their original tunes as quick as a lick. Thier songs are as taut as a hound testing the length of the chain with paws dug deep and a defiant howl. The self-titled is no nonsense three prong attack,  riffs, beats and more beats. Like a big bowl of table scraps, you'll hear bits and pieces of Gilmore, Baker, Wyman, and other legends of Rock, as these lads have studied hard the foundations of Rock and Roll.
A staple at the Jersey Shore if you like raw, hard and rambunctious music you should go catch them ripping up a joint in the near future.
The band has completed their 1st studio recordings of 7 songs. Recorded at WOM Studio in Long Branch NJ. Next step is to have some CDs professionally printed and for sale online….

A fellow hot rodder, I met Corey at last year's Race of Gentlemen, but just recently found out he had a band so I sent him along some questions to get to know about 40 Pound Hound.

PT - Name of the band and how’d you came up with it?
Corey - Band is named after Duane's dog, Lemmy. Finding a great band name can be very difficult. Lemmy weighs(ed) 40 lbs and he sleeps through every loud rehearsal in Duane's garage. Seemed as good a name as any when we needed to come up with a name.

PT - Who’s in the band?
Corey - Duane Hutter plays guitar, John Mathius plays Bass and is our lyric composer and singer. Me, I'm Corey Stubblefield and smack the shit outa drums... Sometimes rhythmically.

PT - Where do you live and what’s great about it?
Corey - Duane and I are from Middletown, John is from Maryland, near DC area, spent time living in Brooklyn, and now lives in Long Branch. We rehearse in Middletown surrounded by horse farms. It's a great, peaceful setting that we routinely poison with our own noise pollution. Our sound could be described a few ways; heavy, blues rock. Stoner rock, spacerock, mathrock, or high energy hard rock.

PT - Tell us about your latest release?
Corey - Our latest self-titled release started as some riffs that Duane had. After jamming on them for a few months, John brought a microphone to practice and stated he wrote some lyrics to go with a couple of the tunes. (Yes! This fuckin guy is cool!) As we continued to play & grow, John's songs seemed to really take a distinct New Jersey theme. Pine Barrens is about the Jersey Devil, NJT is about riding the train, and Eminent Domain... Well I forgot what that's about.Ha

PT - When did you start making music?
Corey  - I started playing drums at age 12. In 7th grade I met Duane and we were soon trying to play AC/DC & Black Sabbath tunes. Duane and I toured parts of USA and Europe with one of our previous bands in early 2000s. After that band split I took a break to focus on my daughter (2005). All the while still just jamming with Duane here & there. Summer of 2012 there was a BBQ at Duane's, we jammed with people at the party. John was at the party with his wife, and when we jammed we just kinda hit it off.

PT - Who are some that have/had an influence on you?
Corey  - My biggest influence on drums are; Bonham, Moon, Ian Paice, Ringo Starr, Bill Ward,Tommy Lee, Neil Peart, Buddy Rich, Ginger Baker, Carmine (&) Vinny Appice, John Densmore, Nick Mason, Mitch Mitchell, and Animal (Ronnie Verdel).

PT - What are some of the challenges, obstacles you've dealt with?
Corey  - Just off the top of my head. I think the biggest challenge or obstacle would be time. Finding the time to rehearse, having enough time to record, and having everyone in the bands' schedule line up to do a show. It's never easy. John and I are both married with children. And we all three work full time/ overtime. Duane is a painter, John is a graphic designer, and I'm a mechanic. If there was something I could do over it would definitely be to focus on my passion of performing. I love making people feel good! I shouldn't have been focused on fixing cars,(listened to my mom and dad and got a "real" job, what a dummy!) I now know I could've made a living playing music one way or another. I think I might have tried comedy too.

PT - What's one thing about you/band that very few people know?
Corey  - All the band members are right handed.

PT - What was the first record you bought?
Corey  - My first record I bought myself was Led Zeppelin, Physical Graffiti. With paper route $ in 7th grade. Followed by multiple Zeppelin $ ACDC records. The first album I asked my mom to get me was something from Ozzy Osbourne, she got me Diary of a Madman.

PT - Who are you listening to lately? Vinyl, CD or digital?
Corey  - We listen to vinyl during breaks at rehearsal. Usually old Stones.

PT - If you could record with any one artist who would it be and why?
Corey  - I would love to record with Dave Grohl. I love his energy, and his music rocks.

PT - What films have had a lasting impact on you?
Corey  - Smokey & Bandit, Hooper, Cool Hand Luke, Idiocracy, Forrest Gump, Goodfellas, Blazing Saddles, Airplane, The Godfather, The Song Remains the Same, the Big Lebowski.

PT - Twizzlers or Slim Jims?
Corey  - Slim Jims (my daughter loves them)

PT - Since youse are a Jersey band, here's the age old question that defines North/South NJ borders. Taylor Ham or Pork Roll?
Corey - Pork Roll

PT - Whiskey or Beer?
Corey - Whiskey

PT - Favorite road food?
Corey - a burger.

PT - What's next on the horizon?
Corey - Hopefully the band will continue to write more songs, record & perform them. For me, it's all about the fun of it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fangs and Twang Self-Titled Debut

With their retirement from punk rock carnival—and midwest festival favorite—known as Black Jake & The Carnies looming, the Michigan trio of Billy LaLonde (drums, vocals), Andy Benes (guitar, vocals), and Joe Bertoletti (bass, vocals) take two unlikely influences, Dale Watson and The Misfits and create a monster of a sound with their new band Fangs and Twang.
The level of musicianship from the trio takes what could've been just imitation to innovation.
When you need something irreverent and just plain fun these lads serve it up in spades.
 The trio started writing and playing shows last fall. Inspired by Joe' s trip to Austin, TX (he saw Dale Watson playing a roadhouse and providing the soundtrack for a game of chicken-shit bingo), some improvised vampire lyrics that Billy belted out (causing those in the room to spit out drinks with laughter), and Andy's twangy Telecaster licks (face melting), the 'monster country' concept was born.  "We wanted to do something fun, collaborative, and high energy" said Andy. Indeed, Fangs and Twang share writing and lead vocal duties, and definitely bring a party atmosphere to their performances.

Fangs and Twang will celebrate the release this Thursday, July 30th at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor. Joining them will be Modern Lady Fitness, Loose Teeth, and Violin Monster. Doors at 9:30pm, $8. Fangs will also appear at Holler Fest on August 22nd in Brooklyn, MI.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Feel Bad For You June 2015 Mixtape

ICYMI: Feel Bad For You June's theme is Summer songs!  (Very loose theme - songs about summer or whatever) oodles of lazy, hazy, breezy tunezy's. Yes it's July, but I've been very procrastidasical and didn't repost this in June. Feel bad for me. As always comments and drunken ramblings welcome

1. “It Must Be Summer”
Fountains of Wayne
Utopia Parkway (1999)
Submitted By: @philnorman
Comments: It must be summer, because I’m falling apart.
2. “This Summer”
The Royal Sea
The Royal Sea (2011)
Submitted By: The Mad Mackerel
Comments: The Royal Sea’s album was a particular favourite for us in 2011, although never seemed to get the acclaim we thought it deserved. A beguiling mix of surf rock, garage and indie pop, lead track This Summer opens with a spectacularly catchy drum beat before the vocals of Timmy Sunshine come in like a rush of sugar coated adrenalin, plaintively announcing:
We crashed everybody’s parties,
we drank cheap wine and whiskey.
We partied up on the rooftops,
I’m glad it was just you and me.
One of our favourite songs of that, or any other year, “This Summer” should have been the woozy, feel good hit of that summer.
3. “Acceleration
Drivin’ N’ Cryin’
Songs About Cars, Space and The Ramones EP (2012)
Submitted By: @tincanman2010
Comments: My iPod gets a spring cleaning to get ready for road trips. No point trying to listen to delicate little songs with their pretty little lyrics when you’re booking down the highway with windows wide open. Thirty years these Atlanta dudes have been racking up the miles.
4. “Summer’s Kiss”
The Afghan Whigs
Black Love (1996)
Submitted By: hoosier buddy
Comments: I nearly submitted Chuck Prophet’s “Summertime Thing,” but something made me keep looking until I hooked into “Summer’s Kiss.” The intro builds from an almost space jam to a driving, Lindsey Buckingham-style one note guitar solo; then explodes with big drums, bigger guitars, and Dulli. “Do you know the words? Sing along with me; and put on your rose fur coat, baby, it’s 1973.” Demons mess with his head and heart. He wishes he had her back, but admits he is alone. We are all alone.
5. “Summer Babe [Live]”
Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe (2002)
Submitted By: @BoogieStudio22
Comments: Slacker rock at its best!
6. “Constructive Summer”
The Hold Steady
Stay Positive (2008)
Submitted By: @BoogieStudio22
Comments: When The Hold Steady was good, they were great!
7. “Summertime”
Janis Joplin
18 Essential Songs (1995)
Submitted By: @BoogieStudio22
Comments: This song still gives me chills, even in the heat of the summer.
8. “Sleep All Summer”
Crooked Fingers
Dignity and Shame (2005)
Submitted By: @Rockstar_Aimz
Comments: Try not to spend your summer brooding over lost love. Or something.
9. “Summer School”
Liquor Giants
Every Other Day At A Time (1998)
Submitted By: @toomuchcountry
Comments: I was ready to listen to this band when their first album was released. Ward Dotson fronted the Liquor Giants, and I was a fan of his previous band, The Pontiac Brothers.
10. “Your Frown’s My Friend”
Greg Summerlin
The Young Meteors (2005)
Submitted By: @toomuchcountry
Comments: OK, so it’s not a song ABOUT summer. But it’s still a pretty kickin song by someone WITH summer in his name.
11. “Over The Red Cedar”
Charlie Parr
Sumpjumper (2015)
Submitted By: @Truersound
Comments: Great song off his latest
12. “Rainbow Sign”
The Buckstankle Boys
The New Young Fogies Vol. 1 (2012)
Submitted By: @Truersound
Comments: Met these guys at Mt. Airy, which is where they hail from. Some astounding talent.
13. “Strictly Business”
Strictly Business (1988)
Submitted By: @Truersound
Comments: Summerjam
14. “Summer Wine”
Digging You Up (1998)
Submitted by: @simon2307
Comments: Great cover of the classic Lee Hazelwood / Nancy Sinatra tune
15. “Summer Wine”
Lana Del Ray
Unreleased? (Youtube rip)
Submitted by: @simon2307
Comments: ditto
16. “Long Hot Summer Days”
Turnpike Troubadors
Diamonds and Gasoline (2010)
Submitted By: @Rockstar_Aimz
Comments: Fantastic John Hartford cover. Can’t wait for their new album to be released this coming fall.
17. “You Keep Me Hanging On”
Vanilla Fudge
Vanilla Fudge (1966)
Submitted By: @PopaTunes
Comments: While there are plenty of newer summer songs, summer takes me back to my youth, spinning records on a portable record player in the woods in the mountains, sharing new music with my summer friends. This one was a staple summer after summer. One I remember most though is Archie Bell and the Drells tighten up, which is at my kid’s house.
18. “Red Umbrella”
Klassics with a “K” (1996)
Submitted by: April @ Now This Sound Is Brave
Comments: Not about summer, per se (the lyrics talk about a rainy day, in fact), the vibe of this song by Kostars is summery as fuck. This song from the side project of Jill Cunniff and Vivian Trimble of Luscious Jackson brings to mind the tropicalia sound of classics like “The Girl from Ipanema” and feels like a cool breeze blowing in off the ocean.
19. “Far From Any Road”
The Handsome Family
Singing Bones (2003)
Submitted By: Trailer
Comments: True Detective returns June 21. What better time to recall the haunting theme song from season 1?
20. “Boss”
The Rumblers
The Roots Of The Cramps (2009)
Submitted By: @annieTUFF
Comments: I can’t get enough surf music, what says summer more than surf? I love how dirty and gritty this is. The whole comp “Roots Of The Cramps” is really great. I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t know how many of the Cramps songs I loved were covers until years later, and it’s fun to check out the originals.
21. “Two Kegs In The Swimming Pool”
Mike Kelly
Wake The Dead (2010)
Submitted By: @RomeoSidVicious
Comments: It’s looking like it’s going to a damp, hot summer here in Houston and I didn’t want to go with the obvious songs complaining about that state of affairs so I dug deep and pulled out this Mike Kelly tune. The summer relation is that there’s obviously a swimming pool involved and for most of the country those are only involved in summer activities. I think plenty of us have lived the night described here, although I’ve never been able to afford two kegs…
22. “Hot Fun In The Summertime”
Sly & The Family Stone
Greatest Hits (1970)
Submitted By: Blabber’n’Smoke
Comments: Reminds me of hot days in the excellent summers of the seventies.
23. “The Warmth of the Sun”
The Beach Boys
Endless Summer (1974)
Submitted By: @Rockstar_Aimz
Comments: A little melancholy to end the mix, but what’s a summer mix without the Beach Boys? This song was originally released in 1964.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cross Town Train NEW Release Start To Fade NEW Video Water

Jersey post-punk poppers, Cross Town Train are not starting to fade, that's just the name of their latest release, 'Start To Fade'. No, far from it the Central Jersey alt-rockers are furiously barreling forward, on track and on schedule with a robust, rambunctious new release that's bound to pick up new passengers as they tour behind this release.
Tight as tungsten steel the lads lay down tracks with flippant veracity, angst and animosity abound, the songs are powerful and poignant from a maturing band, the train has left the station, but it's not too late, I suggest you catch it at the next stop......

Upcoming Shows
Jun 28 Asbury Lanes Asbury Park, NJ
Jul 07 The Sidebar Baltimore, MD
Jul 08 The Electric Maid Washington, DC
Jul 09 Mr. Roboto Project Pittsburgh, PA
Jul 10 Donatos Basement Columbus, OH
Jul 11 The White House Terre Haute, IN
Jul 12 The House Cafe Dekalb, IL
Jul 13 The Upper Room Grand Rapids, MI
Jul 15 The Central Toronto, Canada
Jul 16 Sugar City Buffalo, NY
Jul 18 The Puppy Palace Allston, MA
Jul 19 DV8 Providence, RI
Jul 21 Soul Sounds Sayville, NY

Saturday, June 20, 2015

LISTEN Australian folk/roots Band The Settlement debut single STOMP!

Formerly known as Buddha in a Chocolate Box, a five-piece rare alternative/folk outfit, sticking to their southern stomp roots, their new journey with the new band name, The Settlement is to develop and spread an Australian folk/roots sound, fuelled by fiddle and strong rhythm their music is bound to invoke!
An exciting year looms in 2015, with constant festival gigging, and the release of their debut album it all starts with their debut single Stomp. which will be released 10th July 2015 on A&R Records is an anthemic crowd involver with a purpose. STOMP! CLAP! AND HOOT!

Kuki and The Bard's Groovy NEW Video Dalai Lama from 7" Release

Kuki and The Bard  NEW 7"single Dalai Lama / Journey
New video for Dalai Lama is full of all kinds of good karma vibes and feel-good reggae poplicious grooves.
Journey is a folk rocker spiced with poppy seeds and flourishing vocals from Kuki.
Having never heard the band before, I gotta say I'm hooked on these fresh faces, and they've got good giving souls.
British-born, Kuki Warburton and her brother, Isambard live a life far from the ordinary, Ever since they can remember they say they've been on an extraordinary journey in search of peace, harmony and sustainable eco-friendly way of life. There is hope for the future if this generation keeps turning out remarkable human beings as these two.

Learn more about Kuki and Isambard from this recent interview with Fresh Independence.

Kuki and the Bard have pledged 10% of their proceeds from the single to Tibet Relief Fund. available now RAK Singles Club

Twin Berlin NEW Single Nates Volvo from forthcoming album entitled "Drowner"

Twin Berlin drop scrunched out garage rocker, Nates Volvo from the band's forthcoming album entitled "Drowner". The 10 song album was recorded, mixed and mastered in four days. The recordings were produced with minimal overdubs as to preserve the "live" feel of the band.
Nate's Volvo is where dreams are made and shattered and pieced back together again.

Vocals/Guitar - Matt Lopez
Bass - Sean O'Neil
Drums - Peter Landi

Upcoming Shows:
Jun 20
Snapper Magee's
Torrington, CT
Jul 09
Arlene's Grocery
New York, NY
Jul 10
Brooklyn, NY

Here's A New #FREEBIE Groovin' Summer Song, Swaai Boys, REF_HS_001 (I Dream of Ganges)

Here's your new groovin' summer song from, NYC's preeminent bazaar-rock band Swaai Boys  "REF_HS_001 (I Dream of Ganges)." A year and a half in the making, the first single from their upcoming LP "Hot Sand."
REF= reference and HS = Hot Sand, which is the name of their forthcoming album
Sonic Explorers & Purveyors of Aural Artifacts members are, Les DeFrance, Cømb Knüt, Djinn Tuareaux

For more hot groovy tunes visit Bandcamp
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD for free, the expanded digital packet of "REF_HS_001_PAK" which inclues the the single, and, we quote, "A Mapp of the Great River Ganges from the ca. 1700 Atlas Maritimus, a catalogue of fish native to the Ganges River, a large format 3-d autostereogram track cover, and more!

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Peculiar Pretzelmen - Everything Must Be Broken

Photo by Louography
The wandering minstrels of musical mayhem The Peculiar Pretzelmen drop NEW EP Everything Must Be Broken. Pour a snort of fine bourbon, hoist up your suspenders, put on those dancing spats and do your hoodoo voodoo like they do.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Double Shot of HEATERS! NEW Singles Pre-Order NEW Album on @BBiB

Members: Andrew Tamlyn Nolan Krebs Joshua Korf

It is with great excitement I await this release, it was love at first sound, when I caught they're video for Mean Green.
Heaters are pure garage gold. Loud, groovy and psyched out, with enough reverb you'll feel like you're getting raked over by incoming waves. The trio from Grand Rapids’ packs a wallop upside your head.
Mean Green/Levitate Thigh 7” Vinyl/Digital is available now on Beyond, Beyond is Beyond Records with a full-length debut, "Holy Water Pool" Sept 25.
Watch and Listen too the two singles released so far, this is the real deal folks.

On News Talk 1340 AM (WJRW) Grand Rapids’ they chatted about their music and perform a new song on the air as part of Local Spins Live and played an instrumental surf tune that was as yet unnamed, the band gave it an apropos, on-the-spot working title, “Tori’s Elevator Song.”

Pre-Order NEW Album Holy Water Pool

Upcoming Shows

Jul 05
Louisville, KY
Jul 07
Strange Matter
Richmond, VA
Jul 08
DC9 Nightclub
Washington, DC
Jul 09
Kung Fu Necktie
Philadelphia, PA
Jul 14
The Middle East Upstairs
Cambridge, MA
Jul 30
The Riot Room
Kansas City, MO
Jul 31
The Zoo Bar
Lincoln, NE
Aug 13
Alex's Bar
Long Beach, CA
Aug 17
Valley Bar
Phoenix, AZ
Aug 25
Snug Harbor
Charlotte, NC
Aug 26
Stone Fox
Nashville, TN
Aug 27
Chicago, IL
Sep 04
Pyramid Scheme
Grand Rapids, MI

Tumbleweed Wanderers - NEW Album Realize

Longtime favorites of badassery and kick arsery their debut EP Worn Down Welcome has been a constant companion since release in '13 so I've been watching and waiting on this bad boy to find the light of day, and with the new album Realize, Tumbleweed Wanderers delivered a chest pounder of tasty tunes, it is a highfalutin rock n roll reverie!
Pick it up on

or Soundcloud
Tumbleweed Wanderers have come a long way in four years. Transitioning from busking in the Bay Area, the band have escalated to sharing the stage with Angus Stone on a North American tour to supporting Greensky Bluegrass, Moon Taxi and The Revivalists, among others, on national tours. 
Additionally, the band have opened for Jackie Greene & the Mother Hips at The Fox in Oakland and left impressions at several notable festivals including Outside lands, Hangout, Shaky Kneesand Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. 

Busking outside of countless Bay Area venues, Tumbleweed Wanderers took stage on the streets of San Francisco with hopes of, simply, sharing their music. Imagine a hat filled with crumpled dollars and a small crowd gathered- smiling and swaying to the beat of a washboard, mandolin, banjo and guitar. Because of dedication, drive and pure stubborn persistence- in two short years the band went from playing sidewalk jam sessions to headlining those venues. From acoustic sets to electric rock explosions. From the crowd swaying in the open air to throwing down in a jam-packed club. 

The story and sound of Tumbleweed Wanderers -- an Americana inspired mix of soul and classic rock-n-roll -- spread throughout the Bay, the West Coast and across the country, essentially, independently.  Through constant touring, supporting some of the best road warriors in the game (Moon Taxi, Greensky Bluegrass, Angus Stone, Jackie Green, The Revivalists) and wowing audiences at major festivals (Outside Lands, Hangout, Shaky Knees, and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass) the band solidified themselves as a not-to-be-missed live experience.

Now, after a year in the making, Tumbleweed Wanderers new album, Realize, is set to showcase the evolution of this talented rock band.

For Realize, Tumbleweed Wanderers demoed over twenty songs in a San Francisco mansion-turned-home-studio; as well as, cutting fifteen basic tracks at Panoramic Studios in Stinson Beach. These tracks were incessantly overdubbed, rearranged and tweaked for months on end.  Their layers of harmonies, guitars, keyboards, string quartets, and pedal steels added unparalleled dynamics throughout the album.

After whittling the record down to the tightest eleven songs, they recruited Brian Deck (Iron & Wine, Modest Mouse) to provide the fresh ears and creative spark needed to mix the record. Brian Lucey (Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys) was brought on board to master the album, giving it the rock-n-roll sheen they tenaciously sought. 

The final product, available late Spring 2015, represents Tumbleweed Wanderers in their most honest state – a deep, and colorful blending of the band’s collective influences stemming from a kaleidoscope of American traditions: soul, americana, psychedelia-- all grounded in a fearless backbone of pure rock-n-roll.

PREMIERE> Black Casino and the Ghost NEW Video Age of Contagion, from upcoming album Until the Water Runs Clear

There's nothing usual about Black Casino and the Ghost everything they've done to this point in style, substance and musically is boundary pushing. Vocalist Elisa Zoot brings a seductive dark edginess, dangerous and menacing. The band pulsate's around these vocals like spectral shadows, casting gossamer melody's, haunting harmonies and resounding resonance. Beautifully crafted compositions and lavish instrumentation, BCATG create Alternative-rock for the disaffected.

Elisa Zoot (vocals, piano), Ariel Lerner (guitar), Gary Kilminster (bass) and Paul Winter-Hart (drums – also member of Kula Shaker)
After releasing their debut EP “Falling Into Pieces” in 2011 and their first album “Some Dogs Think Their Name is No” in 2013, the band are back with a new LP, “Until the Water Runs Clear”, to be published in late 2015

“Age of Contagion”, the first track from the new album, a montage of visuals taken from Bogdanovich’s 1968 sci fi movie “Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women” is an alternative-rock mix of different influences, ranging from David Axelrod to Broadcast to Nancy Sinatra and the Doors. It was entirely recorded, mixed and mastered by Ariel in the band’s studio. The lyrics explore the idea of change and evolution. A newly found awareness calls for the listener to take his/her steps across a menacing bridge towards mutation and discovery. “Just go, don’t look down. I’m going to give you one last taste of danger”.
The song will be available on Black Casino and the Ghost’s Bandcamp, SoundCloud and YouTube pages before the full length album is released.

Black Casino will unveil tracks from the album at The Finsbury in London on July 10th.

Black Casino and the Ghost's website can be found here. They're also on FacebookTwitter,Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Megan Jean & the KFB NEW Video Idle Hands, SUMMER TOUR DATES

The pioneers of pioneering, the wayward and wandering, always gigging, rambunctious and rowdy, entertainers extraordinaire, The Traveling Kläys, Megan Jean & the KFB
Recently finding a homestead in the hills and valleys of Pennsylvania, it was doubtful their itchy feet would keep them there long and went back to the road. SUMMER TOUR! 
The devil herself shot and directed the new video for 'Idle Hands'
Megan Jean-vocals, percussion Byrne Klay-upright bass, banjo, percussion
  Jun 19 Wisteria Summer Solstice Festival  Pomeroy, OH
  Jun 26 Roasted Macon, GA
  Jun 27 SURREY TAVERN Augusta, GA
  Jun 30 Georgia Theatre Athens, GA
  Jul 02 Gottrocks Greenville, SC
  Jul 03 Neighborhood Theatre Charlotte, NC
  Jul 08 Natasha's Lexington, KY
  Jul 09 Melody Inn Indianapolis, IN
  Jul 10 Rumba Cafe Columbus, OH
  Jul 11 Empty Glass Charleston, WV
  Jul 12 PURPLE FIDDLE Thomas, WV
  Jul 31 Friday Night Out Concert Series Blacksburg, VA
  Aug 02 The Plant Pittsboro, NC
  Aug 14 Bands On the Bricks Cumberland, MD
  Sep 09 Front Porch Festival Stuart, VA
  Sep 11 River Link's River MUSIC Asheville, NC
  Sep 11 River Link's River MUSIC Asheville, NC
  Oct 22 Music On Maxwell Greenwood, SC

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