Friday, April 6, 2012

The White Soots 2nd Album

Rock/Blues/Psychedelic Kyle Byrum- Guitar/Vocals - Karl Benge - Bass - Kraig Byrum- Drums

The White Soots are best friends. They have known each other since birth. The White Soots are loud. Fun. They are obnoxious. You are guaranteed to have a good time at a White Soots show. They began playing in clubs in Dayton, Ohio in April 2009 and are constantly working toward bigger and better things, Like their 2nd Album. The material is written. And they are ready to roll. But like many Independent artists they need your help getting  the music to your ears, So they have a kickstarter. 

When a White Soots song comes up on my shuffle I immediately hit stop and scroll to the album (released 2010) and play the whole thing, every song on their debut album is excellent lyrically, vocally and musicality. Fueled by the guitar histrionics of Kyle Byrum, the Soots filter 70s arena sludge, 60s garage, and 50s rock n’ roll into an exceptionally engaging package. With copious doses of fuzzy psychedelia, deep rhythmic grooves and Byrum’s growling vocal delivery, The album was even voted the 32nd best album in the Top 50 best albums of  2010 by Cybucca Sounds, a website dedicated to underground and unsigned music.

 If you haven't giving them an ear yet and you like fuzzy, bluesy, psychedelic mix of guitar infused rock and roll,  Download it and listen and you will listen again and again. In order to titillate your ears and flexate your wallet listen and download their first album below for free.

Ok, are you all primed up and ready to go? Of course you now want more from this rockin trio. So gather up some change you've been saving and help them out.

Pledge $15 or more and receive a cd of the self-titled debut by The White Soots autographed by all 3 band members!

A contribution of $20 or more wins you a FREE VINYL copy of The White Soots new album, autographed by all 3 members of the band, in addition to the $15 pledge mentioned above!
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