Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jim From The Moon

Glaciers rumble slowly across the landscape picking up bits and pieces of their environment as they proceed on their journey, carrying them along and dispersing them randomly in unlikely places far from their origin. Looking at their receding path a story emerges for those that look and wonder about such things.

Jim from the Moon has been playing guitar and writing original music since he was 11. Growing up he spent summers with his family in Ireland. There, he was immersed in the culture of storytelling, with seemingly everyone able to pick up any instrument and play a tune. In high school he taught his two friends to play guitar and bass so he could start his first band. They played as the grungy punk rock band Utica with Drummer Evan Sheperd from 2002-’04, recorded demos "Algal Bloom" and "Death To Emo" and played extensively with the local punk rock bands of Northern suburban N.J.

In the winter of 2010-’11 he moved to Baltimore and quickly got together with engineer Mike Franklin at Hour Haus Studios to record the EP "I Am Going to Steal You," a short but rich collection of tunes written while in Ireland and Baltimore. It is a stripped-down sound highlighting Jim's unique take on the old Irish "Sean-nos" singing, strummed and plucked to a warm acoustic guitar. Soon after recording "I Am Going to Steal You," Jim started to play with local drummer Jeff Boyd. They began building an impressive repertoire of dark folk/space rock tunes as a two-piece. They have played many venues in Baltimore and D.C. (The 8x10, Joe Squared, Sidebar Tavern, SubmergeDC) and plan to expand their fan base while promoting their upcoming album (due out early 2012). 

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