Saturday, June 20, 2015

Kuki and The Bard's Groovy NEW Video Dalai Lama from 7" Release

Kuki and The Bard  NEW 7"single Dalai Lama / Journey
New video for Dalai Lama is full of all kinds of good karma vibes and feel-good reggae poplicious grooves.
Journey is a folk rocker spiced with poppy seeds and flourishing vocals from Kuki.
Having never heard the band before, I gotta say I'm hooked on these fresh faces, and they've got good giving souls.
British-born, Kuki Warburton and her brother, Isambard live a life far from the ordinary, Ever since they can remember they say they've been on an extraordinary journey in search of peace, harmony and sustainable eco-friendly way of life. There is hope for the future if this generation keeps turning out remarkable human beings as these two.

Learn more about Kuki and Isambard from this recent interview with Fresh Independence.

Kuki and the Bard have pledged 10% of their proceeds from the single to Tibet Relief Fund. available now RAK Singles Club

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