Monday, June 1, 2015

Amber Edgar Debut EP Good Will Rise

There are places we all go alone, they're dark and painful and rarely spoke out loud. To understand and gain perspective many are dependent on those with the gift of cathartic confessionals, those who can put the painful under the microscope, examining, observing and dissecting then exposing the results to the light of day and brave enough to see how they hold up under scrutiny and reaction of our peers.
Amber Edgar is one of those souls who went through those dark passages and emerged stronger and able to share those common experiences in song and music for the benefit of those of us who can't.
Amber says, During the process of recording Good Will Rise a volatile mental storm hit me. One moment I was in a recording session — singing and playing a guitar into microphones — and then suddenly I was sprinting into oncoming traffic while attempting to reach a hospital. I hadn't slept for days, and it felt like I was existing in a bizarre, alternate reality. I actually believed I was a hero in a dark, computer game-like experience. 
Thankfully there was a lucid part of my brain that was still myself and knew something was really wrong, ​which ​ caused me to run for help. 

While I don't feel the depths of despair and struggle are necessary for great art, those that come to it through that path offer a personal gut-wrenching experience that touches us in the most visceral of terms. The songs on Good Will Rise are haunting, honest and beautiful they chronical a difficult time in Ambers' life from which she sought help, fought, persevered and emerged stronger.

Hamilton, Canada’s Amber Edgar is a photographer, graphic designer, and musician who for the past few years, has mainly written music for herself — playing it only for her pets and friends and occasionally opening for local bands, lets hope from this release she's gained the courage to create more music for a larger audience.

If you know and care about musicians or artists dealing with depression or mental health issues, please consider supporting Nuci's Space a non-profit health and music resource center in Athens, GA. The aim of the organization is to prevent suicide by providing obstacle-free treatment for musicians suffering from depression and other such disorders as well as to assist in the emotional, physical and professional well-being of musicians.

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