Friday, August 31, 2012

The Dead Exs Casting call for NEW Video

The Dead Exs are gonna put you in the movies, their gonna make a big star out of you. 
Here's the deal if you haven't gotten the new single 'Relovolution' yet get it here for free listen to it over and over and over (cause it's that good)
Instructions: Show us how this song MAKES YOU FEEL!!!! So whatever you want to send we will put it in. You can shake a fist, dance semi naked, jump up and down on your bed, show some pet tricks, do a keg stand, go fishing, jump in the river, register to vote, help an old lady across the street....anything that inspires you from this song just send it....1-2 minutes of video is all we need per person. We will edit it here in NYC, sync to the track, and will post for your enjoyment. SHOW US HOW YOU FEEL OUT THERE!!! No better time than the present! Just send us a message here on Facebook and we will give you instructions to upload, Please share this with friends and get some Relovolution happening! Deadline September 10th
UPDATE: Send files via to info(at)thedeadexs(dot)com looks like the uploader we have times out for larger clips. boo

The Yawpers - Debut LP "Capon Crusade"

Photo courtesy of Audiovore. Photo: Michael McGrath
Nate Cook, Jesse Parmet, James Hale, Dave Romano
The Yawpers - upcoming release of their debut LP, "Capon Crusade". The album will drop Oct. 30th. Recorded in just under two weeks at UI Studios in Boulder, "Capon Crusade" is the band's attempt at making a raw, unpolished, and unabashedly American record.

From it's very first song this album makes it clear it is going to kick your ass and not ask you for your name. The guitar work is expansive and diverse blending rock/blues riffs, country twang with punkitude. The bottom end is speaker rattilin' pound the steering wheel and hit the gas good. Nate's vocals have a very unique style yet he seems to channel everyone from Bob Dylan to Iggy Pop. Having only been together for a year these Colorado lads in my opinion have created a piece of art, a sculpture of sounds and styles that offer something new and exciting from every angle. This is a must purchase when it comes out in October, I wish I could stream the whole album for you but for now listen to this three song sampler.

Led by dynamic young singer-songwriter/guitarist Nate Cook, Boulder quartet the Yawpers recall a grittier version of Wilco, with as much raw country sensibility as twisted indie imagination. Equally akin to Deer Tick, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan and Elvis, The Yawpers give a fresh blend of indie-country and rock ’n’ roll. Their debut full-length record, "Capon Crusade," will be released in October.
Check out this great video for the song 'Silicone Love'

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chill with Boxed Wine

Chris Mactire- Vocals/Rhythm Guitar
Ralph Nicastro- Lead Guitar
Nick Kanderis- Bass
Shane Maloney- Drums

Montclair New Jersey's Boxed Wine debut EP is an easy breezy stroll that is over way to soon, yeah play that again wouldja? Danceable, groovable and catchy, chill out with these four lads they're having fun and wanna take you along for the ride. Get these five feisty Indie Poppers for free, Popa says so....


On The Loose - Blackfoot Gypsies

Photo By Brian Doben

Nashville's dynamic duo Matthew Paige - Vocals/Guitar Zack Murphy - Drums AKA Blackfoot Gypsies released their debut album  'On The Loose' and by golly they let it loose! Rock and Roll  marked by hard rock guitar, boogie rhythms with that splash of Southern Comfort groove.

Upcoming Shows:

Wed, 22 Aug Nashville, TN The High Watt

Fri, 14 Sep Tulsa, OK Mercury Lounge

Fri, 21 Sep Nashville, TN The Basement

Tue, 09 Oct Knoxville, TN Preservation Pub

Wed, 17 Oct Atlanta, GA The Drunken Unicorn

Melissa Alone - Make Yourself at Home

Back in April North Jersey garage blues duo Melissa and Paul released their 10' 'Live Hard' album. Last week Melissa Lucciola let loose with a SoLo Fi debut 10 Track album 'Make Yourself at Home' a rollicking stomper of love and pain thick with wailing guitars and Melissa's distinctive raw, bluesy vocals and intense poetic lyrics. Simply amazing! Get it now, name your price. Tell your friends about it.
How many faces can we wear ‘til they all turn bare? 
How many colors can we see ‘til we stop to stare? 
How many breaths can we take ‘til the air is gone? 
How many mistakes can I make ‘til I learn right and wrong?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Science! Debut Album released

Science! is comprised of guitarist and vocalist Justin Stang and multi-instrumentalist Jim Elenteny

Back in March we highlighted Science! Two Guitars Live EP. After a successful Kickstart campaign you can now hear and purchase an advanced digital copy of the brand new self titled album featuring Blind Melon's Glen Graham on drums! The album was recorded in Seattle, Washington and Durham, North Carolina and will be officially released on CD in the US on October 16, 2012.

Classical flourishes, funky folk with dabs of psych combined to make an elixir of mind pleasing, body melting sounds.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rabble Rousing - The Blind Owl Band

Deep in the forest there are aged trees with roots burrowed deep in the ground and occasionally there are the creeper roots that spread along the ground searching for a place to dig deeper, they bask in the bright new sunshine but draw on the rich nutrients from the roots before them. Sitting on a majestic branch The Blind Owl Band absorbed this mixing of past and present and luckily for us have let out a mighty sound. 

Formed in 2011 by Jersey lads Eric Munley (Mandolin, Vocals), Christian Cardiello (Bass) and Arthur Buezo (Guitar, Vocals), James Ford (Banjo, Vocals) from Connecticut.  They all met up together in the Adirondacks at Paul Smiths College, jamming on cheap instruments and bangin’ on trash cans the chemistry clicked and they were soon honing their craft playing live at local clubs. The result of that is this fantastic debut album ‘Rabble Rousing’ released January 2012, it is apparent that the stars aligned for these young men and we are fortunate for that.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Talkin' bout the younger generation - The Foresters

These young lads warrant our attention, there is nothing more awe inspiring then the younger set having a dream and pursuing it with vigor and determination. I wish them the best of luck in there future endeavors on a path that requires the utmost of devotion to craft and sacrifice. They are off to a great start.

The Foresters consist of the three Nork brothers (Evan- age 12, Hayden- age 10, Liam- age 9) who have been exposed to all varieties of musical influences and live performances since they were born. The boys were inspired to form their own band after seeing a Green Day concert in 2010. They had virtually no experience, but decided to use their savings accounts to buy their instruments. The boys kept practicing and played their first concert at the Amity Teen Center (Woodbridge, CT) in November of that same year.

In less than two years, the boys have written over 20 original songs and have played in multiple venues, such as Terminal 110, The Space, The Room, The Cave at RVP, BAR, and the legendary Toad's Place. The band also played for the ASRC Walk for Autism (in Wallingford, CT) and for the Runway for A Cause (in Long Island). This year, The Foresters had the privilege of opening for two awesome CT music festivals: Ideat Village (in New Haven) and the Meriden Daffodil Festival. The boys are excited to announce that they will be recording their first EP in early August of this year!

Langhorne Slim and The Law LIVE at Uneven Studio

Photo by Todd Cooper

Three free songs from Langhorne Slim and The Law recorded at  Uneven Studio earlier this summer. Stream or download these three songs. 

Langhorne Slim - "Salvation" (Mile Marker) from Photo Roadies on Vimeo.

New Release - Black Water - Friendly Fire

Black Water is Lloyd L. Naideck, Gary Laurie, Adam N. Copeland, Gerry Griffin 

Rarely is a band able to weave their many influences into such a complete tapestry of sound. On Black Water's just released 'Friendly Fire' the lads reach into Felix the Cat's Magic Bag and pull out every style available and spin them into one of the most enjoyable albums I've heard in a quite awhile.
From the jazzy Blue Velvet Lynchesque crooner 'Meil' Would it be alright if I held you so tightly that no one can hear you scream? to the pounding 'The War On Drugs' and everything in between, this album should satisfy all your needs. Enough of my babblin' my words can't do this justice. Play it, Get it, tell your friends.

All songs © 2012 Copeland, Griffin, Laurie, Naideck
Words: Copeland; except Griffin on 1,3; Laurie on 4
Recordings produced by Adam N. Copeland
Mixed by Scott Thompson and Adam N. Copeland at Escape From the Industry

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Free Pussy Riot

Three young women could face 7 years in prison for singing a protest song. Free the members of Pussy Riot now! Take action --> Click Here

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova
Closing Statement
8 August 2012, Khamovnichesky Courthouse, Moscow

Essentially, it is not three singers from Pussy Riot who are on trial here. If that were the case, what’s happening would be totally insignificant. It is the entire state system of the Russian Federation which is on trial and which, unfortunately for itself, thoroughly enjoys quoting its cruelty towards human beings, its indifference to their honour and dignity, the very worst that has happened in Russian history to date. To my deepest regret, this mock trial is close to the standards of the Stalinist troikas. Thus, we have our investigator, lawyer and judge. And then, what’s more, what all three of them do and say and decide is determined by a political demand for repression. Who is to blame for the performance at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and for our being put on trial after the concert? The authoritarian political system is to blame. What Pussy Riot does is oppositional art or politics that draws upon the forms art has established. In any event, it is a form of civil action in circumstances where basic human rights, civil and political freedoms are suppressed by the corporate state system.
Many people, relentlessly and methodically flayed alive by the destruction of liberties since the turn of the century, have rebelled.

We were looking for authentic genuineness and simplicity and we found them in our punk performances. Passion, openness and naivety are superior to hypocrisy, cunning and a contrived decency that conceals crimes. The state’s leaders stand with saintly expressions in church, but their sins are far greater than ours. We’ve put on our political punk concerts because the Russian state system is dominated by rigidity, closedness and caste. Аnd the policies pursued serve only narrow corporate interests to the extent that even the air of Russia makes us ill.
We are absolutely not happy with—and have been forced into living politically—by the use of coercive, strong-arm measures to handle social processes, a situation in which the most important political institutions are the disciplinary structures of the state - the security agencies, the army, the police, the special forces and the accompanying means of ensuring political stability: prisons, preventive detention and mechanisms to closely control public behaviour. Nor are we happy with the enforced civic passivity of the bulk of the population or the complete domination of executive structures over the legislature and judiciary. Moreover, we are genuinely angered by the fear-based and scandalously low standard of political culture, which is constantly and knowingly maintained by the state system and its accomplices. Look at what Patriarch Kirill has to say: “The Orthodox don’t go to rallies.” We are angered by the appalling weakness of horizontal relationships within society. We don’t like the way in which the state system easily manipulates public opinion through its tight control of the overwhelming majority of media outlets. A perfect example is the unprecedentedly shameless campaign against Pussy Riot, based on distorting facts and words, which has appeared in nearly all the Russian media, apart from the few independent media there are in this political system.
Even so, I can now state—despite the fact that we currently have an authoritarian political situation—that I am seeing this political system collapse to a certain extent when it comes to the three members of Pussy Riot, because what the system was counting on, unfortunately for that system, has not come to pass. Russia as a whole does not condemn us. Every day more and more people believe us and believe in us, and think we should be free rather than behind bars. I can see this from the people I meet. I meet people who represent the system, who work for the relevant agencies. I see people who are in prison. And every day there are more and more people who support us, who hope for our success and especially for our release, who say our political act was justified. People tell us, “To start with, we weren’t sure you could have done this,” but every day there are more and more people who say, “Time is proving to us that your political gesture was correct. You have exposed the cancer in this political system and dealt a blow to a nest of vipers, which then turned on you.” These people are trying to make life easier for us in whatever way they can and we are very grateful to them for that...
We are grateful to all those who, free themselves, speak out in our support. There are a vast number, I know. I know that a huge number of Orthodox people are standing up for us. They are praying for us outside the courtroom, for the members of Pussy Riot who are incarcerated. We’ve seen the little booklets Orthodox people are handing out with prayers for those in prison. This shows that there isn’t a unified social group of Orthodox believers as the prosecution is endeavouring to say. No such thing exists. More and more believers are starting to defend Pussy Riot. They don’t think what we did deserves even five months in detention, much less the three years in prison the prosecutor would like. And every day, more and more people realize that if this political system has ganged up to this extent against three girls for a 30-second performance in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, it means the system is afraid of the truth and afraid of our sincerity and directness. We haven’t dissembled, not for a second, not for a minute during this trial, but the other side is dissembling too much and people can sense it. People can sense the truth. Truth really does have some kind of ontological, existential superiority over lies and this is written in the Bible, in the Old Testament in particular. In the end, the ways of truth always triumph over the ways of wickedness, guile and lies. And with each day that passes, the ways of truth are more and more triumphant even though we are still behind bars and are likely to be here a lot longer yet.
Madonna performed yesterday (7 August). She appeared with Pussy Riot written on her back. More and more people can see that we are being held here unlawfully and on a completely false charge – I’m overwhelmed by this. I am overwhelmed that truth really does triumph over lies even though physically we are here in a cage. We are freer than the people sitting opposite us for the prosecution because we can say everything we like, and we do, but those people sitting there say only what political censorship allows them to say. They can’t speak words like “punk prayer” or "Virgin Mary, Banish Putin!” They can’t say the lines from our punk prayer that have to do with the political system. Perhaps they think it wouldn’t be a bad thing to send us to jail because we are rising up against Putin and his system as well but they can’t say so because that’s not allowed either. Their mouths are sewn shut. Unfortunately, they are mere puppets. I hope they realize this and also take the road to freedom, truth and sincerity because these are superior to stasis, contrived decency and hypocrisy. Stasis and the search for truth are always in opposition to one another and, in this case, at this trial, we can see people who are trying to find the truth and people who are trying to enslave those who want to find the truth.
Humans are beings who always make mistakes. They are not perfect. They strive for wisdom but never actually have it. That’s precisely why philosophy came into being, precisely because philosophers are people who love wisdom and strive for it, but never actually possesses it and it is what makes them act and think and, ultimately, to live the way they do. This is what made us go into the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, and I think that Christianity, as I’ve understood it from studying the Old and New Testaments, supports the search for truth and a constant overcoming of the self, overcoming what you used to be. Christ didn’t associate with prostitutes for nothing. He said, ‘I help those who have gone astray and forgive them’ but for some reason I can’t see any of that at our trial, which is taking place under the banner of Christianity. I think the prosecutor is defying Christianity. The lawyer wants nothing to do with the injured parties. Here’s how I understand this: Two days ago, Lawyer Taratukhin made a speech in which he wanted everyone to understand that he had no sympathy with the people he is representing. This means he’s not ethically comfortable representing people who want to send the three members of Pussy Riot to jail. Why they want to do this, I don’t know. Perhaps it is their right. The lawyer was embarrassed, the shouts of “Shame! Executioners!” had got to him, which goes to show that truth and goodness always triumph over lies and evil.
I think some higher powers are guiding the speeches of the lawyers for the other side when, time after time, they make mistakes in what they say and call us the “injured parties”. Almost all the lawyers are doing it, including Lawyer Pavlova who is very negatively disposed towards us. Nevertheless, some higher powers are causing her to say “the injured parties” about us rather than the people she’s defending, us. I wouldn’t give people labels. I don’t think there are winners or losers here, injured parties or accused. We just need to make contact, to establish a dialogue and a joint search for truth, to seek wisdom together, to be philosophers together, rather than stigmatizing and labelling people. This is one of the worst things people can do and Christ condemned it.
We have been subjected to abuse during this trial. Who would have thought that a person and the state system he controls would be repeatedly capable of entirely wanton evil? Who would have thought that history and Stalin’s Great Terror, in particular, not so very long ago, would not be taught at all? It makes you want to weep to see how the methods of the medieval inquisition are brought out by the law-enforcement and judicial system of the Russian Federation, which is our country. Since the time of our arrest, however, we can no longer weep. We’ve forgotten how to cry. At our punk concerts we used to shout as best we could about the iniquities of the authorities and now we’ve been robbed of our voice.
This whole trial refuses to hear us and I mean hear us, which involves understanding and, moreover, thinking. I think every individual wants to attain wisdom, to be a philosopher, not just people who happen to have studied philosophy. That’s nothing. Formal education is nothing in itself and Lawyer Pavlova is constantly accusing us of not being sufficiently well-educated. I think though that the most important thing is the desire to know and to understand, and that’s something people can do for themselves outside of educational establishments, and the trappings of academic degrees don’t mean anything in this instance. Someone can have a vast fund of knowledge and for all that not be human. Pythagoras said that ‘the learning of many things does not teach understanding’. Unfortunately, that’s something we are forced to observe here. It’s just a stage setting and bits of the natural world, bodies brought into the courtroom. If, after many days of asking, talking and doing battle our petitions are examined, they are inevitably rejected.
The court, on the other hand—and unfortunately for us and for our country—listens to the prosecutor who repeatedly distorts our comments and statements with impunity in a bid to neutralize them. There is no attempt to conceal this breach in an adversarial system. It even appears to be for show. On 30th July, the first day of the trial, we presented our response to the accusations. Prior to that we were in prison, in confinement. We can’t do anything there. We can’t make statements. We can’t make films. We don’t have the internet in there. We can’t even give our lawyer a bit of paper because that’s banned too. Our first chance to speak came on 30th July. The document we’d written was read out by defence lawyer Volkov because the court refused outright to let the defendants speak. We called for contact and dialogue rather than conflict and opposition. We reached out a hand to those who, for some reason, assume we are their enemies. In response they laughed at us and spat in our outstretched hands. “You’re disingenuous,” they told us. But they needn’t have bothered. Don’t judge others by your own standards. We were always sincere in what we said, saying exactly what we thought, out of childish naïvety, sure, but we don’t regret anything we said, even on that day. We are reviled but we do not intend to speak evil in return. We are in desperate straits but do not despair. We are persecuted but not forsaken. It’s easy to humiliate and crush people who are open, but when I am weak, then I am strong.
Listen to us rather than to Arkady Mamontov talking about us. Don’t twist and distort everything we say. Let us enter into dialogue and contact with the country, which is ours too, not just Putin’s and the Patriarch’s. Like Solzhenitsyn, I believe that in the end, words will crush concrete. Solzhenitsyn wrote, “the word is more sincere than concrete, so words are not trifles. Once noble people mobilize, their words will crush concrete.”
Katya, Masha and I are in jail but I don’t consider that we’ve been defeated. Just as the dissidents weren’t defeated. When they disappeared into psychiatric hospitals and prisons, they passed judgement on the country. The era’s art of creating an image knew no winners or losers. The Oberiu poets remained artists to the very end, something impossible to explain or understand since they were purged in 1937. Vvedensky wrote: “We like what can’t be understood, What can’t be explained is our friend.” According to the official report, Aleksandr Vvedensky died on 20 December 1941. We don’t know the cause, whether it was dysentery in the train after his arrest or a bullet from a guard. It was somewhere on the railway line between Voronezh and Kazan. Pussy Riot are Vvedensky’s disciples and his heirs. His principle of ‘bad rhythm’ is our own. He wrote: “It happens that two rhythms will come into your head, a good one and a bad one and I choose the bad one. It will be the right one.” What can’t be explained is our friend. The elitist, sophisticated occupations of the Oberiu poets, their search for meaning on the edge of sense was ultimately realized at the cost of their lives, swept away in the senseless Great Terror that’s impossible to explain. At the cost of their own lives, the Oberiu poets unintentionally demonstrated that the feeling of meaninglessness and analogy, like a pain in the backside, was correct, but at the same time led art into the realm of history. The cost of taking part in creating history is always staggeringly high for people. But that taking part is the very spice of human life. Being poor while bestowing riches on many, having nothing but possessing everything. It is believed that the OBERIU dissidents are dead, but they live on. They are persecuted but they do not die.
Do you remember why the young Dostoyevsky was given the death sentence? All he had done was to spend all his time with Socialists—and at the Friday meetings of a friendly circle of free thinkers at Petrushevsky’s, he became acquainted with Charles Fourier and George Sand. At one of the last meetings, he read out Gogol’s letter to Belinsky, which was packed, according to the court, and I note, with childish expressions against the Orthodox Church and the supreme authorities. After all his preparations for the death penalty and ten dreadful, impossibly frightening minutes waiting to die, as Dostoyevsky himself put it, the announcement came that his sentence had been commuted to four years hard labour followed by military service.
Socrates was accused of corrupting youth through his philosophical discourses and of not recognizing the gods of Athens. Socrates had a connection to a divine inner voice and was by no means a theomachist, something he often said himself. What did that matter, however, when he had angered the city with his critical, dialectical and unprejudiced thinking? Socrates was sentenced to death and, refusing to run away, although he was given that option, he drank down a cup of poison in cold blood, hemlock.
Have you forgotten the circumstances under which Stephen, follower of the Apostles, ended his earthly life? “Then they secretly induced men to say, ‘We have heard him speak blasphemous words against Moses and against God.’ And they stirred up the people, the elders and the scribes, and they came upon him and dragged him away, and brought him before the Council. And they put forward false witnesses who said, ‘This man incessantly speaks against this holy place, and the Law.’” He was found guilty and stoned to death.
And I hope everyone remembers what the Jews said to Jesus: “We're stoning you not for any good work, but for blasphemy.” And finally it would be well worth remembering this description of Christ: “He is possessed of a demon and out of his mind.”
I believe that if leaders, tsars, elders, presidents and prime ministers, the people and the judges really understood what “I desire mercy not sacrifice” meant, they would not condemn the innocent. Our leaders are currently in a hurry only to condemn and not at all to show mercy. Incidentally, we thank Dmitry Anatolievich Medvedev for his latest wonderful aphorism. If Medvedev gave his presidency the slogan: “Freedom is better than non-freedom”, then, thanks to Medvedev’s felicitous saying, Putin’s third term has a good chance of being known by a new aphorism: “Prison is better than stoning.”
I would like you to think carefully about the following reflection by Montaigne from his Essays written in the 16th century. He wrote: “You are holding your opinions in too high a regard if you burn people alive for them.” Is it worth accusing people and putting them in jail on the basis of totally unfounded conjectures by the prosecution?
Since in actual fact we never were, and are not, motivated by religious hatred and hostility, there is nothing left for our accusers other than to draw on the aid of false witnesses. One of them, Motilda Ivashchenko, was ashamed and didn’t show up in court. That left the false witness of the expert examination by [Vsevolod] Troitsky, [Igor] Ponkin and Mrs [Vera] Abramenkova. And there is no evidence of any hatred or enmity on our part other than this expert examination. For this reason, if it is honourable and just, the court must rule the evidence inadmissible because it is not a strictly scientific or objective text but a filthy, lying bit of paper from the medieval days of the inquisition. There is no other evidence that remotely hints at a motive.
The prosecution is reluctant to produce excerpts from the text of Pussy Riot interviews because they are primary evidence of this lack of motive. For the umpteenth time, I will quote this excerpt. I think it’s important. It was from an interview with “Russky Reporter”, given the day after the concert at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour: “Our attitude toward religion, and toward Orthodoxy in particular, is one of respect, and for this very reason we are distressed that the great and luminous Christian philosophy is being used so shabbily. We are very angry that something beautiful is being spoiled.” It still makes us angry and we find it very painful to watch.
The lack on our part of any show of hatred or enmity has been attested by all the witnesses examined by the defence. And by the evidence of our characters. In addition to all the other character statements, I’d like you to consider the findings of the psychiatric and psychological tests the investigator ordered me to undergo in detention. The expert’s findings were as follows: the values to which I am committed in my life are justice, mutual respect, humanity, equality and freedom. That’s what the expert said, someone who doesn’t know me and Investigator Ranchenko would probably have very much liked him to write something different. It would appear, however, that there are more people who live and value the truth, and the Bible’s right about that.

Finally, I’d like to quote a Pussy Riot song because, strange as it may seem, all our songs have turned out to be prophetic, including the one that says: “The KGB chief, their number one saint, will escort protestors off to jail” – that’s us. What I’d like to quote now, however, is the next line: “Open the doors, off with the shoulder-straps, join us in a taste of freedom.”
(Project team: Agnes Parker: translation/Eja Werner: coordination)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Doggin' the Man -Feel Bad For You Mix

“Rock and roll is all about sticking it to the man!” – Someone

Per Aimz: The dog days of summer are only made worse by sitting in your cubicle and slaving away for THE MAN! At least that’s how I came up with the theme for the August Feel Bad For You Mixtape. Though THE MAN could be your boss, the government, whitey, your woman, Nashville record executives, your landlord, etc. I told the contributors to be creative with this one. Muchisimo commentary por favor.
The night 8/7 when the tape went live folks even managed to get the hashtag #fbfy trending on twitter.

1. Title: Corporate Slave
Artist: Snog
Album: Remote Control (1997)
Submitted By: Bryan
Comments: This one was easy. Snog was bashing corporate america long before it was fashionable to do so and I knew as soon as you said the theme was “The Man” I had to include one of their songs. This song originally appeared on their 1997 album “Remote Control” but this particular version of it is from their 2006 retrospective “Sixteen Easy Tunes For The End Times.” Hope y’all like it as much as I do.
2. Title: The Ascent of Stan
Artist: Ben Folds
Album: Rockin’ the Suburbs (2001)
Submitted By: @philnorman
Comments: You wondered why your father was so resigned. Now you don’t wonder anymore…
3. Title: Clampdown
Artist: The Clash
Album: London Calling (1979)
Submitted By: April @ Now This Sound Is Brave
Comments: “The men at the factory are old and cunning / You don’t owe nothing, so, boy, get running / It’s the best years of your life they want to steal”
4. Title: American Man
Artist: Chuck Prophet
Album: ¡Let Freedom Ring! (2009)
Submitted By: hoosier buddy
Comments: Chuck Prophet is the Captain America of guitar-slinging singer-songwriters. His trademark scarf and vest let you know he’s comfortable with the way he looks. The musical influences in this one song alone are a veritable melting pot of American culture. Twang meets classic rock and celebrates the love child with shameless 80′s riffage, His shield is the honest truth about what’s wrong, what’s weird,and what’s going on: “American man, three times your size, with blood on my lips, milk in my eyes.” We all recognize this American man. Heck, some of us are him. Proud as hell, too!
5. Title: Ohio
Artist: Neil Young
Album: bootleg (1971)
Submitted By: tincanman
Comments: I had so many ‘Man’ punisms running through my head to impress you with I almost forgot the ultlimate ‘The Man hath run amuk’ song.
6. Title: Vigilante Man
Artist: Woody Guthrie
Album: Dust Bowl Ballads (1940)
Submitted By: Gorrck
7. Title: I Am The Man, Thomas
Artist: Ralph Stanley
Album: 1971-1973 (1995)
Submitted By: Truersound
Comments: I AM THE MAAAAN!
8. Title: Dear Employer (The Reason I Quit)
Artist: Minus 5
Album: Down With Wilco (2003)
Submitted By: toomuchcountry
Comments: Oh yeah? Wow now you’re minus SIX my friend! I’m outta here.
9. Title: Heaven is a Half Pipe
Artist: OPM
Album: Menace to Sobriety (2000)
Submitted By: Ryan (Verbow @
Comments: I remember this song getting a lot of play round the turn of the millenium. I don’t know if I would say its a good song but it makes me bob my head and laugh thinking, “yeah all I need is my board and my weed – the man can go eff himself!”
10. Title: Legalize It
Artist: Peter Tosh
Album: Legalize It (1976)
Submitted By: Simon
Comments: On the eve of Jamaican Independence 50th Celebrations and on the day the country is poised to make it a male/female sprint double gold at London 2012, then it’s got to be Peter Tosh’s “Legalize It,” this Wailer gave the bird to The Man and if the stories are to be believed that’s what cost him his life. Beat this Snoop Dogg.
11. Title: This Is Not A Song, It’s An Outburst: Or, The Establishment
Artist: Rodriguez
Album: Cold Fact (1970)
Submitted By: BoogieStudio22
Comments: It’s the establishment, man.
12. Title: Jesus Christ Superstar
Artist: John Keating
Album: Sound Gallery Vol 1 (1972)
Submitted By: Bowood
Comments: Andrew Lloyd Webber on FBFY, it was always on the cards.
13. Title: I’m the Man (Def Uncensored Version)
Artist: Anthrax
Album: I’m the Man (1987)
Submitted By: Rockstar Aimz
Comments: Gorrck sent this CD to me in 2001 when the anthrax scare hit the east coast. We told one of our other friends that “I got Anthrax in the mail.” She said, “Are you serious!!!” Our friends are not too bright. And we are immature.
14. Title: We Love You Tipper Gore
Artist: Furnaceface
Album: Just Buy It (1992)
Submitted By: Lord Summerisle
Comments: A song about “The Man” that’s about A woman.
15. Title: A New Tomorrow
Artist: Screeching Weasel
Album: 1993
Submitted By: annieTUFF Comments: So, when I heard the theme for this month was “The Man,” I thought of rebelling against status quo, rejecting the norm and living your life the way you want to live it. Instantly I thought of this song, Screeching Weasel is a band I’ve loved for years. It doesn’t matter what music I’m listening to, or if I’m going thru a “only listening to Buck Owens on repeat/surf music 24-7/or whatever else constantly” phase, I’ll always be able to add a Screeching Weasel song to my mixtape (or really…we all know it’s a playlist…but mixtape just sounds better dudes, ok?). Anyway, back to this particular song, anytime I’m starting to question my life choices I can listen to this song and instantly feel better, really. Sound dumb? Who cares, it works for me.
16. Title: Cars and Guns
Artist: Roger Alan Wade
Album: Stoned Traveler (2009)
Submitted By: Adam Sheets
17. Title: Puttin’ People On The Moon
Artist: Drive By Truckers
Album: The Dirty South (2004)
Submitted By: TheOtherBrit
Comments: This was the first song that came to mind when I thought about The Man keeping ya down, especially convenient with the Mars landing just happening.
18. Track: Friday Night is for the Drinkers
Artist: Bradley Wik and the Charlatans
Album: Burn What You Can, Bury the Rest…
Submitted By: Cowbelle
19. Track: The Man
Artists: Pete Yorn (w/Natalie Maines)
Album: The Nightcrawler (2006)
Submitted By: Trailer
20. Title: Money Man
Artist: The Countdown Five
Album (1969): B-Side/ Shaka Shake Na Na/Money Man
Submitted By: @popatunes
Comments: This theme seemed a bit of a challenge finding something that wasn’t an obvious ‘The Man’ protest song, (my interpretation of the theme) so I was lead deep into the garage for an enjoyable excursion that distracted me to from my initial, but thought this little b-side gem from Texas City’s The Countdown Five was worth sharing. Y’all know by now I have soft spot for low-fi psych garage grooviness. The band had two Billboard Top 100 hits, “Uncle Kirby” and “Shaka Na Na.”

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Full Throttle - The Black Cadillacs - Run

The Black Cadillacs are a 6-piece rock & roll band from Knoxville, TN. The Black Cadillacs have a diverse array of influences from classic bands like The Rolling Stones, The Who, and Pink Floyd to more modern bands like My Morning Jacket, The Black Keys, and Jack White. Describing their first album, Patrick Gipson of Blank Newspaper wrote this: All Them Witches’ proves that The Black Cadillacs are in no need of gimmicks. They have found a way to become successful through their simplicity. And in their case, it is the talent that shows up first and lasts the longest.

The Black Cadillacs are: Will Horton (Lead Vocals), Philip Anderson (Bass, Harmonies), Matthew Hyrka (Lead Guitar), John Phillips (Rhythm Guitar), Kevin Hyfantis (Keyboard and Organ) and Adam Bonomo (Drums).

The Black Cadillacs - Choke.mp3
I'm sure you all have those friends, family member's, for the younger set probably an Aunt or Uncle whose radio dial is gorilla glued to the classic rock station, you've tried to have conversations with them about some of the great new music they would like if they listened, and it's like trying to feed mashed peas to a tween. They are unaware that musicians were still getting together after 1982 and making new music. The only new record they've bought would be something by Bruce Springsteen and the only concerts they go to would be the latest 'This Is The Last One Really Reunion Tour'.
Well I think I have found something that you can maneuver into their ears that will get a 'Who is this?' out of them.
These young Knoxville lads have reached into the pantry and opened a can of peaches that smell like pure 70's rock sweat, but are as tasty as a farm fresh bowl of peaches and cream. All the ingredients of the next great Southern Rock band are here. Gritty blues, a dash of succulent soul, and full throttle Rock. The vocals of Will Horton are magnificent, the guitars and drums are powerful and will get you on your feet.
Watch this band, they are on their way up. In my Top 12 of 12 list and not likely to get bumped their second album, “Run”, released under Young Giant Records on June 5th, 2012

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