Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dean Fields – Any Minute Now

Dean Fields is a singer-songwriter residing in Richmond, VA.  He collaborates with members of Ryan Adams & the Cardinals, WILCO, Dixie Chicks, and Josh Ritter’s Band, with a voice smooth as porcelain Dean croons Americana songs with heartfelt savvy and richness.  His latest EP ‘Any Minute Now’ hits the streets August 13th order

He’s toured with some of your favorite Americana artists like John Hiatt, Rosanne Cash, Lori McKenna, Jim Lauderdale, Will Kimbrough, Paul Thorn, Randy Rogers, Bob Schneider, and more!

Dean began his career in 2001 while living in Miami. After being inspired by the abrupt break-up of a long-term love interest, Fields began to document his pain and sadness the only way he knew how….he wrote about it. “I was living in this beautiful place with gorgeous people and amazing nightlife, and where was I? Holed up in a corner room depressed and writing songs.” Upon receiving the distinction of “Best of Miami” and performing at the premier Billboard Live, the singer-songwriter made the decision to leave Miami and dedicate himself to developing his craft and performing live. “I just woke up one day and said, ‘screw this all I want to do is play music.’ And off I went.” Influenced by great songwriters like Jim Croce, James Taylor and Lucinda Williams, Fields has blended a mix of folk-alternative Americana to create a sound only unique to him. His natural and melancholy voice stands out from the mix. “He sings with the tender high tenor of Tim Buckley and the plain spoken poetry of Jim Croce.”(Miami Herald)
In addition to releasing two albums since taking to the road in 2003 Fields has been showcasing his talents at BMI songwriter showcases in Nashville, Los Angeles, New York and at the BMI Brunch at SXSW. He was also the Southeast Region finalist in the independent music world series in 2004, chosen over a group of 1200 acts and has had his music featured on MTV’s Real World, Road Rules and Sorority Life.

Under A Searchlight Moon released 15 March 2011

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