Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Popa's Rock Mix Vol 9

It has been a couple months since I posted a Rock mix, and August almost slipped by without one but I think you'll find it was worth the wait and just in time for a Holiday weekend. Clickity arrow to play, right clickty save as or go ahead and download all. And as always like something, find the artist portal and support!

The Click Clack Boom - Elle Deadsex.mp3
Foy Vance - Be With Me.mp3
Vintage Trouble - Gracefully.mp3
The UFO Club - July.mp3
The Ugly Club - The Mountain.mp3
She Keeps Bees - See Me.mp3
The Night Beats - Hex.mp3
Sprout the Band - Running Wild.mp3
Graveyard Train - I'm Gone.mp3
Root Glen - This Time Round.mp3
The Vacant Lots - Let Me Out.mp3
Shapes Have Fangs - Rattle and Confuse Me.mp3
A Ton of Blues - Colleen.mp3
Chelsea Light Moving - Groovy & Linda.mp3
The Blue Squares - It's No Wonder.mp3
45 Spider - Driven By Love.mp3
Boom Chick - Weigh You Down.mp3
The Mother Hips - Hey Emilie.mp3
Henry's Funeral Shoe - Dog Scratched Ear.mp3
Black Water - Andorra.mp3

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