Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wes Tirey First Ever Italian Tour Indiegogo Campaign

After releasing his EP, I Stood Among Trees in Feburary to positive reviews in the US, UK, and Europe, Wes Tirey has launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund his first ever Italian tour. No where has there been more support and love given to Wes' craft than in Italy, and to show his appreciation Wes is planning a week long tour of the country which will begin in January 2014. And, as a result of his popularity, Wes has recorded a DIYtrotter with HI54LOFI, and will re-release I Stood Among Trees via the German label Dying For Bad Music as well as a new release on Brooklyn-based label, Orange Milk Records.

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The 8th instalment of Daytrotter's ‘ask an artist to record their own ‘daytrotter-esque’ session in their own bedrooms / homes / DIY surrounding’ returns this week with the talented Wes Tirey sitting down and recording 4 tracks in his dining room in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Some of these tracks are new, some are old, one doesn't even have a title yet, but all 4 were recorded in one sitting while his cat Tonto looked on from the living room. And now, through the magic of technology, you get to hear the same thing that Tonto heard. As with all the past sessions, you can hear one track on the latest episode of Mix Tape Radio On Folk Radio UK (episode 18 airs today) and you can download the whole session for free over on Bandcamp.

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