Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Ypsilanti, Michigan's Misfits: Fangs and Twang New Single American Bigfoot

Ypsilanti, MI's Misfits, Fangs and Twangs a brand new project by members of the gypsy punk mischief making, rollicking carnivalesque troupe Black Jake and the Carnies,
The trio Billy LaLonde (drums, vocals), Andy Benes (guitar, vocals), and Joe Bertoletti (bass, vocals) started writing and playing shows last fall inspired by Joe's trip to Austin, TX (he saw Dale Watson playing a roadhouse and providing the soundtrack for a game of chicken-shit bingo), some improvised vampire lyrics that Billy belted out (causing those in the room to spit out drinks with laughter), and Andy's twangy Telecaster licks (face melting), the 'monster country' concept was born. Thier mission is to fill the void of twangy country rock songs about bigfoot, vampires, mummies, zombies, and other mystical creatures.

In their brief tenure as a band, they have logged shows in and out of Michigan and opened for national acts like Possessed by Paul James and the Red Elvises. They will be appearing at Ann Arbor's Top of the Park on June 17, the Bling Pig on July 30th (Record Release party), and Holler Fest in the Irish Hills of Michigan on August 22.

Reminiscent of The Guess Who's American Woman, play these two songs back to back and you'll realize she may have found her mate with Fangs and Twangs first single  "He's a big, hairy, all-American cowbell playing Bigfoot"

Streaming and free download available: forthcoming record, due out in July,

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