Friday, April 20, 2012

The Burning Angels - "Love & 20 Pesos"

Mark Cunningham, Kelly Hoyle Fuller, Coy Campbell King, Louis Romanos and many guest appearances

The Burning Angels of Athens, Georgia are a group of eclectic musicians who have come together to form a hard-driving roots influcenced sound.

Front man, Mark Cunningham was raised on the "Athens sound" from the burgeoning acts of the late 70's and 80's. R.E.M, Pylon and The Chickasaw Mudd Puppies combined with the classic country sounds of the "outlaws" and Texas songwriters opened a whole new world for Cunningham to create the distinct sound of The Burning Angels.

Entering John Keane Studios in March 2010, The Burning Angels recorded their self-titled debut album  in October 2011.
The follow up to this album, Love & 20 Pesos, is currently in pre-production and will feature several Athens musicians, they have a kickstart project that you can contribute to and get goodies.

$10.00 Copy of the CD "Love & 20 Pesos"
$20.00 Copy of the debut CD "The Burning Angels" and "Love & 20 Pesos"
$75.00 Signed 11x17 poster, "The Burning Angels", "Love & 20 Pesos" and CD of LIVE tracks.
$100.00 All items plus solo performance house concert by Mark Cunningham.
$300.00 All items plus House concert by The Burning Angels

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