Wednesday, July 4, 2012

STREAM: Ruby the Hatchet - New Album 'Ouroboros'

Photo by Lucia Holm

Ruby The Hatchet released their long awaited debut album 'Ouroboro' today for your listening pleasure, stick it in your ear and tickle your brain. The song with the most plays gets released for free download next week.
If you missed the new album stream, aw shucks! As promised here's the new free track 'Black Tongue'

I am really excited about this album, I have been waiting and watching their Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages for any tidbits of news, it is a must have in my vinyl collection. Ruby the Hatchet are a four-piece psychedelic rock band from New Jersey/Philly with a new album release both digitally and on vinyl. The record was recorded and mixed primarily analog, using mostly equipment made before 1978 at Retro City Studios, it’s not meant to sound “vintage” they just wanted to make something honest, that pays homage to the way records used to be made.
Ruby are: Jillian Taylor: Vocals, John Scarperia: Guitar, Mike Parise: Bass, Owen Stewart: Drums,Vocals
Here's a teaser...Acoustic version of 'Nowhere' recorded for Couch by Couchwest in March

Download 'The Lean' - released 01 August 2011

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