Tuesday, June 9, 2015

LISTEN: The Harlots NEW Single “On My Way”

The Harlots are a six-piece rock, pop and soul outfit from Melbourne. Beginning as a group of high school friends playing Arctic Monkeys covers in a garage, the band has since spent the past five years cultivating their unique sound. Blending distorted and spacey guitars, dreamy keyboards and organ with a tight-as-fuck rhythm section that fills dance floors, the band perfectly supports Tom Pitts’ story telling lyrics that tend to hit close to home.

Listen to the hard driving, angst-filled wayward millennial anthem “On My Way” with soaring guitar licks punchy piano tickling and salty vocals, it hollers for replays. It will be released 26th June 2015 on Pavement Records.

On My Way was recorded by Richard Bowers (drummer/engineer for Magic Bones) at Soundpark studios in Northcote, Melbourne. The track was recorded live and straight onto tape, instead of layering instruments and searching for ‘perfect’ takes. Any blemishes and wrong notes were kept in the recording as they give the song a more raw and honest sound.

Members: Tom Pitts - Vocals/Piano Kate Monger - Keys/Vocals Sam Lund - Guitar Pat Arnold - Guitar Nick Tresco - Bass David Loney - Drums

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