Monday, August 5, 2013

Stefan Weiner - Potluck

Stefan Weiner is an indie folk musician and multi-instrumentalist from Northampton, MA, based out of Brooklyn. This is his first official solo album. Stefan has spent the last three years co-fronting and touring with the Brooklyn-based indie-folk band Town Hall. He combines a classic approach to songwriting with a passion for music that is melodically and harmonically rich and surprising. Inspired by everything from Top 40 Pop to Appalachian folk song to impressionist composition, Stefan is on a constant quest for music that tells a story and invites listeners in.

Potluck, produced by Stefan Weiner, is an album born of collaboration, with each song co-written by different songwriters from very different backgrounds. The album was recorded in the Mason Jar Music studios in Brooklyn, as well as in the Clive Davis Institute’s studios at NYU. Stefan is a recent graduate of NYU’s Recorded Music Department. Potluck is being self-released in partnership with Mason Jar Music, the Brooklyn-based production company who’ve worked with the likes of Andrew Bird and Feist.

Potluck is set for an August 12th release, though you can get it now on Bandcamp for Name Your Price, two singles have been released which you can listen to. The only words that really come to mind listening to this album are beautiful, lavish and quite impressive, featuring the rising indie-folk singer-songwriter Mree, and soulstress Anais Aidathe the collaborators are perfect fits and the production is top notch, all the songs hit the sweet spot of the heart.

Stefan continues to look for more opportunities to work and interact with other writers and musicians. Accompanying the release of Potluck, Stefan is offering free one-on-one song-workshopping sessions to anyone who joins his mailing list. In each one-on-one, he will videochat with aspiring songwriters around the world, breaking down one of their songs to find ways to make them more personal, but also more universal. Stefan is of the belief that it's the details in a song that make it relatable.

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