Friday, July 27, 2012

The Harmonica Lewinskies - Octopus Wall Street

The Harmonica Lewinskies
Kick it like MC5 funky chicken. A surprise behind every refrain, where they heck are these guys going? I don’t care I’m enjoying the ride. Octopus Wall Street, the band’s debut full length, a rowdy mob of sounds and styles blended into a fist in the air hell yeah, this is funkin’ fun!

released 24 July 2012
All songs and music written by The Harmonica Lewinskies. Engineered by Oliver Ignatius ("Lemons" Lewinsky) and Josh Aubin ("Jawbone" Lewinsky). Produced, mixed and mastered by Oliver Ignatius at Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen in Brooklyn, NY.

Rob "Bobby Lou" Lewinsky: Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Devin "Tickles" Lewinsky: Piano, Organ
Oliver "Olivia Newton" Lewinsky: Drums, Vocals
Oiiver "Lemons" Lewinsky: Synthesizer, Vocals
Henry "Candles" Lewinsky: Baritone Sax, Didgeridoo
Chris "Flip" Lewinsky: Trumpet
"Jesus" Dan Lewinsky: Guitar, Lead Guitar, Vocals
Zebedee "Masterbasser" Lewinsky: Bass, Vocals
Will "Slick Willy" Lewinsky: Guitar, Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jake "Leggy Bones" Lewinsky: Alto/C Melody Sax, Harmonica, Piano, Organ, Vocals

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Walk A Mile - Sci Fi Romance

Vance Kotrla of Sci-FI Romance was one of the artists tapped for this project, he explains...
At the beginning of July, Stacey Haber of the Music Firm UK reached out to me to find out if I'd be willing to write and record a song for a social awareness campaign launching in conjunction with the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The campaign is called "Walk a Mile," and draws its name from the familiar notion of walking a mile in someone else's shoes. It's an off-shoot of the State Department's "Hours Against Hate" initiative, which encourages inter-faith and inter-cultural tolerance, and is sponsored by the International Olympic Truce Centre. Dave Stewart (of the Eurythmics) contributed the theme song for the whole thing. All of that sounded pretty good, and I was flattered to be invited, so I wrote a new song. You can listen/download right here, and read more...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Surf's Up Daddy-O! The Brigantines - New Album 'Vacation'

Vincent Minervino: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, Percussion 
Aaron Leonovich: Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Vocals 
Scott Saint Hilaire: Guitar, Vibe 
Dan Tojeira: Drums, Percussion 

Man, what a time can be had on hot summer nights, everybody coming and going from every which way, north, south, east, west, don’t matter, their jamming their foot down on old rubber, blasting to get some place cool and wet, don’t matter if it’s four, eight, six, flat, slant, inline, it’s gassed and ready to run. Hoodlums and chicks, they dig it like that, fast and furious waiting on that flag to drop and rubber to burn, chilling and grooving to finger snapping sounds that are out of this world. Daddy-O it don’t get no better than that.

Anyway that's what it was like for me way back when. These days I don't know but these young Jersey kids The Brigantines bring back a flood of youthful memories for me, with something that sounds like Jan & Dean, Duane Eddy and some Philly Do-Wop shaken not stirred with some punk pop. Turn up the transistor moondoggie!

Released today and available for purchase their new album 'Vacation', Catch this wave it's gnarly dude!
Jersey folk they open for 'The King of Surf Guitar' Dick Dale tonight at Joey Harrison's Surf Club in Ortley Beach, NJ!

Upcoming Shows:

Harvey Cedars, LBI, NJ @ Sunset Park
Jetty Coquina Jam After Party!

Asbury Park, NJ @ Langosta Lounge
10:00pm / 21+ / NO COVER

Asbury Park, NJ @ MOGO (on the boardwalk)
Boardwalk Bonfire Korean Taco Surf Party!
We will DJ our favourite surf music and play a set on the boardwalk during the Friday night bonfire.
8:00pm-11:00pm / ALL AGES / NO COVER

Let's Get Trashed it's Friday Night!

New York City's Royal Couple of Rock The End Men welcome Albany's The Slaughterhouse Chorus to the City for a show at The Trash Bar this Friday in support of their latest Full Length release. Door open 7pm
7-8pm is open bar in the back with paid admission. Beers, well drinks, etc.

Also on the bill The Salsa Punk Kings The Peeps

Hot on the scene with a bullet, the Power Trio We Run

Guitar shredders Brother K

The dynamic duo of Ghost and Goblin

And of course the fantastic The End Men


It's Hot! July's Mix from Feel Bad For You Collective

It's Hot! July's Mix from the Feel Bad For You Collective. Download

1. Title: The Crease
Artist: Arliss Nancy
Album: Simple Machines (2012)
Submitted By: Captainsdead
Comments: great rock record, nothing more, nothing less

2. Title: I Love Lucy
Artist: The Producers
Album: The Producers/You Make The Heat (2000, CD Reissue of the band’s first two albums)
Submitted By: BoogieStudio22
Comments: I make no apologies for my love of all things ‘power pop’. The Producers put out a couple of albums in the early 80s and seemed to fly under the radar of most people, which is too bad because these guys crafted some great songs.

3. Title: Travel On
Artist: Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Album: Americana (2012)
Submitted By: @mikeorren
Comments: This song IS summer in America. Drive fast on a long highway and put it on repeat.

4. Title: I Wanna Be Your Marianne
Artist: Amy Cook
Album: Let The Light In (2010)
Submitted By: Hoosier Buddy
Comments: The most summer-soaked tune from an album produced by Alejandro Escovedo. A tasty confection: swirl cupcake in which relaxed rhythm guitar mixes with strangled cat lead tones, topped with Amy’s buttercream vocal track. You can never eat just one.

5. Title: Gotta Go Out West
Artist: The Woolly Bushmen
Album: The Woolly Bushmen (2012)
Submitted By: Autopsy IV (
Comments: Retro rock and roll from a group of kids from Orlando. I caught them live at Tropical Heatwave this year and they were a complete and total blast. Album came out last week and is available on Bandcamp.

6. Title: There Won’t Always Be an England
Artist: The Wind-Up Birds
Album: The Land (2012)
Submitted By: April @ Now This Sound Is Brave
Comments: This song cemented my love for this fantastic band out of Leeds, England. Even though it’s specifically about rabid nationalism in the UK, it’s an almost effortless exercise to translate it to the jingoistic patriotism that has been promoted in the U.S. over the past decade. The feeling of mounting frustration and anger in this song is a thing of beauty.

7. Title: Wasting Away
Artist: The Brian Jonestown Massacre
Album: Strung Out in Heaven (1998)
Submitted By: Ryan (Verbow @
Comments: Can anyone take the essential elements of 60′s music (garage, pop, psycheldelia, country rock) and blend them as seamlessly as Antone Newcombe? I think not. Great, mellow track from these freaky weirdos. Love the harmonica.

8. Title: You Ain’t Going Nowhere
Artist: Counting Crows (Bob Dylan)
Album: Underwater Sunshine (Or What We Did On Our Summer Vacation) (2012)
Submitted By: @philnorman
Comments: Get your mind off winter time. You ain’t going nowhere.

9. Title: Joe Friday
Artist: Alvin Youngblood Hart
Album: Big Mama’s Door (1996)
Submitted By: Adam Sheets

10. Title: Little Black Star
Artist: Hurray For The Riff Raff
Album: Look Out Mama (2012)
Submitted By: TheOtherBrit
Comments: Saw these gals & guy out of Louisiana in Waverly a couple months ago and they blew me away.

11. Title: Here They Come
Artist: The Doc Marshalls
Album: Look Out Compadres (2012)
Submitted By: toomuchcountry
Comments: I’ve been playing this track repeatedly after first hearing it during one of Bill Frater’s Freight Train Boogie podcasts (a great source of new Americana music). In this month we celebrate our independence and are reminded of the costs paid to defend it, many of
the lyrics from this song resonated with me.

12.Title: Like
Artist: We Run
Album: We Run EP (2012)
Submitted By: @popa2unes

13. Title: Fall Skull
Artist: Little Wings
Album: Black Grass (2011)
Submitted By: Lord Summerisle
Comments: I didn’t hear this album until early 2012 but it has swiftly become my favourite album of 2011. Brilliant stuff, a touch of Will Oldham, a dash of Bill Callahan and some sweet electronics burbling in the background. Perfect.

14. Title: Give Back My Heart
Artist: Lyle Lovett
Album: Pontiac (1988)
Submitted By: Rockstar Aimz
Comments: In spring, 1993, I was in college in Chicago at a coffee shop listening to these two other students jam away on their acoustic guitars, really killing it. They were playing some song that I didn’t know, but it stuck in my head all of these years because it was so good. Thanks to the miracle of satellite radio, I finally figure out nearly two decades later on my commute to work that they were covering this Lyle Lovett song, only adding a few curse words and massive blues guitar riffs.

15. Title: Worry About Your Health
Artist: The District Attorneys
Album: Slowburner (2012)
Submitted by: Corey Flegel (This Is American Music)
Comments: this was the song that reminded me to send in a submission…so, it then became my submission.

16. Title: Hard Times In America
Artist: Willie Nile
Album: Live From The Streets Of New York (2008)
Submitted By: Truersound
Comments: Now that the 4th is over, back to reality.

17. Title: Piledriver Waltz
Artist: Alex Turner
Album: Submarine EP (2011)
Submitted By: Simon
Comments: I treated myself to a few pieces of vinyl on Record Store Day amongst them a Caitlin Rose 7” ( featuring a pair of tracks from Arctic Monkeys album Suck It and See and have been ‘spinning’ both regularly over the last month, Piledriver Waltz has got stuck in my head and become a new favourite, I stumbled across another version of the track that appeared on Alex Turner’s film soundtrack for Submarine and thought I’d throw this into this months mix.

18. Title: Prime Mover
Artist: Zodiac Mindwarp & the Love Reaction
Album: Tattooed Beat Messiah (1988)
Submitted By: Gorrck

19. Title: Unk In Funk
Artist: Muddy Waters
Album: Unk In Funk (1974)
Submitted By: Bowood
Comments: Muddy Waters just letting us know that funk wasn’t born until he entered the world, presumably 7am on Sunday July 7th, with seven doctors in attendance. Today is July 7, the mojo is still strong..

20. Title: Racing in the Street
Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Album: Darkness on the Edge of Town (1978)
Submitted By: tincanman2010
Comments: The bit about the girl sitting on her Daddy’s porch, all her pretty dreams torn is one of the saddest moments in song I know. Bruce’s band doesn’t get enough credit for the way they play this. And it’s not a car song; it just sounds at first like one.

21. Title: Continuous Thunder
Artist: Japandroids
Album: Celebration Rock (2012)
Submitted By: Trailer

22. Title: Too Hot
Artist: The Specials
Album: The Specials (1979)
Submitted By: annieTUFF
Comments: It’s full blown summer now, and the crazy heat always makes me think of summers as a teenager, and punk. Driving around in my first car (death trap of a car that I scrimped and saved to buy after working my first fast food job) no AC, windows down, sweating like crazy, and cranking music as loud as I could thru my little battery powered tape player that I brought with me (because the stereo in the car kept blowing out the fuses for the lights…see? death trap). So, in honor of all the record breaking heat and summer tunes and memories I’m picking The Specials. And yeah, I know, it’s not punk, it’s ska, but c’mon it’s toooooo hot.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Put Those Mockingbirds on The Late Show!!

New Jersey rockers Those Mockingbirds being a finalist in the Red Bull Soundstage 'We Made This Movie' have been selected to be in the final round to play The Late Show with David Letterman and they need your help, you can vote once a day, please do, and tell your friends. Bookmark this LINK and vote daily. More info and commentary here on facebook. Voting ends on Adam's Birthday, JULY 31! Make his Birthday wish come true!

Go here and download The Difference Between Love and Addiction for free

Beyond, Beyond is Beyond & Popgun Present...

Thursday, August 16th
Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn
8:30 pm – beyond
Ticket INFO Here

The Velcro Lewis Group - The Oven Is On

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Christian Bland and the Revelators - Pig Boat Blues

Christian Bland is best known as the guitarist for The Black Angels. His solo project, Christian Bland and The Revelators highlights his signature sound and contributions to one of modern psychedelic rock’s biggest bands, while providing an open canvas to explore different ideas and influences. Pig Boat Blues is a collection of 16 tracks recorded 2009-2011 at Laguna Studio in Austin, Texas. Available for purchase in all flavors on Austin Psych Fest
Listen - Pig Boat Blues 16 song LP

Free Download The UFO Club new single - July

Stream and download "July" off the new UFO Club LP. The UFO Club is The Black Angels' Christian Bland and Night Beats' Lee Blackwell. The LP comes out in August through The Reverberation Appreciation Society, along with 7"s from Cosmonauts and The Vacant Lots. All three new releases are up for pre-sale on Austin Psychfest

Check out this sampler with songs from all the label releases: The Reverberation Appreciation Society ::: Downloadable Sampler

New 7" from Brooklyn's She Keeps Bees

Featured way back on Popakazooza Volume 1, She Keeps Bees is another of my favorite two piece guy/girl Brooklyn beat generators.  She Keeps Bees has been steadily gaining steam since Singer-guitarist Jessica Larrabee’s self-released her chilling solo album Minisink Hotel back in 2006, with drummer Andy LaPlant they have been recording their music at home and self releasing soulful gritty rockin’ blues at a pace of one amazing release a year, after year. Their newest is a 7” collaboration featuring cellist Gaspar Claus on both songs and Stephane Milochevitch & Emma Broughton adding harmonies on Blue Moon, recorded in Paris, where they set up a makeshift studio in a small restaurant, late on Halloween night.
The low growl you hear throughout the song isn't electric guitar. It's actually a processed cello, played by the experimental artist Gaspar Claus. "Gaspar added the spectral cello part that swells in and out during the entire track," says Jessica Larrabee. "[He also played] the more conventional arpeggiated line at the end. It was such a pleasure working with him. He is an amazing musician and hilarious person."

You can download 'See Me' from 2011's 'Dig On' LP free from their Soundcloud page:

For your listening pleasure here are all their releases in on handy spot, Listen, Like, Buy

Dig On was recorded by Andy and Jess during November, 2010 in a log home in New York's Catskill Mountains. Mastered by Joe Lambert. Artwork by Jessica Larrabee. recorded at home. mastered at gradwell house studios. pressed down south. label design by rachel sten ( recorded at home. mastered by gradwell house studios and keith reynaud. released 08 August 2008 recorded and mastered at gradwell house studios. only available digitally. released 09 September 2007 recorded at home. newly re-mastered by keith reynaud. no longer available on compact disc. released 01 June 2006

New Foy Vance release and US Tour

Foy Vance will be releasing his first body of work in a handful of years 'The Melrose EP' via Communion Records. The 5 tracks digital release will be accompanied with a limited run of vinyl. The EP is made up of Foy's work with David Holmes, for the Oscar winning short film 'The Shore'. You can download "Something In The Water" from the EP for free

UK digital release will be 31st July, whilst the US digital release will be 28th August. The vinyl will be available from the 28th August also. Foy will join Michael Kiwanuka, BBC Sound of the Year 2012, on his forthcoming US tour starting in September. This will be Foy's debut US tour.

18/9/12 New York, NY Webster Hall (w/ Michael Kiwanuka)
19/9/12 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club (w/ Michael Kiwanuka)
20/9/12 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero (w/ Michael Kiwanuka)
5/10/12 Seattle, WA Showbox at the Market (w/ Michael Kiwanuka)
6/10/12 Portland, OR Wonder Ballroom (w/ Michael Kiwanuka)
7/10/12 San Francisco, CA The Independent (w/ Michael Kiwanuka)
9/10/12 Los Angeles, CA John Anson Ford (w/ Michael Kiwanuka)

Foy Vance operates in his own parallel universe. His music is an evolving journey, a constant search for artistic expression captured in the moment, operating well away from industry standards. Surely you’ll hear echoes of Otis Redding, Richie Havens, Tom Waits and Van Morrison in Foy’s music, legends he’s already being compared to and definite influences. An ever so modest Foy will laugh at these comparisons, but then again that’s what makes him so special.

‘An unbelievable voice…in the premier league of British songwriters’  -The Sunday Times
‘The missing link between Richie Havens and Stevie Wonder’  -The Independent
‘A gospel fuelled Pearl Jam’  -What’s On In London
‘Foy’s a giant’  -Pete Townshend
‘One of the most soulful and powerful singers and writers I’ve heard in a long while’ -Bonnie Raitt
"Every once in a while an Artist emerges with something so new and experimental that the existing trends of the time are redefined. Foy Vance is a Northern Irish musician who's managed to transcend established thinking." -The Irish Post

Give em a like on Facebook Get the new single 'Be the Song' on UK iTunes - US iTunes

Friday, July 20, 2012

Pre-Order #CXCW Alumni Strand of Oaks - Dark Shores

Philadelphian-by-way-of-Indiana and Couch by Couchwest ’12 alumni, Timothy Showalter, a.k.a. Strand of Oaks, will release his third LP Dark Shores next Tuesday (July 24) which you can pre-order now and you will receive a a free download of the album track “Trap Door,” as well as some bonus material bundled up as The Alma EP. Says Showalter:
The “Alma EP” (named after my grandma), … was recorded in the winter of 2005 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. I had just finished college and had no idea what to do with my life, so we just kept playing weird shows and recording. These recordings we’re the beginnings of what became [Oaks' debut record] Leave Ruin.

You can listen to the new track ‘Trap Door’ and the bonus tracks

Get a free download of the song 'Maureen's' released in June

In December Tim Showalter recorded a Shaking Through episode with his one-man band Strand of Oaks. Along with collaborators Eliza Hardy-Jones of Buried Beds and Chris Ward of Pattern is Movement, he tracked a version of the new song “Spacestations"

Couch by Couchwest session

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Music from Some Dark Holler - Hollow Chest

Photo Wes Frazer

It's not that I'm obsessed with dark music with themes of life's struggles and pains trials and tribulations, but most time it is this type of music that gives perspective to what is happening in daily life. Some Dark Holler incorporate great storytelling and music that stabs you in the gut and shakes those cobwebs from your brain, sharpen our senses and add perspective to the important things 9-5 brushes away. Alabama’s Some Dark Holler consisting of Chris Porter vocals/guitar and Helen Gassenheimer vocals/fiddle nail this to the wall like a plaque to contemplate. Their new full length album out now 'This is American Music'  STREAM below:
Their self titled debut EP is available for free down load 

During SXSW '12 they took a break from their 'hectic' schedule and recorded this video for Couch by Couchwest

Untitled from Some Dark Holler on Vimeo.

Listen to the new Album Hallow Chest and buy it here for five dollar! Debut Self Titled EP Available free from 'This Is America Music' here

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All Aboard! - Graveyard Train

From the deep mysterious down under, Graveyard Train, a six piece collective mix a Sergio Leone spaghetti western sound with dark spookish themes. Banjos, Dobros, hammers and chains create a foot stompin’ thick ominous broody mood of train-yard campfire storytelling, and haunting visuals that will stick with you long after listening. As frequent readers of this blog will recognize, this is right up my dark alley. ‘Hollow’ released May ’12 picks up where 2010’s ‘The Drink, The Devil and the Dance’ left off, spiriting you away to the places of darkness and woe. If you’re a fan of The Peculiar PretzelmanThe Bailey Hounds and The Imperial Rooster this is a band you will defiantly want to add to your collection.
Free Download ‘I’m Gone’ from ‘Hollow’ With their new album “Hollow” dropping in May the band are proud to present the first single lifted there-from I’m Gone. A rollicking stab of wild west woe and stomping train-yard rhythms, I’m Gone bears all the hallmark Graveyard Train traits. That said, much like the upcoming album, the track also introduces a slightly wider approach than previous Graveyard Train releases. Remaining lyrically preoccupied with all things macabre, “Hollow” manages to capture the infamous live reputation and punchy story telling of the band but the Drums are bit fatter and the guitars and psychedelia turned up just a notch. released 20 March 2012

The Drink, The Devil and the Dance A whole bunch of bearded maniacs are coming to get you this year - brace yourself for all the foot stomping, chain smashing, man-choir, bellowing singalong bluster of Graveyard Train. Vampires, werewolves, mummies and the general macabre are song topics of choice, while old timey instruments like banjo, dobro and washboard help set the scene. Their latest album The Drink The Devil and The Dance received a huge lot of accolades in Australia, album of the week in both Beat Magazine and 3RRR-FM and Album of the year from 3PBS FM. The boys are generally voted Australia’s number 1 Horror Country band which has seen them tour Australia extensively over the last 3 years. Come see what the fuss is about and bring your stomping boots!
released 01 July 2010

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Casting Call - Bottle Cap Rockets

 "All right Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up," 
This Friday July 20th at Ella Lounge NYC, New Music NJ film crew will be on hand to film The Bottlecap Rockets in all their explosive glory and they want YOU in the movie!
This is your chance to fulfill your dreams of fame and stardom and be in the movies. Norma Jean was discovered in a Drug store, Harrison Ford was discovered making kitchen cabinets in George Lucas' house, you could be discovered rockin your ass of to The Bottlecap Rockets, all you have to do is show up and act naturally. Tickets available here.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Funky Blues - Sidestreet Reny

Sidestreet Reny: Reny (J. Renard Collette) on vocals, National steel resonator, bluesharp, keys, production and songs
Lil' Bell (Maribel Landaetta) on drums, washboard and vocals.

Reny and Bell (together for 17 years) blend bluesy/funky finger-style and slide on National Resonator guitar, original poignant songwriting and solid straight forward grooves. Drawing mostly from pre-war blues, roots and folk music with a little old school rap, calypso and dancehall reggae, SSR manage to forge their own sound and push musical boundaries in an era when many other musicians strive to sound the same.

"from early delta blues to early Jamaican toasting and on to urban rap and hiphop is a direct line, though not a frequently traveled one, and Sidestreet Reny illustrates the links musically as well as lyrically... wow I love this!" - Woodstock Taylor UK (

"one of the most interesting things I've heard in a long time" - Don Young (National Reso-Phonic guitars)

Note: Fan them on Reverbnation and these three songs are available for free download. Give em a Like on Facebook, and follow on Twitter


Friday, July 13, 2012

Root Glen release 'Spring' EP FREE download

New Brunswick, New Jersey's fusion of funk, soul and psych rock band Root Glen have just released their forth EP in their seasonally themed eponymous 'Spring'
The band is composed of guitarist Ross Griswold, drummer Eric Blank, singer/guitarist David Moroney, and bassist Andres Gonzalez. 
Put the headphones on 11 and sway to the feel good groovy vibes.

If you haven't yet, get 'Winter' 'Fall' and 'Summer'

Give them a like on Facebook, follow on Twitter

Woody Guthrie at 100 on the Radio

Woodrow Wilson Guthrie was born on July 14, 1912, in Okemah, Oklahoma. He was the second-born son of Charles and Nora Belle Guthrie. His father – a cowboy, land speculator, and local politician – taught Woody Western songs, Indian songs, and Scottish folk tunes. His Kansas-born mother, also musically inclined, had an equally profound effect on Woody.
"Okemah was one of the singingest, square dancingest, drinkingest, yellingest, preachingest, walkingest, talkingest, laughingest, cryingest, shootingest, fist fightingest, bleedingest, gamblingest, gun, club and razor carryingest of our ranch towns and farm towns, because it blossomed out into one of our first Oil Boom Towns." - Woody Guthrie Source: Pastures of Plenty, pg. 3

This weekend a few NYC Radio stations will join in the celebration of his birthday.

WFDU (89.1 FM): Ron Olesko’s “Traditions,” 3-6 p.m. Sunday, will be devoted entirely to Guthrie. It will include excerpts from a 1977 interview with his second wife, Marjorie. Listen here
WFUV (90.7 FM): Friday, “Question of the Day” at 9:30 a.m. and “Under the Covers” at noon will be Guthrie music. Dennis Elsas will play a Guthrie set, 3-3:30 p.m. Listen here
On Saturday, Don McGee will feature Guthrie on “Mixed Bag,” 4-8 p.m. Sunday, John Platt will talk with Guthrie’s daughter Nora and his biographer Joe Klein on “Sunday Breakfast,” 8-11 a.m. Robert Sherman’s “Woody’s Children” will continue its month-long tribute, 4-5 p.m. Listen here
WKCR (89.9 FM): Festival of Guthrie music, 6 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday. Includes many of his recordings plus contemporary musicians playing his songs live. Listen here
SiriusXM Satellite: The Village, Internet Ch. 804, will feature Woody all day Saturday.
There is also an interactive celebration of Guthrie’s birthday, which can be found at
It features more than a dozen singers, including Peter Yarrow, Jeff Daniels, Christine Lavin and others singing a Doug Mishkin song called, appropriately, “Woody’s Children.”

Like everything Woody Guthrie wrote, it’s designed for singing along, and anyone who listens to the video can add his or her own voice.
The hope is that it will have a cast of thousands by the time it is played in November at the 92nd St. Y.
Nonradio celebrations around the city include a show at City Winery Friday night, hosted by Steve Earle with Billy Bragg. 
They will also perform Saturday night before a free showing of the Guthrie bio-pic “Bound for Glory” on the beach at Coney Island, 3059 W. 12th St., at 8 p.m.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Brothers NYC Official Video 'Real Long Way To Go'

New York City's official Rock and Roll ass whoopers Brothers released their mucho teased and highly anticipated new video for 'Real Long Way To Go' from their new album 'Volume 1' yesterday.

The new album Volume 1 is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Efren - NEW Album 'Write a New Song'

Scott, Jonathan, Darrin, and Jamie
Cowpie mushroom and whiskey rock with twangitude, Efren bring a great variety of sounds into a cohesive mixture of smack me upside the head southern rock music. The new album (purchase) “Write a New Song’ is full of over 4 minute songs of ‘let’s just fuckin’ jam it out til the lights go down’ rock and rolla.

They have a song on the Country Fried Rock Free Sampler on NoiseTrade donations benefit Nuci’s Space a non-profit health and music resource center in Athens, GA. The aim of the organization is to prevent suicide by providing obstacle free treatment for musicians suffering from depression and other such disorders as well as to assist in the emotional, physical and professional well being of musicians.

I’m not making any comparison? but after listening to this album four times, I'm throwing my Elvin Bishop ‘Juke Joint Jump’ vinyl on the turntable too keep the good times rollin’ on.
Check them out on Twitter, fan em on ReverbNation and get a couple songs

Track 3 from the new album

Track 2 from the new album

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