Monday, August 13, 2012

New Release - Black Water - Friendly Fire

Black Water is Lloyd L. Naideck, Gary Laurie, Adam N. Copeland, Gerry Griffin 

Rarely is a band able to weave their many influences into such a complete tapestry of sound. On Black Water's just released 'Friendly Fire' the lads reach into Felix the Cat's Magic Bag and pull out every style available and spin them into one of the most enjoyable albums I've heard in a quite awhile.
From the jazzy Blue Velvet Lynchesque crooner 'Meil' Would it be alright if I held you so tightly that no one can hear you scream? to the pounding 'The War On Drugs' and everything in between, this album should satisfy all your needs. Enough of my babblin' my words can't do this justice. Play it, Get it, tell your friends.

All songs © 2012 Copeland, Griffin, Laurie, Naideck
Words: Copeland; except Griffin on 1,3; Laurie on 4
Recordings produced by Adam N. Copeland
Mixed by Scott Thompson and Adam N. Copeland at Escape From the Industry

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