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Great Photo's by David Carlo of The Bowery Bangs performing The Rolling Stones 'Some Girls'

Photo's by David Carlo of The Bowery Bangs performing The Rolling Stones 'Some Girls' at Riff NYC
Featuring members of The Dead ExsDaddy Long LegsThe Madison Square GardenersEnemies!ProspectorThe ZabalasThe Dirty GlamourBriana Layon & The BoysThe ColoredBoysLost Romance, and backed by the amazing Nuclears
The Players
David Pattillo, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Brian Dudolevitch, Fiona Silver, Mike Dudolevitch, Jimmy Caputo, Gerry Perlinski, Fiona Silver, Jaster A Leon,  Brian Dudolevitch. Brian Hurd, Briana Alexandra, Nick Vivid,  Robert Sproles, Geoff Hug, Mike Greco, Andy Hilfiger, Rick Edwards, Jimmy Kunes. Laura Voyner, Flor Zaballa,  Ky Digregorio and Shane Rucker

Oh yeah, there's this: David Pattillo of The Dead Exs on vocals Miss You Encore Bootleg for those in the know
The Bowery Bangs - Encore Miss You.mp3


NYC Supergroup The Bowery Bangs Perform The Stones "Some Girls"


Today at Riff and with an encore at Tammany Hall on April 30th Bang Bang Boogaloo, Andrew Charles, and Ky Digregorio present the NYC supergroup The Bowery Bangs performing The Rolling Stones "Some Girls" album at RIFF on the Bowery in NYC. Featuring members of The Dead Exs, Daddy Long Legs, The Madison Square Gardeners, Enemies!, Prospector, The Zabalas, The Dirty Glamour, Briana Layon & The Boys, The ColoredBoys, Lost Romance, and backed by the amazing Nuclears with Daddy Long Legs on harp. RSVP here

Featured singers:

Andy Hilfiger
Briana Layon
Daddy Long Legs
David Pattillo
Eva Allen
Flor Zabala
Nick Vivid
Ryan Hines
Shane Rucker
Special guest on guitar:
Aaron Lee Tasjan

 Side one
1.            "Miss You" - David Pattillo
2.            "When the Whip Comes Down"- Flor Zabala
3.            "Just My Imagination" - Ryan Hines
4.            "Some Girls" - Briana Layon
5.            "Lies" - Nick Vivid

Side two break (Warren Zanes former VP of Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame tells a bit of history about the record)

6.            "Far Away Eyes" - Daddy Long Legs
7.            "Respectable" - Andy Hilfiger
8.            "Before They Make Me Run" - Eva Allen
9.            "Beast of Burden" - Shane Rucker
10.          "Shattered" - The Bowery Bangs

Some Girls is the 14th British and 16th American studio album by The Rolling Stones, released in 1978 on Rolling Stones Records. It peaked at #1 on the Billboard 200, and became one of the band's biggest-selling albums in the United States, and has been certified by the RIAA as having six million copies sold as of 2000.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Dirty Urchins - Just In Time

David Luther, Freddie Stevenson, Bennett Miller, Julia Haltigan

Featured on Popakazooza Vol 4, Brooklyn's The Dirty Urchins were conceived one cold night in February 2009, as Freddie Stevenson and David Luther discussed their grim economic futures over a seemingly endless supply of Guinness. Instead of mopping the floor in a Lower East Side restaurant, or getting coffee for some CEO's secretary, they decided to do exactly what it is they do best: play music. Thus, the Urchins were born shortly thereafter as one of the hottest busking bands to grace the streets, parks, and subways of New York City. When Bennett Miller joined David and Freddie to play on the Union Square L-train platform, though, the three knew that what they had stumbled upon was far more than just a busking band: nay, what they had discovered was nothing less than the key to world domination.

Upon emerging from the bowels of the subway that first time, steeped in a piquant marinade of subway grime, Freddie remarked in his usual Scottish eloquence, "My god, we're like a bunch of dirty urchins!" (dingdingdingdingding!!) The name stuck.
Some time passed, and David disappeared for the summer of 2010 to tour with Meat Loaf. In his absence, Julia Haltigan stepped in to keep up the momentum, and when he returned, the Urchins were four.

People often ask the Urchins how they would describe their sound. And while none of the three would claim to be the purveyors of cutting-edge novelty, they have found a blend of styles unique to them. Start with the Dylan-infused Scottish-folk roots of Freddie, add David's love of rhythm n' blues and country, some of Julia's raucous, old-school lilt, fold in Bennett's indelible sense of groove, and then sprinkle with a jazz sensibility. Serve with a side of humor, and there it is. Rock 'n' folk, perhaps? An army of wordsmiths is still smithing away...

Just In Time EP available - Name Your Price

Check them out on Facebook and give em a 'Like' and Follow them on Twitter

Friday, April 27, 2012

Only Living Boy - LIVE from Dante's

Joe Cirotti- Guitar/Vocals
Eric Curley- Bass/Backing Vocals
Trevor Newcomb- Drums
Jersey’s Only Living Boy have just put 8 songs up for free download 'Live from Dante's in Frostburg, MD'
CXCWers will remember Joe Cirotti from his mauve couch performance outside their DIY basement studio, I have seen them live once at The Dead Exs CD Release party and dang they kick ass! Get em!

Sprout the Band - Live in the Barn

A 6-person funksplosion, Sprout the Band is hard to miss. Sprout The Band was formed in Santa Barbara in 2008 and has been locally based ever since. They have played well over 100 local shows, with plans to branch out statewide and nationally very soon. The group features a '50s Hammond organ complete with a Leslie speaker, a scorching guitarist/harmonica wailer, a pair of high-spirited back-up singer/percussionists, a hard-hitting drummer, and a phunky bassist holding it all down. Now living together on a working ranch in Goleta, the band is dedicated to exploring new musical realms and developing their own original sound, always keeping them on their toes.

Sprout the Band is:
Scott Foreman - Organ, Piano, Vocals
Colin Shepherd - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals
Geoff Levy - Bass, Vocals
Stephen Desrochers - Drums, Vocals
Caitlin Gowdey - Percussion, Vocals
Erin Chapin - Percussion, Vocals

Get the album - Live In The Barn - name your price 

Sunflower and the Seeds - This One's On Us

Kyra Schenck: acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Jovan Mann: electric guitar, vocals
Alex Denney: bass, vocals
Cory Metrick: drums

A cool blend of impassioned vocals by Kyra and billowing rock guitar licks and a southern/rock beat make this a repeatedly listened to EP that doesn't get cycled off my iPod. Defiantly another Jersey band to watch, plant these seeds in your ears they are going to bloom big! Go ahead download these four songs from their EP 'This One's On Us'  My favorite song is 'Sweet Escape' so good.  Follow them on Twitter and stay up to date.

Sunflower and the Seeds - Jellyfish Sunrise.mp3
Sunflower and the Seeds - Apocalypse.mp3
Sunflower and the Seeds - Rain Or Shine.mp3
Sunflower and the Seeds - Sweet Escape.mp3

Sunflower and the Seeds is a 6-piece folk/rock jam band from north New Jersey that started out as Kyra "Sunflower" Schenck's acoustic act. Shortly, after appearing on the New Jersey open-mic scene in 2007, Kyra joined a local jam band where she met blues-based lead guitarist Teddy Owen and drummer Joe Huster.

The three of them became friends instantly, and after the project's demise, she began to realize her true passion and vision: to spread positive vibes and thoughts through music and lyrics. Upon her decision to front her own band, it seemed only natural to include both Joe and Teddy. Boyfriend and bassist Alex Denney and experienced keyboardist (and father) Bo Schenck finalized the band line-up to help bring this vision to reality.

Soon after the band started to play live, drummer Joe Huster, suggested to the rest of the group that long-time friend and guitarist Jovan Mann should join the group. Reluctant to include another guitarist in the band, they decided to give Jovan a chance and let him sit-in for a show. Impressed with Jovan's guitar playing, musical sensibility, and personality it was decided that he was a good fit within the band and was included to round out the final line-up for Sunflower and the Seeds.


Don't be afraid, it's the Imperial Rooster FREE DOWNLOAD!

Amazing artwork by Danny Green, beautiful coloring done by Sonya Gonzales.

Couch by Couchwest superstar's The Imperial Rooster play an out there mix of folk, blues, country, & rock and roll that can only be described as GONZO ROOTS MUSIC. Influenced by Beer, Sterno, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Beer, Screamin Jay Hawkins, Tom Waits, beer and Captain Beefheart.
Members: Cootie LeRoux, Nat King Kong, Tennessee Skilly McGee, Khorn Syrup, Lulu Lotus Cornblossom, Dusty Vinyl

Today the gonzo's with the kazoozo's from Espanola, New Mexico, released their long rumored, long awaited LIVE album 'Don't Be Afraid: LIVE ROOSTER BOOTLEG II' FREE DOWNLOAD! Enough yappin' get snappin' get it and stick it in yer gizmo's and have a Good Ole fashion Rootin' Tootin, Low Falutin' Rooster day!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Click Clack Boom

The Click Clack Boom is a rock band from New York City founded in 2008 by central Pennsylvania natives Nathaniel Hoho (lead vocals) and Grant Wilson (drums). After a rotating cast of bandmates and a migration to New York City, they were joined by Brooklyn-born artist Joseph Grazi (bass) and native New Yorker Jesse Kotansky (violin, guitar, keyboard) in August 2011.
The band’s unique sound stems from a powerful vocal front with a progressive blend of experimental instrumentation and classic rock ‘n’ roll roots.
They have just wrapped up a coast to coast tour and put together a scrapbook of their adventures and have three songs here for free download, go ahead and get it em! New Yorkers, they will be playing Mercury Lounge with SPIRIT ANIMAL on May 2.

Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen

Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen is an analog and digital recording studio, musician’s collective and brain hive dedicated to the promotion of musical integrity in all of its shapes and forms. Located in the Windsor Terrace area of Brooklyn, NY. Get in touch at to start making music this week!

It is co-owned by Justin Coles and the in-house producer Oliver Ignatius, who have a decade of experience dedicating our lives to music. We have produced records for the All-About, Anna Bradley, Bridges, can’t see SHAPES, Dr. Skinnybones, Ghost Pal, Giant Octopus, Goodman, the Graveyard Kids, the Great American Novel, the Harmonica Lewinskies, Injun Magic, King Salmon, Oh! My Blackbird & Sons of an Illustrious Father.

The Oval Orifice - EP is The Harmonica Lewinskies debut work. After three years of collaboration, the Lewinskies have come together to record 3 grooving, moving, baked and shaken songs. The Oval Orifice - EP includes 3 songs that were recorded November in 2011. These 3 songs will be included on their debut LP, Hear What We Did There?, due out in April 2012.

Big Blue Dreams and Salty Stories - Miguel Horowitz: Lead and harmony vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, keyboards, organ, synthesizers, piano, spoons, drums, sitars, handclaps, shaker, wind, tambourine Oliver Ignatius: Harmony vocals, bass, fuzz bass, drums, keyboards, organ, synthesizers, harmonium, dampened piano, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, handclaps, tambourine, spoons, shaker Additional players: Josh Aubin: Tambourine, handclaps Matt Chilton: Saz, bass clarinet Justin Coles: Electric guitar Henry Kandel: Saxophone

Ghost Pal is a paranoid, paranormal psychedelic spook soul band from Brooklyn, NY. Having expanded and contracted for the better part of a year as a psychedelic and occasionally psychotic collective, Ghost Pal hardened into a 7 member line up in late 2011

Oh! My Blackbird - NYC based folk trio harnessing the magic of close vocal harmony and pissed off lyrics to hypnotize and pleasure your minds, hearts and ears.

Check out this new article from Jim Testa at Jersey Beat, about the sonic revolution happening at Mama Coco’s! 

Monday, April 23, 2012

GET IT HERE NOW! NEW! single from Those Mockingbirds

Those Mockingbirds - New single 'The Difference Between Love and Addiction' Get it HERE NOW!

Love [luhv] noun, verb
a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

Addiction [uh-dik-shuhn] noun
the state of being enslaved to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Coming to speakers near you May 1st The Ghost of John Henry

We are excited to announce that starting on May 1st we have the honor to be able to pre-release stream the new album by Sci-Fi Romance 'The Ghost of John Henry' for your listening pleasure. The Album release date is May 8th with a CD Release Party May 11th. In the mean time here is the track 'Steam Drill Blues'


Friday, April 20, 2012

Freeman Dre & the Kitchen Party - Old Town

Freeman Dre - songwriter, singer, guitar, banjo
LonTron Silver - mandolin, guitar, harmonica
Marlo Chaplin - piano, bass, drums, vocals, guitar, glockenspiel
Mookie Komatsu - drums
Terry Wilkins - bass
with some help from...
Tangi Ropars - accordion
Mark Marczyk - violin
Ada Dahli - vocals
Steven Foster - drums
Tamar Ilana - vocals
Laura Bates - violin
Ronen Seagall - accordion
Mike Romaniak - sopilka
John Williams - clarinet
Kelsey McNulty - accordion

Freeman Dre likes to spin a tale. An extraordinary lyricist - voted best songwriter in NOW magazine’s 2010 reader’s poll - his musical narratives are “full of vivid wordplay and rhapsodic rhyme schemes that immediately command attention”
- AmericanaUK

Backed by a killer band, The Kitchen Party can be anything from “sensitive folk rock with a European flair” to “highly entertaining folk punk”
-Exclaim magazine

Old Town', a self- produced 10-song effort follows a loose conceptual arc; an immigration story, inspired by his own family history, chalk full of adventures that will leave you reminiscing for the old country and challenging the new. released 19 July 2012

The Burning Angels - "Love & 20 Pesos"

Mark Cunningham, Kelly Hoyle Fuller, Coy Campbell King, Louis Romanos and many guest appearances

The Burning Angels of Athens, Georgia are a group of eclectic musicians who have come together to form a hard-driving roots influcenced sound.

Front man, Mark Cunningham was raised on the "Athens sound" from the burgeoning acts of the late 70's and 80's. R.E.M, Pylon and The Chickasaw Mudd Puppies combined with the classic country sounds of the "outlaws" and Texas songwriters opened a whole new world for Cunningham to create the distinct sound of The Burning Angels.

Entering John Keane Studios in March 2010, The Burning Angels recorded their self-titled debut album  in October 2011.
The follow up to this album, Love & 20 Pesos, is currently in pre-production and will feature several Athens musicians, they have a kickstart project that you can contribute to and get goodies.

$10.00 Copy of the CD "Love & 20 Pesos"
$20.00 Copy of the debut CD "The Burning Angels" and "Love & 20 Pesos"
$75.00 Signed 11x17 poster, "The Burning Angels", "Love & 20 Pesos" and CD of LIVE tracks.
$100.00 All items plus solo performance house concert by Mark Cunningham.
$300.00 All items plus House concert by The Burning Angels

Give them a 'Like' on Facebook, Follow on Twitter, check out Reverbnation and their website

Groove Master - Nick Waterhouse

Los Angeles, CA - September 2011 - The Chit Chat Club

Groove Master Nick Waterhouse’s debut album ‘Time's All Gone’ is coming out May 1 on Innovative Leisure around the same time, Nick hits the road with backing band His Tarots. You can download "Some Place" from the album from the widget below thanks to Brooklyn Vegan

From Huntington Beach with an ear for some of the rawest, most rug-cutting R&B ever pressed to vinyl, his preferred medium. "If I'm going to bother to use a real guitar," he says later, "I want a real sound wave. He's also in possession of a bevy of offers to produce and record, including with Weekly favorites the Allah-Las and a series of plum gigs, including an opening slot for Booker T. (of immortal soul band Booker T. & the M.G.s) and a spot at the Sunset Junction festival this weekend. He has a small but potent and quickly growing collection of fans, many of whom have become enraptured by his self-released 45 rpm vinyl single "Some Place," which sold out in an instant and now changes hands for almost $100 on eBay. [L.A. Weekly]

Check out the video for the upcoming single "Tell Me What's on Your Mind." (slightly NSFW)

Here are a couple three songs from his Soundcloud page give a listen, but I suggest you head on over there and check out them all. Tour dates below the songs.

Nick Waterhouse and His Tarots - 2012 Tour Dates
April 28: The Depot / Humboldst State University, Arcata, CA | 9:00PM
April 29: Soho Restaurant & Music Club, Santa Barbara, CA | 8:00PM
May 4: Newport Harbor Nautical Museum, Newport Beach, CA | 7:00PM
May 10: Center for Arts Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA | 7:30PM
May 17: Sixth & I Synagogue, Washington DC | 8:00PM
May 18: Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA | 10:30PM
May 19: The Mercury Lounge, New York, NY | 10:30PM
May 28: Holocene, Portland, OR | 8:30PM
May 29: The Barboza, Seattle, WA | 8:00PM
June 6: The Verdi Club , San Francisco, CA | 8:00PM

Go give a 'Like' Facebook follow on Twitter and check out the website

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Peeps are just damn fun!

The Peeps  SalsaPunk, yeah man SalsaPunk!

These young men Byron Gray, Adrian Lopera, Teddy Kohlmann, Jonny Mehr, Sebastian Rendòn from Newburgh, NY are a multinational ensemble with a rich history rooted in friendship promising never to yield to language or cultural barriers and are just damn fun. Give a listen and be prepared to shake yer bones. The six song EP 'Our Crazy' released 31 March 2010 is available for free download, do it!

They were kind enough to answer a call to perform for Couch by Couchwest this year, here are their two videos from CXCW. I would enjoy having these guys in my Living Room anytime. Pass the SalsaPunk!

Check them out on Facebook, Bandcamp, Twitter

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hot Dang! Yodeling! Hurray for the Riff Raff - Get this DL

Hot diggity dang do I like this! Hurray for the Riff Raff

With its sweet southern influences and gorgeous folk-meets-bluegrass instrumentation, Hurray for the Riff Raff is a new band with an old soul -- and a slew of genre-crossing influences. Founded by vocalist Alynda lee Segarra, the project is a culmination of her years traveling, living in New Orleans, and eventually finding a niche with honky-tonk band The Tumbleweeds. "Look Out Mama," the first single from their upcoming album of the same name, combines classic folk and southern rock elements with sleepy melodies, beautifully husky vocals, and a slow, honey-drizzled tone. Give it a spin, download it for a limited-time, and grab the new album when it drops May 1.

Hurray for the Riff Raff is Alynda lee Segarra, a 25 year old Puerto Rican from the Bronx. After leaving home at an early age to travel the country, she eventually settled in New Orleans where she began to perform and record with a revolving cast of musicians. She released two records (2008's It Don't Mean I Don't Love You and 2010's Young Blood Blues) mostly consisting of delicate folk and country songs. In 2011, the UK record label Loose Music (Felice Brothers, Dawes, Deer Tick), released Hurray for the Riff Raff, an album that collected the best songs from those records. The Times of London named Hurray for the Riff Raff one of the Top Ten Albums of 2011. Phil Alexander, the Editor-in-Chief of Mojo Magazine, raved that they "have immense potential and seductive power" and named them second best band at SXSW 2011.

Back in the States, Alynda met up with a young honky-tonk band called the Tumbleweeds, just as she began to expand her musical palette to include rock n roll, pop, and soul. In the tradition of Bob Dylan with Band and Neil Young with Crazy Horse, Alynda recruited the Tumbleweeds to be her touring band, drastically altering the sound of Hurray for the Riff Raff.

Look Out Mama is the result of almost two years of Alynda and the Tumbleweeds criss-crossing the USA, playing over 100 shows in small bars and clubs. Recorded in Nashville and produced by Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes), Look Out Mama is an exploration of classic American music as interpreted by Alynda lee Segarra. From the Swamp Pop of "Little Black Star" to the Classic Country of "Look Out Mama", to the Psychedelia of "Ode to John and Yoko" and even the Surf-Rock of "Lake of Fire," Look Out Mama covers a wide array of musical ground, with every song unified by Alynda's soulful vocals and expert songwriting.

Check them, out on Facebook and Twitter

Wells next-the Sea - NEW release 'Passenger Side'

Liz Barnett- vocals, violin
George Henner- drums
Brennan Mackey- vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, ukulele
Dann Morr- vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, mandolin, piano
Danny Sherrard- vocals, piano, electric piano, electric guitar

UPDATE: Available for Purchase TODAY!

Couch by Couchwesters Wells next-the Sea gave us a sneak peek of two songs off their latest EP 'Passenger Side' when Brennan, Dann, and Liz drug a couch out to the sidewalk or by happenstance found a couch on the sidewalk and performed “With Our Eyes Closed” and “Chicago” exclusively for us Couchalotatists.  

Wells’ follow up to their 2010 Album 'Guest House' features a new line up of musicians one of which delights me the most is a lady and a violin, New Zealand-born Liz Barnett, her sweet voice and violin accompaniments add a wonderful texture to the songs. The addition of multi-instrumentalists Danny Sherrod and Brennan Mackey add a rich melodic sound to the songs and compliment Dann and the groups vocals. All in all this is an excellent Indie/Folk record that I will enjoy listening to repeatedly, but alas it is too damn short! I hope to see a full length album from this current line up in the very near future. 5 Stars
The new five song EP 'Passenger Side' will be released on Squirrel Trap Records April 24, 2012 you can  Pre-order Digital, Vinyl/CD here 
I highly recommend you hit the play button below, and I dare you to only listen once.

Here are the couch by couchwest videos

With Our Eyes Closed

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New song and video from Skeletons in the Piano

One of this bloggers favorite bands Skeletons in the Piano featured on Popakazooza Vol 2 and previously blogged about here have just posted a new song and video, a haunting cover of The Beatles 'Eleanor Rigby' give it a look see and download it from the Reverbnation widget below.


More Jersey? Sure! Garden State Mix Vol 2

Here is another diverse collection of local Jersey bands that I hope you'll like, share and support. Click arrow to play, right click song, save link as or go all out and get them all click download all

Jo Wymer - Dirty Secrets.mp3
Don Ryan - This Town.mp3
Cicada Radio - Storm The Castle.mp3
Ex Wife - Visions.mp3
The Brigantines - Lose Myself.mp3
Nikki Sue & The Bad News - Lower Places.mp3
Emanuel and the Fear - Over and Over.mp3
Black Water - Kaleidoscope.mp3
Wyldlife - Girls in Fedoras.mp3
The Bennys - Live Fast...Die Young.mp3
Natural Child - Ain't Gonna Stop.mp3
Shayfer James - None of Thee Above.mp3
In Cages - Dirty Water.mp3
The Ugly Club - Visions Part II.mp3
Ben Franklin - Urgency.mp3
Morning - The Eastern Lean.mp3
They Had Faces Then - I am the Fire.mp3
Licorice - Freeze.mp3


Elephant Goes West - "Whirling Dervish"

>Eric Burchfield - Vocals, Guitar  
>Jon Buscema - Drums, Renaissance Man 
>Joe Chernus - Guitar
>Mike Petzinger – Bass

Featured on Popakazooza Vol 4 Woodridge New Jersey’s Elephant Goes West was founded in 2011 by Eric Burchfield (guitar/vocals) and Jonathan Buscema (drums) After completing work on their debut E.P. "Whirling Dervish," they recruited Joe Chernus and Mike Petzinger on guitar and bass, respectively. They are currently touring the East Coast and beginning production on their upcoming full-length record.

They play an old timey feel goody mix of vaudeville, theatrical roots music mixed with catchy compositions and melodies reminiscent of late sixties Beatles.  I almost want to play it backwards at 78rpm and look of secret messages. I am looking forward to their first full length hopefully sometime this year.

Give them a 'Like' on Facebook Follow on Twitter check out their Tumblr and Bandcamp

Monday, April 16, 2012

Listen: Blues Pills - New 10' EP 'Bliss'

Cory Berry and Zach Anderson the former rhythm section of Radio Moscow have formed the band ‘Blues Pills’ sonic guitar licks, driving bass lines, heavy jazzy drums and the soulful singing of Elin Larsson. Their new EP 'Bliss' will be released May 25th on Crusher Records
Yeah I fooled ya, here's one song from the new EP

Here's Black Smoke from 2011

Sci-Fi Romance New Album coming in May

>Vance Kotrla - guitar/vocals  >Kurt Bloom – drums  >Jody Stark - cello

Folks who participated in Couch By Couchwest this year will be familiar with Sci-Fi Romance from their two video submissions for the festival. 
Sci-Fi Romance is an independent folk band from Los Angeles that blends unique arrangements and a dark, percussive take on acoustic music into a sound that has been labeled "steamfolk" for evoking a punk-infused, retro-future vibe. Their debut album ...and surrender my body to the flames was named one of the Best of 2010 (Anestakis Indie Music Blog), and called "a well done blend of dark and moody steamfolk" (Examiner) reminiscent of "somber Nick Cave meets Joseph Heller with a screening of Metropolis in the background" (The Slums Off Hollywood Blvd).

On May 8th they will be releasing a new album 'The Ghost of John Henry' which I am fortunate enough to have stuck in my ear, all I can say is stay tuned this is killer music and commentary on man and technology.
"The Ghost of John Henry" is a story about love, loss, pride, the exploitation of workers, and man's place in a world increasingly driven by technology.

UPDATE: New Video ' Broken World' from the upcoming Album

Here is Vance's Solo Couch By Couchwest submission 'Tomorrow May Take You' from the new album.

Here's Vance and Jody preforming 'Goodnight Irene' for the Couch by Couchwesters.

Here's a very poignant video of their cover of 'House of the Rising Sun'

 Well, If you've stuck around this long you're rewarded...Here's a couple free songs

Go on over to Facebook and give em a 'Like' and stay up to date
Follow Vance on Twitter and check out the website

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Black Jesuses Roll Call Blues

Sam Bey and Dave Rosen of Asbury Park's The Parlor Mob, have a side project of Bluesy Garage-Rock: The Black Jesuses, they have a debut Ep coming out soon? and teased us with this tasty tune named “Roll Call Blues” Give it a listen, and download it and give em a like of Facebook.

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