Sunday, July 15, 2012

Funky Blues - Sidestreet Reny

Sidestreet Reny: Reny (J. Renard Collette) on vocals, National steel resonator, bluesharp, keys, production and songs
Lil' Bell (Maribel Landaetta) on drums, washboard and vocals.

Reny and Bell (together for 17 years) blend bluesy/funky finger-style and slide on National Resonator guitar, original poignant songwriting and solid straight forward grooves. Drawing mostly from pre-war blues, roots and folk music with a little old school rap, calypso and dancehall reggae, SSR manage to forge their own sound and push musical boundaries in an era when many other musicians strive to sound the same.

"from early delta blues to early Jamaican toasting and on to urban rap and hiphop is a direct line, though not a frequently traveled one, and Sidestreet Reny illustrates the links musically as well as lyrically... wow I love this!" - Woodstock Taylor UK (

"one of the most interesting things I've heard in a long time" - Don Young (National Reso-Phonic guitars)

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