Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wells next-the Sea - NEW release 'Passenger Side'

Liz Barnett- vocals, violin
George Henner- drums
Brennan Mackey- vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, ukulele
Dann Morr- vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, mandolin, piano
Danny Sherrard- vocals, piano, electric piano, electric guitar

UPDATE: Available for Purchase TODAY!

Couch by Couchwesters Wells next-the Sea gave us a sneak peek of two songs off their latest EP 'Passenger Side' when Brennan, Dann, and Liz drug a couch out to the sidewalk or by happenstance found a couch on the sidewalk and performed “With Our Eyes Closed” and “Chicago” exclusively for us Couchalotatists.  

Wells’ follow up to their 2010 Album 'Guest House' features a new line up of musicians one of which delights me the most is a lady and a violin, New Zealand-born Liz Barnett, her sweet voice and violin accompaniments add a wonderful texture to the songs. The addition of multi-instrumentalists Danny Sherrod and Brennan Mackey add a rich melodic sound to the songs and compliment Dann and the groups vocals. All in all this is an excellent Indie/Folk record that I will enjoy listening to repeatedly, but alas it is too damn short! I hope to see a full length album from this current line up in the very near future. 5 Stars
The new five song EP 'Passenger Side' will be released on Squirrel Trap Records April 24, 2012 you can  Pre-order Digital, Vinyl/CD here 
I highly recommend you hit the play button below, and I dare you to only listen once.

Here are the couch by couchwest videos

With Our Eyes Closed

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