Friday, August 31, 2012

The Dead Exs Casting call for NEW Video

The Dead Exs are gonna put you in the movies, their gonna make a big star out of you. 
Here's the deal if you haven't gotten the new single 'Relovolution' yet get it here for free listen to it over and over and over (cause it's that good)
Instructions: Show us how this song MAKES YOU FEEL!!!! So whatever you want to send we will put it in. You can shake a fist, dance semi naked, jump up and down on your bed, show some pet tricks, do a keg stand, go fishing, jump in the river, register to vote, help an old lady across the street....anything that inspires you from this song just send it....1-2 minutes of video is all we need per person. We will edit it here in NYC, sync to the track, and will post for your enjoyment. SHOW US HOW YOU FEEL OUT THERE!!! No better time than the present! Just send us a message here on Facebook and we will give you instructions to upload, Please share this with friends and get some Relovolution happening! Deadline September 10th
UPDATE: Send files via to info(at)thedeadexs(dot)com looks like the uploader we have times out for larger clips. boo

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