Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Introducing...Francie Moon

Francie Moon is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist based out of the Northern woods of New Jersey.  A gorgeous vocalist with a delivery that will reach into your heart and move your very being, she writes poignant heartfelt songs that are wise beyond her years. An extremely talented multi-instrumentalist she can shred garage, blues, and punk riffs as well as delicate acoustic arrangements. Her recordings are DIY and highlight her many talents. 
On September 8th she will hit Oklahoma to join Matt Pless as he wraps up recording his new release in Oklahoma City. From there they will hit the road in his car and drive out to California, up to Seattle, back down the California coast and back home across the southern areas of the country. Check her website often for show dates as they become available. NEW EP RELEASED 'Morning Red'

Swept Under The Rug.mp3
Ain't got a good thing to hold on to, ain’t proud to be this far. Still got a lot of things to do but only a half tank in my car. The mountains are big but not big enough and the ocean's width in my range. Loosely feeling is always deceiving; it rains too much on a cloudy day
A jaded heart and a jealous soul, a sad mind, it lost control, I won’t submit I’m worry free but this worry is growing like the trees, in times we wait for the bomb to drop our friends are understanding while others are not I can't believe these problems have grown so long...swept under the rug, my mind is tossed like a salad mixed liked greens and scrambled like eggs, baked like beans and sprinkled with dressing, to feel better I don’t know what it would take.

Tour Dates
September 11th
Kansas City, MO
The Black and Gold Tavern
9:00 PM

September 12th
Private show

September 13th
Urbandale, IA
6400 Hickory Lane
6:00 PM

September 20th
Salt Lake City, UT
5266 West Hunter Dr. (3325 South).
7:00 PM

September 22nd
Reno, NV

September 23rd
Redding, Ca
Outdoor Park show

October 3rd
Blue Lake, CA
The Mad River Brewing Company
195 Taylor Way
6:30 PM

October 16th
Blue Lake, CA
The Logger
9:00 PM
510 Railroad Ave

October 23rd
Arcata, CA
The Birdhouse
1763 H Street

October 24th
Blue Lake, CA
The Logger
9:00 PM
510 Railroad Ave

25th Eugene OR

26th Portland OR

27th Olympia WA
The Guest House
details TBA

28th Seattle WA TBA

29th Tacoma WA.
lyon pride music headquarters
3628 Portland Ave E
8:00 PM

With an already impressive solo catalog and with the garage rockers Melissa and Paul she has the chops to build on with her latest endeavor.

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