Thursday, August 1, 2013

Matthew Patrick – Blue Sun

Settling in Maryland after a whirlwind life that took him from Poughkeepsie to Palo Alto, Williamtown (MA) and Seattle, the multi-talented singer/songwriter Matthew Patrick recorded Blue Sun, his new full length country-blues-roots influenced set whose soulful and eclectic vibe he likes to call “redneck reggae” or “Memphis meets Kingston.”
“I was in the process of putting together new songs for my next project,” says Patrick, “and as a few of them were in the reggae vein, I looked him up. We re-connected, and Andrew took my scratch vocal and acoustic guitar tracks, hooked me up with a Jamaican bassist named Lyndon ‘Ace’ Webb, and knocked them out of the park. They sounded so good that I took all of the other tracks I had been toying with and decided to follow the same path on those.
It was really fun to take songs that I had originally conceived as country songs or New Orleans tunes and to see how Andrew and Ace would translate them. I have always loved music that crossed racial and social boundaries, from Chuck Berry playing straight up country on ‘Maybellene’ to Elvis playing Arthur Crudup’s ‘That’s Alright Mama,’ and the blues/rock/reggae hybrid we created fit right into that concept.” 
Kiddo's get on this groovy train, soulful Rhythm and Blues with a touch of “redneck reggae” and country highlighted by killer guitar, Hammond Organ and outstanding vocals and harmonies with layered instrumentation throughout.
The first song sets the stage with theCaribbean flavored intro on ‘Dog’ that then adds some bluesy harp vocals on top of a grooving melody, the track ‘I’ve Got Love’ adds a soulful Motown sound to these multi-cultural elements that carry throughout the album. “Bikes, Bullets and Beer” and ‘I Am Drunk’ are real country roadhouse rockers with ripping slide guitar. harp solos and barroom sing-along lines.  The smooth romantic crooner ‘Blue Green Eyes’ is rich with laid back reggae vibe was written when he first met his wife and features beautiful amorous vocals and harmonies. The middle tracks ‘Guess I've Gotta Do’, ‘I Ain't Got What You Got’ and ‘Too Old To Die Young’ throw a little country rock into the mix but maintain the “redneck reggae” vibe that is constant throughout. The final track ‘Ramblin' Rose’ is a beautiful soulful ode to love.
The album has varied musical influences that seem effortlessly melded together with stellar instrumentation, craftsmanship and a passion felt throughout.

Track List:
1. Dog
2. I've Got Love.mp3
3. Cry, Cry, Cry
4. Bikes, Bullets, and Beer
5. Rich Man Blues
6. Blue Green Eyes.mp3
7. Guess I've Gotta Do
8. I Ain't Got What You Got
9. Too Old To Die Young
10. I Am Drunk
11. Ramblin' Rose

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