Saturday, August 31, 2013

Butchers Blind - Destination Blues

Butchers Blind hail from Bellerose, New York and is comprised of
Pete Mancini - Vocals, Guitar
Paul Cianciaruso - Drums, Vocals
Brian Reilly - Bass
Joe Sanders - Guitar
Russ Seeger - Fiddle
Brandi Hart - Vocals

On Butcher Blind's new record, Destination Blues, the twang dangles like a tassel enticingly just out of reach, glanced from the corner of the eye reminding you yes, this is alt/country heading in a wonderful new direction.
Available today on Paradiddle Records, CDBaby, Amazon

Track List:
1. Nobody Hears What I Say Anymore
2. Tear It Down
3. OPP
4. Destination Blues
5. Honestly
6. College Town
7. Drowned
8. Young Again
9. Selfish Silent Films
10. Enough Already Anyway
11. Burn Up Bright (Lower East Side)

Upcoming Shows
Butchers Blind, The Last Hombres, Miss Ohio @ Mercury Lounge [ALBUM RELEASE SHOW]
Saturday August 31, 2013 at 8:00pm
Mercury Lounge
New York, New York
Butchers Blind @ CJ Wellingtons
Friday, September 20, 2013 at 9:00pm
CJ Wellingtons
Franklin Square, New York
Butchers Blind Travelling Weekend of Awesome pt. II
Friday, September 27, 2013 at 9:00pm
Albany, Rosendale NY

The Peculiar Pretzelmen NEW Single “Howling Gale”:

The Deacon & M. Incroyable

“Howling Gale” is the first single off the The Peculiar Pretzelmen’s upcoming new material—they will be releasing two EPs entitled Gentlemen Scoundrels: Rule Book Volume I and II at the end of summer. They’ll also release a comic book and digital single this fall, and their third full-length album in 2014.

Upcoming Shows:
Thu, 03 Oct Las Vegas, NV The Double Down Saloon
Fri, 04 Oct Provo, UT ABG's
Sun, 06 Oct Lawrence, KS Replay Lounge
Tue, 08 Oct Quincy, IL Club Tavern
Wed, 09 Oct Normal, IL Firehouse Pizza & Pub
Thu, 10 Oct Louisville, KY The Magnolia Bar
Tue, 15 Oct Kingston, NY The Anchor
Fri, 18 Oct Lansing, MI The Avenue Cafe (Formerly Gone Wired)
Sat, 19 Oct Mishawaka, IN Awesome Place
Fri, 25 Oct Sioux Falls, SD Lattitude 44

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Left Lane Cruiser - Rock Them Back To Hell! Limited Edition Vinyl

Freddy J IV and Brenn Beck

Left Lane Cruiser are back with an album of voodoo hillbilly punk-blues. Recorded in Fort Wayne IN, and mixed in Detroit by Jim Diamond, Rock Them Back To Hell! release date 9/17 sees the duo expanding their sonic palette by adding bass, harmonica, organ, and trash percussion (that would be a cardboard box, a paint tin, trash can and an electrified five-gallon bucket). The result is an album to wake up the dead, and rock it back to hell! The "hell-billies" cover art is the work of renowned artist William Stout (Return Of The Living Dead, Invaders From Mars, Pan's Labyrinth).

Free Download 'Juice To Get Loose'

Left Lane Cruiser - Rock Them Back to Hell ( LP Cover by William Stout, Ltd Edition of 300 GREEN VINYL w POSTER insert - mailorder exclusive- LP via BOMP mailorder!
Upcoming Shows:
Fri 09/27/13 Greenville, SC Bohemian Cafe
Sat 09/28/13 Sandy Springs, GA North River Tavern
Fri 10/25/13 St. Louis, MO Off Broadway Nightclub
Sat 10/26/13 Columbia, MO Mojo's

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wes Tirey First Ever Italian Tour Indiegogo Campaign

After releasing his EP, I Stood Among Trees in Feburary to positive reviews in the US, UK, and Europe, Wes Tirey has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund his first ever Italian tour. No where has there been more support and love given to Wes' craft than in Italy, and to show his appreciation Wes is planning a week long tour of the country which will begin in January 2014. And, as a result of his popularity, Wes has recorded a DIYtrotter with HI54LOFI, and will re-release I Stood Among Trees via the German label Dying For Bad Music as well as a new release on Brooklyn-based label, Orange Milk Records.

Free Download>

The 8th instalment of Daytrotter's ‘ask an artist to record their own ‘daytrotter-esque’ session in their own bedrooms / homes / DIY surrounding’ returns this week with the talented Wes Tirey sitting down and recording 4 tracks in his dining room in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Some of these tracks are new, some are old, one doesn't even have a title yet, but all 4 were recorded in one sitting while his cat Tonto looked on from the living room. And now, through the magic of technology, you get to hear the same thing that Tonto heard. As with all the past sessions, you can hear one track on the latest episode of Mix Tape Radio On Folk Radio UK (episode 18 airs today) and you can download the whole session for free over on Bandcamp.

Monday, August 26, 2013

All Sensory Void - Psychedelic Syd and the Recklessly Abandoned

All Sensory Void is the solo project of The Nico Blues member Eric Goldberg, following up on the February release of the psychedelic punk album, Relax Man...You're Actually Just Energy Condensed to a Slow Vibration, Eric is set to launch his new album ‘Psychedelic Syd and the Recklessly Abandoned’, due to drop in September, the album is loosely based on the 1960′s hippie culture as well as Gold’s own experimentation with psychedelics during his stint in college with a nod to the late Hunter S. Thompson works documenting the counter culture of the sixties and based on the quote from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
“We are all wired into a survival trip now. No more of the speed that fueled the ‘60s. That was the fatal flaw in Tim Leary's trip. He crashed around America selling "consciousness expansion" without ever giving a thought to the grim meat-hook realities that were lying in wait for all the people who took him seriously... All those pathetically eager acid freaks who thought they could buy Peace and Understanding for three bucks a hit. But their loss and failure is ours too. What Leary took down with him was the central illusion of a whole life-style that he helped create... a generation of permanent cripples, failed seekers, who never understood the essential old-mystic fallacy of the Acid Culture: the desperate assumption that somebody... or at least some force - is tending the light at the end of the tunnel.” – Hunter S. Thompson
'Psychedelic Syd and the Recklessly Abandoned'  

Download (Name Your Price) the deliciously far out single ‘Psychedelic Syd’ below.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Austin Lucas - Stay Reckless

Austin Lucas and friends at Durty Nelly's in St. Petersburg, Fla. on Feb. 7, 2012. | Photo by: Nicole Kibert ©

A three year Couch by Couchwest veteran (He was the first ever CXCW performer) Indiana’s Austin Lucas has captured the hearts of all participants and performers at the grassroots event.  Spending about 10 months a year touring he is a true American troubadour, writing and singing about life on the road, hard lesson’s learned, redemption and sacrifice. A gripping vocalist his songs reach deep into the soul and tug at sometimes raw feelings that benefit from the light of expression.
“I wrote the majority of this record leading up to and in the aftermath of separating and divorcing my ex-wife,” Lucas tells American Songwriter. “In many ways it could be considered a typical breakup album, however, I really wanted there to be a glimmer of hope that existed along with the heartache. Hope for a future without the stress and isolation that I’d been feeling for so long and hope for the possibilities that life might now place in my path. There’s a whole lot of sadness in the songs on Stay Reckless but alongside it, there’s also the glimmer of happiness to come.”
Glossary is the backup band on the album and is chockfull of talent, with Cory Branan adding some guitar and organ, Hoot Hester playing fiddle and mandolin and Chris Scruggs from BR-549 singing backups and playing a little bit of lap steel.

The sampler below will entice you to go to American Songwriter and stream the full album. Look for 'Stay Reckless' on August 27 on New West Records

Upcoming Tour Dates:

August 29 – Louisville, KY @ Zanzabar *

August 30 – Bloomington, IN @ The Bishop *

August 31 – Cookeville, TN @ Muddy Roots Festival

September 2 – Tupelo, MS @ The Blue Canoe *

September 3 – Little Rock, AR @ White Water Tavern *

September 4 – Oxford, MS @ Proud Larry’s *

September 6 – Birmingham, AL @ Bottletree *

September 7 – Baton Rouge, LA @ Mud and Water *

September 8 – New Orleans, LA @ Circle Bar *

September 10 – Pensacola, FL @ Handlebar *

September 11 – Gainesville, FL @ The High Dive *

September 12 – St. Petersburg, FL @ The Shelter *

September 13 – Jacksonville, FL @ Rain Dogs

September 14 – Atlanta, GA @ The Basement

September 15 – Durham, NC @ Motorco

September 16 – Richmond, VA @ The Camel

September 17 – Harrisonburg, VA @ The Blue Nile

September 18 Knoxville, TN @ The Well

* With John Moreland)

Feel Bad For You August '13

The dog days wane, Any song, any genre, any year. As always, your favorite bloggers, muso's, twittererers, couchalotists, and trend setters have a lot of interests so we've got a wide range of musical genres and artists. There’s some old favorites and some new stuff too, so in your car, your cube or just chillin' in the hammock put the headphones on and enjoy this eclectic mix.
Add your two cents here.

1. Title: Por Ai
Artist: Bárbara Eugênia
Album (2010): Journal de BAD
Submitted By: hoosier buddy
Comments: One of the thinks to do in Brazil is to stay out all night, smoking cigarettes and drinking Coca-Cola. This song is about that cultural meme, and also about missing someone, and wishing they would come by. Bárbara Eugênia is influenced by Brazilian and French music, and brings a retro vibe to contemporary arrangements. Check out the strange video here:
2. Title: The Truth
Artist: Dr. Dog
Album: B-Room (2013)
Submitted By: Mad Mackerel
Comments: The first taste of Dr. Dog’s forthcoming album sees them oozing classic Philly soul with their traditional indie-folk stylings to create something rather special.
3. Title: Pancho and Lefty
Artist: Townes Van Zandt
Album (1973): Live at the Old Quarter Houston Texas
Submitted by: Gorrck
Comments: picked this up on vinyl yesterday — one of my favorite songs. Fantastic album overall. I think I’ll go have some breakfast whiskey now.
4. Title: Cryin’ Like A Fool
Artist: Jerry McCain
Album (1997): Rock ‘n’ Roll Ball
Submitted by: @BoogieStudio22
Comments: A blues blog, that posts a lot of out of print blues LPs, turned me on to Jerry McCain a few months ago. There’s some standout songs on this album, but this one is just a hoot!
5./6. Title: Into / When A Fire Starts To Burn
Artist: Disclosure
Album (2013): Settle
Submitted By: @philnorman
Comments: Best EDM record I’ve heard this year, not that I’ve heard a lot of them. People don’t wanna do nuthin’ with they life.
7. Title: King James
Artist: I Can Lick Any SOB In The House
Album: (2013) Mayberry
Submitted By: Romeo Sid Vicious
Comments: I think this song speaks for itself and anything I can say would only take away from that…
8. Title: Swept Under The Rug
Artist: Francie Moon
Album (2013): Unreleased
Submitted By: @Popa2unes
Comments: I have been following this young New Jersey lady’s (Melissa Lucciola) musical growth since she started her career a few years ago, I submitted a song from her a while back when she recorded as Melissa & Paul. She has since done some solo releases and is stretching her wings and is growing tremendously in her writing, playing and singing. I saw a video of this song on facebook where she played it at a fire pit show, and had to have it so she sent me two unreleased versions of it. it moves me like Billie Holiday moves me I hear similarities between them, I listen to it multiple times a day and I hope youse all enjoy it to. She has giving me permission to share it with you all, she now goes by the name Francie Moon and is adding collaborator’s for the next step in her young career.
9. Title: Fake Palindromes
Artist: Andrew Bird
Album (2005): Andrew Bird & the Mysterious Production of Eggs
Submitted By: @mikebeebe
Comments: Saw Andrew Bird for the first time at Newport Folk Festival this year, one the few remaining artists on my “must see bucket list”…so yeah, it was great. Here’s one of my favorite AB tracks, even though he didn’t play it at Newport. Oh well. Next time!
10. Title: Ponzi Scheme
Artist: Eric Brace and Peter Cooper
Album (2013): The Comeback Album
Submitted by: Adam Dawson (
Comments: These two were meant to sing with one another, the harmonies are phenomenal. With a band featuring the great Lloyd Green on pedal steel they continue to put out the best Country records today in my opinion. This one is from the record they released earlier this year and is an co-write between the two.
11. Title: Thief in My Mouth
Artist: The Weeks
Album (2013): Dear Bo Jackson
Submitted By: Trailer
12. Title: Mirage
Artist: The Queers
Album (1995): Surf Goddess
Submitted By: annieTUFF
Comments: You can’t go wrong with the Queers, you just can’t. Live shows or recording.
13. Title: Kings and Thrones
Artist: Outer Minds
Album (2013): Southpaw
Submitted By: @popa2unes
Comments: because psych fuzz is good for your brain
14. Title: Good Country Girl
Artist: Alexander Hudjohn featuring Katherine Hudjohn
Album (2013): Good Country Girl (digital single)
Submitted by: @BoogieStudio22
Comments: A late arrival. I’ve followed Alexander Hudjohn for a while and I got an email about a new release. Something about this grabbed me so I had to share. Available on Bandcamp.
15. Title: Elephant
Artist: Jason Isbell
Album (2013): Southeastern
Submitted By: Rockstar Aimz
Comments: It’s rare when a song stops me in my tracks. On a Saturday afternoon I was doing some crap around my house and listening to Bryan’s Ninebullets Radio show, when this song stopped me cold. I saw Jason and his band last night (7/29) in Cambridge, MA, and maybe it was the Schlitz tall boys, or the fact that I’m a chick, or that I’m a sucker for the sad songs, but this song brought me to tears. Second time in the last year I have cried at a live show. Stupid runny mascara.
16. Title: OK Corral
Artist: T. Hardy Morris
Album (2013): Audition Tapes
Submitted by: Corey Flegel (This Is American Music)
Comments: Hardy’s record is probably my favorite non-TIAM record of the year…so good from top to bottom. Matt Stoessel (South San Gabriel) almost steals the show at times on pedal steel.
17. Title: Little Bit of White Trash
Artist: Jeff Porter
Album (2006): 15 Miles
Submitted By: toomuchcountry
Comments: Before pointing at someone else and labeling them as white trash, remember that three other fingers are pointing back at you. Unless of course, one of them is just a nub remaining from that unfortunate bicycle spoke incident you choose not to discuss. Either way, just make sure none of them has a booger on the end. And as the sweltering heat of August sets in, may you enjoy the soak of your calloused feet in your Kmart blue plastic pool.
18. Title: My Favorite Picture of You (live) – UNRELEASED
Artist: Guy Clark
Submitted By: @tincanman2010
Comments: The title track of Guy’s new album has been a staple of his live shows for several years. One of his gentlest, sweetest and best songs, the polaroid was taken when his wife was yelling at he and Townes Van Zandt for getting drunk in the garage when they were supposed to be doing yardwork or somesuch.

Listen> The Pack A.D. New Track "Battering Ram"

Ahead of The Pack A.D.'s in-the-works debut LP for Nettwerk Records 'Do Not Engage' which is expected to drop in early 2014 they are releasing an EP Some Sssongs August 27 a collection of a few old cuts and also this new rocker called "Battering Ram," which you can hear now...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Download> Nude Beach II

Chuck Betz, Ryan Naideau, and Jimmy Shelton

Brooklyn power-pop/rock trio Nude Beach have made available for download their 2012 album II
Upcoming show dates below....

9/06 – Chicago, IL @ AV Club Hideout Fest
9/08 – Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR *
9/09 – Nashville, TN @ Stone Fox *
9/10 – Oxford, MS @ Lamar Lounge *
9/11 – Chattanooga, TN @ Sluggo’s *
9/12 – Atlanta, GA @ 529 *^
9/13 – Asheville, NC @ Static Age Records *
9/15 – Philadelphia, PA @ Ortlieb’s *
9/16 – New Brunswick, NJ @ Circuit City *
9/20 – New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge *

* with Suspicious Beasts
^ with PUJOL

Gas Money - Untethered

Fred Stucky, Doug Corrigan, Dan Pell, Isaac Stanford, Jim Callan

Gas Money - Untethered
Sometimes I come to the realization I may be living under a rock, wandering the interwebs for good alt-country music my clicks usually lead to Nashville or Austin, but there’s cowboy boots on cobblestone right here in my lil’ ole hometown of Philly, along with my Philly faves Morning River Band, The Miners, Larabee, and Joe Kille, it seems Fred Stukey and his band Gas Money have been honky tonkin’ it up since 1994!
Their third release ‘Untethered’ harkens back to 50’s whiskey soaked, neon lit Honky Tonk bars, slick steel guitar, mandolins & banjo’s joyously interject themselves like old friends sharing memories of late nights with improvised jam sessions in dark corners on dimly lit stages. The songs are fun and seem to be products of spontaneous reactions of the band just jelling on a Saturday night swapping tall tales and jokes. Originality this band has in spades, tongue in cheek they have mastered to perfection.
"Many things on this recording were done on the spot in the studio. It was very organic you might say. And with that I let go and let people do what they do best. Very rewarding."  - Fred Stucky

Track List: 
1. Shotgun Wedding
2. High Water
3. Coast a While
4. Every Empty Bottle
5. Honky Tonk Truth
6. Untethered
7. Ex Girl Friends
8. Yo Elvis
9. Gig Posters
10. Rockabilly Burnout
11. Rock and Roll

Download> The Black Angels Live from San Francisco

Stephanie Bailey - drums & percussion
Christian Bland - guitar, drone machine/organ
Kyle Hunt - keyboards, percussion, bass, guitar 
Alex Maas - vocals

Austin psych rockers The Black Angels have steadily delivered some of the most aggressive and innovative music of the past decade. Earlier this year, they dropped Indigo Meadow, their fourth record.
Back in May, the group delivered one of its best performances in San Francisco. Below, you can exclusively download and listen to the three song EP. It's called Live from San Francisco.

Live from San Francisco
1. Indigo Meadow
2. Evil Things
3. Broken Soldier

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Magnolia Mountain - Beloved & Mark Utley - Four Chords and a Lie

Magnolia Mountain - Beloved

Mark Utley - Lead and Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Banjo
Renee Frye - Lead and Harmony Vocals
Melissa English - Lead and Harmony Vocals 
Jeff Vanover - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Dusty Bryant - Keyboards
Victor Strunk - Bass
Todd Drake - Drums, Percussion

Couch By Couchwest Alumni Cincinnati, Ohio’s Magnolia Mountain is one of the midwest’s most acclaimed and prolific Americana/Roots Rock bands, with three previous albums and multiple regional Band-Album-Songwriter of the Year nominations to their credit. Their latest release ‘Beloved’ percolates with a bluesy soulful southern rock punch.  The intertwining three-part vocal harmonies and haunting keys intercede fluidly throughout.  Longtime vocalist Melissa English and new member Renee Frye take the spotlight on some songs, add a sultry swagger.

1.Midnight Man
2. Fool No More
3. Goin' Out Of My Mind
4. Ain't Enough Anything
5. Beloved
6. You Got A Hold On Me
7. Cat In A Cage
8. Not That Much
9.Lonesome Train
10. Take Me Down
11. The Southbound Lane

The band is led by songwriter Mark Utley on vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and banjo. Mark is joined by vocalists Melissa English and Renee Frye, guitarist Jeff Vanover, keyboardist Dusty Bryant, bassist Victor Strunk, and drummer Todd Drake.
“Beloved” is available on vinyl LP,  compact disc, and digital download  from the This Is American Music label.

Midnight Man premiere at CXCW '13


Mark Utley - Four Chords and a Lie

“Four Chords and a Lie” Utley’s solo debut, exemplifies why he has Songwriter of the Year
nominations with five original pure Honky Tonk Country songs and five beautiful stripped-down originals performed solo or duet-style with vocalist Renee Frye.

“Four Chords and a Lie” is available on vinyl LP, compact disc, and digital download on the This Is American Music label.

1.Waitin' On Ruby Raye - Mark Utley and Bulletville
2. Not All Right Together - Mark Utley and Bulletville
3. Nothin' But Time - Mark Utley and Bulletville
4. Make Me - Mark Utley
5. Little Black Dress - Mark Utley
6. Tell Me Again - Mark Utley and Bulletville
7. Blackbird On The Wire - Mark Utley
8. Out In California (With Kentucky On My Mind) - Mark Utley   and Bulletville
9.The Southbound Lane - Mark Utley and Renee Frye
10. Say A Prayer For Me - Mark Utley

The Greencards - Sweetheart Of The Sun

In its eleventh year as a recording and touring band, Australian transplants Kym Warner (mandolin) and Carol Young (bass and vocals) with Guitarist Carl Minor, The Greencards launch U.S. tour in August and release ‘Sweetheart Of The Sun’ The record was made “old school,” with the specific intention of be listened to from start to finish rather than parsed into single-serve song downloads.

‘Sweetheart Of The Sun’ (released 8/20) has a more mellow sound than their previously trio jam based releases. Adding additional musicians, Jedd Hughes on guitar, bouzouki, ukulele and vocals; Kai Welch on guitar, bass, accordion, keys, omnichord and vocals; David Beck on vocals and bass; Paul Cauthen on vocals; Eric Darken on percussion; Aoife O’Donovan on vocals; Jon Randall on vocals; Luke Reynolds on bass and pedal steel guitar; and Andrea Zonn on violin and viola this release has a polished orchestral feel.

Songs such as "Black, Black Water," "Paddle the Torrens," "Ocean Floor," "Ride & Sway," and "Fly" highlight the beautiful arrangements that create a spiritual feel throughout the whole album, which should be listened to in its entirety.

1. Once And Gone
2. Forever Mine
3. Black, Black Water
4. Paddle The Torrens
5. Ocean Floor
6. Traveler’s Song
7. Midnight Ferry
8. Wide Eyed Immigrant
9. Love And Other Errors
10. Ride & Sway
11. Boxcar Boys
12. Fly

Tour Dates:
Sat Aug 24           5:00 pm                FLORENCE CO - Americana Music and Arts Festival
Fri Sep 06                                            BENTONVILLE AR - First Fridays
Sat Sep 07           11:30 am              BENTONVILLE AR - First Fridays
Sat Sep 07           8:00 pm                KANSAS CITY MO - Knuckleheads
Wed Sep 18        10:00 pm              NASHVILLE TN - Station Inn (AMA Showcase)
Fri Sep 27             9:00 pm                AUSTIN TX - Threadgills
Sat Sep 28           8:30 pm                THE WOODLANDS TX - Dosey Doe
Thu Oct 24           8:00 pm                NEW YORK CITY NY - Cutting Room
Fri Oct 25             7:30 pm                VIENNA VA - Jammin Java
Thu Nov 07         8:00 pm                KNOXVILLE TN - Bijou Theatre (w Sons of Fathers)
Sat Nov 09           7:00 pm                DECATUR GA - Eddie's Attic
Sat Nov 09           9:00 pm                DECATUR GA - Eddie's Attic (2nd show)
Sun Nov 10         8:00 pm                ASHEVILLE NC - The Orange Peel (w/ Sons of Fathers)
Tue Nov 12         8:00 pm                NASHVILLE TN - Station Inn
Wed Nov 13       7:00 pm                NASHVILLE TN - Music City Roots (PBS Taping)
Fri Nov 15            9:00 pm                BOWLING GREEN KY - The Warehouse at Mt Victor
Fri Jan 24              7:30 pm                CEDARBURG WI - Cedarburg Performing Arts
Sat Mar 15           11:45 am              AUSTRALIA - CMC Rocks The Hunter
Sun Mar 16         10:30 am              AUSTRALIA - CMC Rocks The Hunter

Monday, August 19, 2013

Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray Announce Fall Tour Dates

 left to right: Miss Shevaughn, Ben Tufts, Yuma Wray

Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray Announce Fall Tour, The trio will be road-testing new material from thier upcoming March '14 studio album (Which just so happens to coincide with Couch By Couchwest)

Sep 12 - The Prospector, Long Beach, CA
Sep 13 - Press Restaurant, Claremont, CA
Sep 14 - Chopper John's, Phoenix, AZ
Sep 17 - Old Texas Brewing, Burleson, TX
Sep 18 - The Cavern, Russellville, AR
Sep 19 - TBA Nashville, TN
Sep 20 - Lab Listening Room, Asheville, NC
Sep 21 - Soundhole, Myrtle Beach, SC
Sep 22 - The Milestone, Charlotte, NC
Sep 23 - The Box, Charlottesville, VA
Sep 24 - Hill Country BBQ, Washington DC
Oct 5 - Art On The Avenue street festival, Alexandria, VA
Oct 9 - Grand Victory, Brooklyn, NY
Oct 10 - 193 Degrees Coffee, Kingston, RI
Oct 11 - Red Hook Bait N Tackle, Brooklyn, NY
Oct 12 - Bus Stop Music Cafe, Pittman, NJ
Oct 18 - The Sparrow, Charleston, SC
Oct 21 - Alleycat, Carrolton, GA
Oct 24 - Southgate House Revival, Newport, KY
Oct 25 - Mag Bar, Louisville, KY
Oct 31 - The Black Cat, Washington DC
Nov 2 - TBA Brooklyn, NY

In September of 2012, Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray released their first full-length offering, entitled We're From Here. Immediately afterwards, the Americana duo (turned psych/blues/rock/folk trio) embarked on a two month tour to support that release.

Their last digital-only album Live @ DC9 was recorded during the final show of that 45-date venture at DC9 in Washington, DC last November, where they shared the stage with Laura Tsaggaris and The Weathervanes. Featuring DC native Ben Tufts on drums, this live album was the conclusion to a year spent in the studio and on the stage, with thousands of miles logged on the road. Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray didn't sleep much, but their songs have never sounded more focused or energetic.

Keith Kenny - The Big Red Suitcase Tour

One of our favorite traveling troubadour's, Asbury Park's Keith Kenny announces yet another tour! The Big Red Suitcase Tour

08.24 - The Court Tavern - New Brunswick, NJ - 9pm
08.29 - 8x10 - Baltimore, MD - 8pm
08.30 - 447 Gallery - Cambridge, MD - 8pm
09.05 - Amra's - Raleigh, NC - 9pm
09.06 - Brewskis on Burke - Winston-Salem, NC - 8pm
09.07 - The Birdhouse - Knoxville, TN - 8pm
09.08 - Acoustic Coffehouse - Johnson City, TN - 8pm
09.10 - 185 King Street - Brevard, NC - 8pm
09.12 - The Saloon - Charlotte, NC - 8pm
09.13 - Brickhouse Kitchen - Charleston, SC - 7pm
09.14 - Brickhouse Kitchen - Charleston, SC - 12pm  -  ALS BENEFIT
09.17 - 1904 Music Hall - Jacksonville, FL - 8pm
09.19 - Steamboat Willies - Palatka, FL - 10pm
09.22 - Highlands Festival at Waterloo Village - Byram, NJ - 4pm
10.03 - Steamboat Willies - Palatka, FL - 10pm
10.09 - WDVX 102.9 FM Blue Plate Special - Knoxville, TN 12pm
10.09 - Preservation Pub - Knoxville, TN - 9pm
10.11 - The Saloon - Charlotte, NC - 8pm
10.12 - James Joyce Irish Pub - Durham, NC
10.18 - John & Peter's - New Hope, PA - 9pm

 And The Light Came Blaring In....Released 23 March 2013 All songs written, performed & produced by Keith Kenny Mastered by Ed Littman Artwork by Keith Kenny & Ian Luberecki

"As a songwriter Keith tackles issues of the human condition and his inner demons, as a singer/musician he pours is full being into the delivery of his songs, with a rockin' mixture of blues/folk. A blistering guitarist with multi-instrument skills and his unique vocals are on full display on this album of blues tinged rocker's and sizzling slow burners."                - Popa Tunes

This video was captured at a vacant church in Canajoharie, NY last summer.  A very raw, unedited live recording has also been released for a free download on Bandcamp.  Track 3 “Whatever You Want” was completely improvised.  Enjoy!

Couch By Couchwest performance of the new song “Filling Holes”

Mother Merey and the Black Dirt - Damn Dirty Tour 2013

Mother Merey and the Black Dirt announce 2013 tour dates
-September 6th: Hole in The Wall (Austin) TOUR KICKOFF PARTY/VINYL RELEASE w/ Brandon Luedtke, Union Specific, The Blackwells
-September 12th: Adair's Saloon (Dallas, TX)
-September 13th: Smoke N Barrel Tavern (Fayetteville, AR) w/ Brandon Luedtke, Fire & Flood
-September 14th: Allard Mountain (Middle of Nowhere, AR)  w/ Brandon Luedtke
-September 15th: Soulard Shanti (St. Louis, MO) w/ Brandon Luedtke
-September 16th: Woodlands Tavern (Columbus, OH) w/ Brandon Luedtke
-September 17th: Double Happiness (Columbus, OH) w/ Brandon Luedtke
-September 19th: The Way Station (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Brandon Luedtke
-September 21st: Joe 2 Station North (Baltimore, MD)
-September 22nd: Solly's Tavern (Washington, D.C.) w/ Brandon Luedtke
-September 23rd: The Garage (Charlottesville, VA) w/ Brandon Luedtke
-September 24th: Crown Station Pub (Charlotte, NC) w/ Brandon Luedtke

Their debut 'Down To The River' is officially available on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp! Enjoy!
You can purchase physical copies of the CD, Vinyl, and other merch here.

"Cocksure in their handling of traditional blues, Mother Merey and the Black Dirt have created an album that is both fresh and timeless. Never forced, the authenticity of Down to the River should not be questioned." - Bucket Full Of Nails

"Mother Merey and the Black Dirt do everything right on their new album Down To The River. They are a boot stomper on the porch kind of band and that fact is clear from the first notes... "Mother Merey and the Black Dirt have their songwriting chops as honed in as they have their playing."
    -Charles Hale, Ninebullets

"I was but a wee lad back when Canned Heat came on the scene and freaked me out with their jug blues/boogie and I continue to go back to the orignal line up with Alan "Blind Owl" Christie Wilson, Bob "The Bear" Hite, Henry "Sunflower" Vestine releases for my fix of gritty rootsy, bluesy folk. Austin's Mother Merey and the Black Dirt just changed that, they've got the missing ingredient, vocalist Merey Kimbrough's uncomparable singing over a slide resonator guitar and a boot stomping beat is addictive listening."
    -Popa Tunes

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Blue & Gold - Debut EP

Chloe Raynes - Guitar, Vocals
GG Gonzalez - Drums
Alex Kapelman - Guitar, Vocals

From the bastion of bad assery Rock & Roll, Brookly NY.  Blue & Gold wrangle righteous riffs , bodacious bass slappery and indomitable drum beats while Chloe sizzles on vocals with Alex contributing hot buttery flavor to that sizzle.

The band’s self-titled EP released on the 16th of July now available on iTunes

In the topsy-turvy world of rock & roll, having a good solid piece of wood in your hand is often useful. For Chloe, that first piece of wood was White Lightning, a Mexi Telecaster. Her parents got it for her birthday. She was 11. Alex’s first axe came a few years after he told his parents he was quitting piano lessons because he had better things to do with his time. Like girls. He actually said that. GG’s mom told her to play an instrument in 5th grade. She chose snare drum and thought it was lame. Then she saw a blink-182 video with Travis Barker. She was like, Wait. That is cool. I wanna do that. So she did. And she still does.

Blue & Gold plays rock & roll music. Like the White Stripes, the Black Keys, and Alabama Shakes. Also like Zeppelin, Cream, and Hendrix. And the Strokes, Band of Skulls, and the London Souls. But just listen to Blue & Gold already. Because life is short. Dozens of people spontaneously combust each year. It's just not really widely reported.

Emma Hill - The Black and Wretched Blue

I’ve never been to Alaska, but I’d like to imagine in the quiet of the wilderness the winds echo with the beauty of Emma Hill’s voice.
She released her fourth album “The Black and Wretched Blue” on March 26th of this year
Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless (known for his work with indie icons like Bon Iver and Andrew Bird)
The Black and Wretched Blue available on Bandcamp, iTunes, CDBaby

1. The Black and Wretched Blue
2. A Pilot's Goodbye
3. The Little Wolves Cried
4. Crushin'
5. A Hundred Homes
6. Fallin' for a Girl
7. For Jimbo
8. I Was Eighteen
9. The Arrow Is Sharp
10. Life On the Road
11. The Big Lonely
12. Call On Home
13. Miss You Tonight (Hidden Track)

Emma Hill - lead vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion
Bryan Daste - vocals, pedal steel guitar, banjo, Ashbory bass, 12-string guitars, saw, harmonium, melodica, glockenspiel, percussion, string & horn arrangements
Aarun Carter - fiddle on 5, 8, 10
Corwyn Wilkey - trumpet
Christian McKee - mandolin
Andrew Nelson - drums on 1-5, 7, 9, 11, 12
Adam Mack - drums on 6, 8, 10; percussion on 8, 10
Mont Chris Hubbard - piano, organ
Eric Tergerson - violin, viola
Jessie Dettwiler - Cello

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete - Corruptible Faces

Photo by Isaac Uribe
Lorelle: vocals, electric guitar & electric bass.
The Obsolete: drums & percussion, electric bass, vocals, casiotone, electric & acoustic guitars, drone, and knob tweaking

The Guadalajara psych duo just released a new single, ‘What’s Holding You?'
Listen to ‘What’s Holding You?' and 'Medicine To Cure Medicine Sickness' (from their upcoming third album 'Chambers') dropping on September 23.
'Medicine To Cure Medicine Sickness' was also featured on Sonic Cathedral's Psych For Sore Eyes complilation.

I just got my Lorelle Meets The Obsolete latest album 'Corruptible Faces'  Limited Edition White vinyl LP via Captcha Records in the mail. Be jealous they're sold out.
A cosmic flight of fancy, like Icarus it soars to atmospheric heights and melts your face with Lorelle’s captivating vocals, the duo’s saturating spacey guitars and dense volumes of beautiful psychedelic noise.

Listen Live on WFMU

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete started last year (around March of 2010) in Guadalajara, Mexico when Lorena Quintanilla (Lorelle: vocals, guitar and bass guitar) had a batch of songs that did not fit much into her former band Soho Riots.

She wanted to record them so she invited her Soho Riots bandmate and boyfriend Alberto González (The Obsolete: vocals, guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussion and electric organ) to do so. And that was pretty much it. It all started as a recording project not as a band.

According to Lorena, those songs did not fit with the Soho Riots because they all came up as a unity. She could not separate them from each other. It was almost as if each song was part of a story. Above all, they were extremely personal since they were a depiction of Lorena's hard life at the time.

It also was the best opportunity to start something they were meaning a long time to do: a duo between Alberto and Lorena. When Lorelle Meets The Obsolete.

After several months those songs were finished and they realized they had a complete album so they decided to share it with several record labels they admired. They titled the album On Welfare and Captcha Records, a small Chicago imprint, released it in May of 2011, achieving positive reviews from all sorts of media (Altered Zones, Raven Sings The Blues, Get Bent, Los Grillos among others) and good radio airplay (WFMU, KDVS and BBC Radio 6).

On Welfare is a dense atmosphere with layered guitar textures, psychedelic drones and garage. Its sound is fond of bands like The Velvet Underground, The 13th Floor Elevators, My Bloody Valentine and Spacemen 3.

Lorena and Alberto have also assembled a band in order to move their music into a live scenario. Their live shows are well known for being loud, hazy and physical. Lorena and Alberto see the live experience as a way of projecting themselves as real as possible without obstacles. Their live act is purely emotional and they have taken it across several mexican cities such as Monterrey, Guadalajara, Morelia, Cholula and Mexico City.

Captcha Records has been a home for LMTO's sounds and in January of 2012 they will release the Ghost Archives EP (a 7" that will mark the transition between the band's two LP's) and their sophomore effort (scheduled to be released in March of 2012).

Friday, August 16, 2013

Do you care about musicians? Help Country Fried Rock help them.

The music we love and that enriches our lives sometimes comes at a great cost from the musicians who choose to dedicate their lives to their dreams of making music for us. They make great sacrifice’s to family, time, finances, their lives and wellbeing and we often take for granted what they do to bring the songs and music that make our lives better.

Nuçi’s Space is a non-profit health and music resource center in Athens, GA. The aim of the organization is to prevent suicide by providing obstacle free treatment for musicians suffering from depression and other such disorders as well as to assist in the emotional, physical and professional well-being of musicians.

Country Fired Rock a premiere Blog/Podcast not only brings us great music and insightful interviews, the founder Sloane Spencer cares about the people behind the music and has teamed with Nuci's Space to make a difference in thier lives.

What can you do as an individual to help? Pre-order Country Fried Rock Compilation Vol. 2 for Nuci’s Space in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or other formats. A link to the album download will be emailed to you the moment it’s released.
The first 100 pre-orders will receive a free download of our entire debut charity album, Country Fried Rock Vol. 1 For Nuci’s Space, including the original version of a song made famous by Widespread Panic and a never-released song from 1980′s band, Dreams So Real. All proceeds from this album go to preventing musicians' suicide, via the model program for community support, Nuci's Space, in Georgia.

Are you in a band? Do you have a bandcamp page? Please help spread the word.
Do this and please share> Bandcamp>login>top right>Profile>scroll down>Recommended Albums> add URL

If you missed Volume 1 please consider purchasing it too. It's packed with great music.

The Como Brothers Band - Still Waters

Andrew Como - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Matt Como - Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar
Justin Scheidling - Percussion & Drums
Tim Costello - Keyboards, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
John O’Keefe - Auxiliary Percussion, Vocals

Long Island, NY's, The Como Brothers Band is a five-piece rock band with a big sound, a bodacious big spacious sound, while their latest EP is titled ‘Still Waters’ it is a tsunami sized splash of impressive musical richness.  Soulful vocals from the brothers atop an abundance of smooth percussion and keyboards with catchy riffs and horns.
We have been surrounded by music from a very young age. Our dad and his brothers are all very musical. During family parties throughout our childhood, our uncles would jam in the basement. We loved it when they played together and would join in. This is where we first got a taste of performing.  We even played in a Beatles tribute band with our Dad and Uncle Lawrence while we were in high school.  Growing up on The Beatles courtesy of our Dad definitely contributed to us having a huge appreciation for songwriting and pop sensibility.  My Mom was the one who insisted on us taking music lessons starting with piano when Matt was five and I was three.

Not ones to sit on their laurels they have a 12 song full length ‘Baby Steps’ slated for an October 1st release. Watch the videos for two new songs from Baby Steps, 'Late Nights' and 'Straight Face' below

Still Waters Tracklist:
1. Parachute
2. Bad Karma
3. I Want To
4. Leaving You
5. Can't Be Right

January of 2012 The Como Brothers Band released their first professionally recorded EP entitled “The Speed of Sound.”

They were recently selected from 400 other original bands to open for The Wallflowers through Sonicbids.
It was an amazing experience.  Everyone was really cool to work with and very accommodating.  The best part of the night for me had to be when I chatted with The Wallflowers bass player Greg Richling.  I couldn't believe how down to earth he was right after telling me about stories of his band touring with such acts as Counting Crows, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and The Rolling Stones!  He gave me great heartfelt advice about keeping my eye on the dream and not to look back.  It was really inspiring to me because this was coming from a member of a Grammy Award winning band, and they've all been at it for 20+ years.  I gave him our latest EP Still Waters, but I didn't think to exchange any autographed merch.  We have to get you a t-shirt ASAP!

When Matt was in Kindergarten and Andrew was in pre-school their mom enrolled them in piano lessons. In third grade, Andrew started playing the alto saxophone in the concert band and took private guitar lessons. In high school Andrew played the tenor saxophone in the symphonic band, guitar in the pit orchestra, and guitar for the chorus as an accompanist. In high school Matt played guitar and bass with Andrew in their high school’s talent shows and in local bars. During that time, Matt and Andrew joined their father and their uncle in a Beatles tribute band, playing in local bars across long island. Andrew was George and Matt was John. Soon we started writing songs. We loved playing Beatles music but wanted to play our own music. Once we started writing songs in high school we started to take our music career very seriously. In college, Matt took voice lessons, guitar lessons, bass lessons, joined a singing ensemble, and of course kept writing songs. In college Andrew is doing the same. 
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