Monday, August 19, 2013

Mother Merey and the Black Dirt - Damn Dirty Tour 2013

Mother Merey and the Black Dirt announce 2013 tour dates
-September 6th: Hole in The Wall (Austin) TOUR KICKOFF PARTY/VINYL RELEASE w/ Brandon Luedtke, Union Specific, The Blackwells
-September 12th: Adair's Saloon (Dallas, TX)
-September 13th: Smoke N Barrel Tavern (Fayetteville, AR) w/ Brandon Luedtke, Fire & Flood
-September 14th: Allard Mountain (Middle of Nowhere, AR)  w/ Brandon Luedtke
-September 15th: Soulard Shanti (St. Louis, MO) w/ Brandon Luedtke
-September 16th: Woodlands Tavern (Columbus, OH) w/ Brandon Luedtke
-September 17th: Double Happiness (Columbus, OH) w/ Brandon Luedtke
-September 19th: The Way Station (Brooklyn, NY) w/ Brandon Luedtke
-September 21st: Joe 2 Station North (Baltimore, MD)
-September 22nd: Solly's Tavern (Washington, D.C.) w/ Brandon Luedtke
-September 23rd: The Garage (Charlottesville, VA) w/ Brandon Luedtke
-September 24th: Crown Station Pub (Charlotte, NC) w/ Brandon Luedtke

Their debut 'Down To The River' is officially available on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp! Enjoy!
You can purchase physical copies of the CD, Vinyl, and other merch here.

"Cocksure in their handling of traditional blues, Mother Merey and the Black Dirt have created an album that is both fresh and timeless. Never forced, the authenticity of Down to the River should not be questioned." - Bucket Full Of Nails

"Mother Merey and the Black Dirt do everything right on their new album Down To The River. They are a boot stomper on the porch kind of band and that fact is clear from the first notes... "Mother Merey and the Black Dirt have their songwriting chops as honed in as they have their playing."
    -Charles Hale, Ninebullets

"I was but a wee lad back when Canned Heat came on the scene and freaked me out with their jug blues/boogie and I continue to go back to the orignal line up with Alan "Blind Owl" Christie Wilson, Bob "The Bear" Hite, Henry "Sunflower" Vestine releases for my fix of gritty rootsy, bluesy folk. Austin's Mother Merey and the Black Dirt just changed that, they've got the missing ingredient, vocalist Merey Kimbrough's uncomparable singing over a slide resonator guitar and a boot stomping beat is addictive listening."
    -Popa Tunes

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