Saturday, April 14, 2012

David Lott's Many Hats

Born and raised in New York, songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist David Lott is a chameleon moving effortlessly between genres’ and bands: His current group The Whitewalls, guest stints with Rebecca Hart and the Sexy Children, the formerly acclaimed rock-fusion group Licorice as lead guitarist, lead vocalist and primary songwriter  and excursions into solo projects in Jazz, alt-country and Indie rock. He has an impressive body of work as a singer/songwriter, arranger, producer and guitarist.
The first solo EP highlights Lott’s well rounded songwriting, arranging, guitar playing and vocals
David Lott: Guitars, Vocals, Some Background Vocals, Paper Rub, Additional percussion
Alby Cohen: Most Background Vocals, Drums and Percussion (Tracks 1-3,5), Synth Strings (Track 4)
Josh Bloom: Drums and Percussion (Track 4)
Brian Stanley: Bass (Tracks 1-4)
James Preston: Bass (Track 5)
Craig Greenberg: Upright Piano (Tracks 1-2, 4-5)
Chad Dinzes: Fender Rhodes (Track 4), Organ (Tracks 1-3, 5), Upright Piano (Track 3)
Thomas Bryan Eaton: Mandolin (Track 1, 5), Pedal Steel Guitar (Tracks 1-2, 4-5)
Doug Goldstein: Banjo (Tracks 1, 5)
Mike Gibney: Additional Sound Design (Track 4)

The Whitewalls - El Corazon Estalla.mp3
The Whitewalls are the latest iteration of guitarist David Lott, bassist Matt Epstein and drummer Josh Bloom. As 3/4 of Licorice, this band of Brooklyn based musicians haunted such famous stages as The Blue Note, The Knitting Factory and the Brooklyn Academy of Music, offering up complex originals, jazz standards and fusion odysseys with their inimitably cohesive and delicate touch. Now as a streamlined trio, The Whitewalls have turned their focus on songcraft, and playing with power.

Licorice - Burlington Jam.mp3
Licorice is a true jam band juggernaut. Featuring Joshua Bloom on drums and vocals, Matthew Epstein on bass, David Lott on lead vocals and guitar, and Chad Dinzes on vocals and keyboards, the Licorice sound starts in rock, funk, and reggae but always ends up somewhere in between

Rebecca Hart & The Sexy Children Live at Joe's Pub
Rebecca Hart (Guitar, Vocals, Advanced Stage Banter), Dan Barman (Drums), Matt Epstein (Bass), Dave Lott (Guitar)
Rebecca Hart & The Sexy Children - White Lie.mp3
Rebecca Hart & The Sexy Children - Planets.mp3

And here are a couple Jazz tunes from One Night in Bushwick
David Lott - Misty.mp3
David Lott - Softly As In a Morning Sunrise.mp3

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