Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mission Dorado - Yannash Naholl

Trey Brown: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals 
Christopher Cox: Bass
Simon Page: Lead Guitar, Lap Steel
Matthew Shepherd: Drums & Percussion

Texas-bred Mission Dorado, led by laid-back, dusty-voiced frontman Trey Brown satisfies all my cravings a concoction of noirish tinged, trippy experimental psychedelia mixed with plugged in dreamy folkish song structures.  With its entrancing guitar-scapes and inventive song structures, Yannash Naholl (Comanche for White Buffalo) is an album to get hypnotically, delightfully lost in.

Track List:
1. Terlingua Dawn
2. On The Range.mp3
3. White Buffalo
4. Cibolo Bayou Pt. 1
5. Call Up Dem Children.mp3
6. Wonka's Tunnel
7. Tangled in Deep
8. Cibolo Bayou Pt. 2
9. One Within the Other

Available on Bandcamp for ‘Name Your Price’

Released 09 July 2013
Engineered by Grant Johnson
Mixed by Danny Reisch
Recorded on 2 inch - 16 track tape.
Also appearing:
Paul Banks - Harmonies
Grant Johnson - Ocarina

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