Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Dirty Urchins - Just In Time

David Luther, Freddie Stevenson, Bennett Miller, Julia Haltigan

Featured on Popakazooza Vol 4, Brooklyn's The Dirty Urchins were conceived one cold night in February 2009, as Freddie Stevenson and David Luther discussed their grim economic futures over a seemingly endless supply of Guinness. Instead of mopping the floor in a Lower East Side restaurant, or getting coffee for some CEO's secretary, they decided to do exactly what it is they do best: play music. Thus, the Urchins were born shortly thereafter as one of the hottest busking bands to grace the streets, parks, and subways of New York City. When Bennett Miller joined David and Freddie to play on the Union Square L-train platform, though, the three knew that what they had stumbled upon was far more than just a busking band: nay, what they had discovered was nothing less than the key to world domination.

Upon emerging from the bowels of the subway that first time, steeped in a piquant marinade of subway grime, Freddie remarked in his usual Scottish eloquence, "My god, we're like a bunch of dirty urchins!" (dingdingdingdingding!!) The name stuck.
Some time passed, and David disappeared for the summer of 2010 to tour with Meat Loaf. In his absence, Julia Haltigan stepped in to keep up the momentum, and when he returned, the Urchins were four.

People often ask the Urchins how they would describe their sound. And while none of the three would claim to be the purveyors of cutting-edge novelty, they have found a blend of styles unique to them. Start with the Dylan-infused Scottish-folk roots of Freddie, add David's love of rhythm n' blues and country, some of Julia's raucous, old-school lilt, fold in Bennett's indelible sense of groove, and then sprinkle with a jazz sensibility. Serve with a side of humor, and there it is. Rock 'n' folk, perhaps? An army of wordsmiths is still smithing away...

Just In Time EP available - Name Your Price

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