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New Release> Fruition - Just One of Them Nights

Jay Cobb Anderson - vocals, lead acoustic & electric guitar, harmonica
Kellen Asebroek - vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
Mimi Naja - vocals, mandolin, acoustic guitar, piano
Keith Simon - upright & electric bass
Tyler Thompson - drums, percussion, banjo

Fruition the accidental bluegrass rising stars of the Portland music scene. When formed in '08 Kellen says none of Fruition's members was well-versed in bluegrass or folk. A chance meeting between Kellen and Georgia transplant Mimi soon had the two playing on the streets and small bars, and soon after Jay Cobb Anderson and bassist Keith Simon, both transplants from Lewiston, Idaho we're drawn into Mimi's magnetic force and together the sound that came out was old-time folk and bluegrass. 

I have been waiting for a new release since a bandcamp surfing excursion lead me to their 2011 ‘It Won't Be Long’ I am not disappointed ‘Just One Of Those Nights’ was well worth the wait as they push the boundaries of old-time folk and bluegrass which makes them hard to pigeon hole, the album kicks off with the sing-along ‘Git Along’. The laid back ‘Whippoorwill’ features Mimi’s beautiful vocals that drew the band together in the first place. ‘Boil Over’ with bluesy vocals and fast pace with rockish strings is just one song that shows off their instrumental work while ‘Come On, Get In’ highlights their sweet three-part harmonies. The album closes with ‘Portland Bound’ a joyous romp about heading home and Mimi’s longing heartfelt vocals on the sentimental ‘Gotta Get Back Home’ 

It’s an outstanding album that shows why this band has such a dedicated fan base and are on the accession on a national level.

1. Git Along 
2. Whippoorwill
3. Blue Light
4. Mountain Annie 
5. The Wanter 
6. Broken Hearted 
7. Come On, Get In 
8. Just One of Them Nights 
9. Boil Over 
10. Portland Bound 

11. Gotta Get Back Home 

Released July 30th
Recorded by Calvin Turnbull @ Old School Studios in Caspar, CA
Mixed by Justin Phelps at Cloud City Sound in Portland, OR
Mastered by Robert Carranza

Relix Magazine “Rooftop Sessions”

Upcoming Shows
Aug 1:
Cervantes Other Side - Denver, CO
Aug 2:
State Bridge Riverside - Bond, CO
Aug 3:
195 River Run Rd - Keystone, CO
Aug 4:
195 River Run Rd - Keystone, CO
Aug 6:
The Top Hat - Missoula, MT
Aug 7:
Great Northern Bar - Whitefish, MT
Aug 9:
Whitehorse Mountain Amphitheater - Darrington, WA
Aug 25:
Emerald Meadows - Eugene, OR
Aug 30:

Waterfront Park - Spokane, WA

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Lovely Savages - Two

Daniel Crandall - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica, Keys, Weirdness
Robert Wright - Drums
Substitute a sixties garage in the suburbs of San Francisco for a cabin deep in the woods of Oregon, imagine it surrounded by generators pumping sparks and interment current through extension cords laid out on the ground. Inside two throwbacks to another age are laying down tracks with primitive savagery, animals ears perk up before they make a mad dash off deeper into the woods as droning guitars and pulsing beats send them scattering like suicidal lemmings.
The Lovely Savages new release ‘Two’ is like roughhewn Cottonwoods, splinters exposed, rough notched and bound together with mud and grass but pieced together with craftsman’s hands. The end result is a sturdy, weather worn, deep rooted album that will stand the test of time.
 "It’s got more warts and pocks and chunks and bumps than all the inbred offspring of Quasimodo – but for all it’s flaws it has come together as a thing of savage beauty."

Released 26 July 2013 

Monday, July 29, 2013

River Roots Festival August 9th & 10th

Featuring Couch By Couchwest '13 alumni Keith Kenny

Hurray For The Riff Raff, Live In Concert: Newport Folk Festival '13

Alynda lee Segarra of Hurray For The Riff Raff is IMHO one of the most powerfully poignant singer/songwriters of this young century. After leaving home at an early age to travel the country, she eventually settled in New Orleans where she began to perform and record with a revolving cast of musicians.
She released two records (2008’s It Don’t Mean I Don’t Love You and 2010’s Young Blood Blues) mostly consisting of delicate folk and country songs. In 2011, the UK record label Loose Music (Felice Brothers, Dawes, Deer Tick), released Hurray for the Riff Raff, an album that collected the best songs from those records.The Times of London named Hurray for the Riff Raff one of the Top Ten Albums of 2011, NPR names them one of the new faces of Folk, I’m glad their catching on.
On July 1st '13 they released one of the best covers albums you’re ever likely to hear, “My Dearest Darkest Neighbor” with Mod Mobilian Records and This Is American Music.
On July 27th they took they’re rootsy folk and country sound and wowed the crowds at Newport Folk Festival. Listen and grab the full set.

Hurray For The Riff Raff At Newport 2013

Set List:
"Blue Ridge Mountain"
"Cajun Instrumental"
"Look Out Mama"
"Slow Walk"
"Take Me"
"End Of The Line"
"Body Electric"
"Small Town Heroes"
"There's A Crash On The Highway"
"No One Else But You"
"The St. Roch Blues"
"Everybody Knows (For Trayvon Martin)"
"Everybody's Talkin'"
"Little Black Star"

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ted Brown - An Unwide Road

Acclaimed New Zealand-born singer/songwriter and guitar player Ted Brown, a recipient of a NZ music award for “Most Promising Male Vocalist” is now a Kiwi musical icon living in L.A. He’s earned cult credibility through his Kiwi band The Tunellers; that band released an EP, a video, garnered airplay, and was on the periphery of the indie scene centered around the iconic Flying Nun Records label. In recent years, Brown has been best known as a guitarist, background vocalist and collaborator with his old friend and Pagan Records label-mate Greg Johnson.  Following up his critically acclaimed 2007 solo debut LP ‘Shaky’s Blessing’ with his second LP release ‘An Unwide Road’ he shares his journey through downfall and redemption with candor, humility, and warmth.
“The meaning of the title is twofold. On one hand, it references how little country roads take you to the most awe-inspiring places,” Brown says. “But it also refers to my life. I spent years doing exactly what I wanted and I hurt myself and other people. I have this great life now, but the road is much narrower—I don’t get to do what I please—but the outcome is so much better.”
An Unwide Road is a confessional album looking back at a tumultuous past from a centered present. The pastoral folk of the standout “Love Is” looks at the void we all feel inside and try to fill with drugs, drinking, shopping, and other empty pursuits. This is the album’s first single and a video for it will be issued shortly. “Bringing My Past Back (But Not To Haunt Me)” is the aftermath of failing to fill that void with drugs.

The sweetly lonesome “Looking For Home Down Hallways” conceptually ties the aforementioned two songs together through a big picture look at the human condition.
“We’re all looking for something as human beings. We look for it in another human being, in a job,” he says. “It’s all the same void but we look in different places and, hopefully, eventually find our way home.”
 “These songs are reflective of waking up from being spiritually asleep,” Brown says thoughtfully. “When I play these songs live, they’re emotionally charged for me, and that’s what makes them genuine. “

Released 18 June 2013 recorded at Roundhead studios in Auckland, New Zealand with producer Wayne Bell. The refined simplicity of the production aesthetic aptly reflects the intimacy and authenticity of this body of work. It was tracked studio live with minimal overdubs and artfully placed mics to vibrantly capture Brown’s stirring studio performances. Although the core is Brown singing and playing guitar, each track is delicately embellished with contributions from some old friends.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gene and Gayla Mills - If Stones Could Talk

Gene and Gayla Mills play acoustic Americana—modern folk tinged with bluegrass and country. The Richmond VA. duo features impressive lead guitar, solid bass fiddle, and smooth harmonies. Their songs—both originals and covers—tell rich, concrete stories of memorable characters, from miners and farmers to lovers and soldiers.
Building on Gene's first CD "Waiting for Rain," this duo album "If Stones Could Talk" once again features Gene's all original songs. Now joined by his wife Gayla on harmony and lead vocals and bass (and co-author of "Everyday Things"), Gene's bright acoustic guitar and vocals set the tone. The acoustic Americana sound varies from a folkier feel on "Great Divide" and "Talking to a Stone" to a bluegrass treatment on "Milk and Honey" and "River, Railway, Road" and a traditional country sound on "Thriving" and "Everyday Things." Two instrumentals, flat-picked "Bright Blue Eyes" and finger-picked "Dying Fire" with spare bass accompaniment, add further depth. They are joined on various tracks by Bill Evans (banjo), Ivan Rosenberg (dobro), Barry Lawson (mandolin), and Jim Skelding (fiddle).

Track List:
1. Talking to a Stone
2. River, Railway, Road
3. Twelve Days
4. Everyday Things
5. Bright Blue Eyes
6. Forgetting
7. Milk and Honey
8. Thriving
9. Better Late Than Never
10. Blue Runway Lights
11. Great Divide
12. The Dying Fire

Listen to the whole album on BroadJam
Buy at CDbaby

Upcoming Shows:
August 6
Chesterfield County Library Music Series
10:30-noon Free admission and refreshments
Bon Air Library 9103 Rattlesnake Rd
Chesterfield, VA
August 9, 10
"Ghost": an eight part play with four parts based on Gene's songs; produced by The Lord Nelson Players
7 pm donations accepted
The Gayton Kirk Presbyterian Church: 11421 Gayton Rd
Richmond, VA

August 14
Chesterfield County Library Music Series
10:30-noon Free admission and refreshments
Midlothian Library 521 Coalfield Rd
Chesterfield, VA
August 20
Chesterfield County Library Music Series
10:30-noon Free admission and refreshments
Chester Library 11800 Centre St
Chester, VA

Ken Atkins & The Honky Tonk Kind - Everybody's Movin' On

Ken Atkins - singer, telecaster 
Tom Trombley - drums 
Toe Benoit - bass, backing vocals 
Swampy Davis - harmonica 
Susie MacKay - accordion 
Kevin Packard - mandolin, piano, accordion 

Ken Atkins & The Honky Tonk Kind’s latest LP ‘Everybody's Movin' On’ makes me want to get a string tie, ten gallon hat and two step under the light of the moon all night. Honky Tonk twanged out to perfection with telecaster, accordion, mandolin, harmonica and Ken’s countrified croon, the nine originals and one Buck Owens cover are seeped deep in Honky Tonk but with songwriting authenticity on all the songs. Two stand outs for me are the nourish/western instrumental ‘Concordia’ and the dark ‘Treason’ adding depth to the album and providing a brief barstool rest from my two stepping.
"I would definitely say I've had quite a few of the experiences associated with honky tonk music," Atkins laughs. "Honky tonk draws from life, and (often) from the perspective of a barstool. It's real music, and we honor that, but it's also true we poke a bit of fun at the various aspects of the honky tonk lifestyle. We like to say we make heartbreak fun."
Atkins started listening to the syndicated "Nashville Gold" radio program. "I started to get infatuated with honky tonk. That stuff sinks in and starts to work on you," he says.
When the Derailers and Watson began to actually appear on college radio in the '90s, Atkins' songwriting underwent the transformation to country. He formed The Honky Tonk Kind and set to work. Before "Everybody's Movin' On," the band released an early self-titled EP and, in 2010, and album called "She's Not Coming Back." They steadily earned a local following along with similar like-minded acts like The Hoolios, The Rivergods, Vince Thompson, The Village Jammers, and Preston Franz and Hellbent & Hearbreakin'.

Hailing from Connecticut the band has signed with Sound Job Austin based in one of the nation's immortal country music towns. The album is available here.

Track List:
1. Everybody's Movin' On
2. My Honky Tonk Ways
3. Concordia
4. Excuse Me
5. A New Pair Of Shoes
6. One More Night
7. No Love There
8. Pick 'n Up
9. Treason
10. Don't Take This The Wrong Way

Friday, July 26, 2013

DD Dagger - Finger Off The Trigger Video Premiere

Photog: Mark Zell
DD Dagger a.k.a Allyson Lipkin- Vocals, multi-instrumentalist
Harold Lehmon- guitar, effects (Rabbit Fist, LaRue, Nurk)
Jeff Merrill - guitar, keys, back up vox, trombone (Context Clues, LaRue, Nurk)
Cliff White - bass (Vellum, Winsor for the Derby)
John Ashley - drums (LaRue, Nurk)
Virginia Meza - cocktail drum (Rabbit Fist, Candi & Cavities)
Adina Effron - keyboards, effects, bass (LaRue)

New video from DD Dagger 'Finger Off The Trigger' from her sophmore album, RADiXXX
Originally from Houston, Dagger now calls Austin her home and has used the capital city as a staging ground for her art.
Dagger, who routinely switches between guitar and sax per her set list, plays with the confidence of a seasoned veteran both on “Radixxx” and at her live performances.  Tracks like “Finger off the Trigger” deal with the need to be cautious in a world beset with regrets over past mistakes, while “Playing with Fire” centers on making bad decisions, time and time again.  Dagger’s voice smolders at the forefront of “Snake Charmer”, while an authentic voodoo beat pulses in the background.
Featuring the La Pistolle Dancers, a DD Dagger show takes on a new dimension.  With a soundtrack that is both sensual and dangerous, the La Pistolle Dancers take the music to a completely new level as they virtually embody the music and lyrics.  In fact, the dancers were part of Dagger’s adoption of a more jazz like sound.  “The focus was dance,” Says Dagger, calling it a “combination of art forms.”  The decision to include the La Pistolle Dancers provides an atmosphere of a Vegas style floor show, albeit a slightly more avant garde and dangerous one.

Buffalo Gospel Release An Amazing New Album 'We Can Be Horses'

Ryan Necci - Vocals / Guitar 
Heidi Spencer - Vocals 
Brian Wells - Bass
Allen Coté -  Guitar 
Ryan Ogburn - Mandolin 
Kyle Keegan - Percussion

 Couch By Couchwest  Alumni, Milwaukee's Buffalo Gospel first full lenght 'We Can Be Horses' is set to drop on July 27th, I've been listening to it for almost two months now, trying to figure out what to say about it, you know flowery verbage and lofty praise, but it really comes down to something simple, this album is a gotdang masterpiece of Rock/Bluesgrass fusion! Touching on a more personal level on this album, songwriter Ryan Necci - Vocals / Guitar leaves his comfort zone, this time writing autobiographical lyrics in a way relatable to all of us, adding punch to these new songs, unlike their previous acoustic EPs, they plug it in and crank it up, the songs range from somber to foot stompin,' all delivered with heartfelt abandon. Kyle Keegan is back on drums adding some bangin’ beats, Heidi Spencer adds her beautiful harmonies. The band also includes the amazing Ryan Ogburn on mandolin and guitar, Allen Coté on Lap Steel, Guitar and Brian Wells setting the groove on bass. It’s albums like this when I feel most that my writing skills are sorely lacking, so Simon at Beat Surrender has strung some sentences into descriptive paragraphs you should read, check it out.

Track List:
1. Song Of The Ox
2. Mule
3. Hoarse As A Crow
4. When God's Away On Business
5. The Northern
6. The Western (The Devil Is Me)
7. The Eastern
8. If I Was The Last Man
9. The Long Way Home
10. The Hill Outside My Home
11. All That I Got Left
12. Letters To Georgia

It will be available at all the usual outlets 
Stream the whole album and buy! Album Release Show w/ special guest Jonathan Burks July 27th at Linneman's River West Inn
1001 E Locust St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Couch By Couchwest '12 premiere of the new song 'The Northern'

Ryan Necci of Buffalo Gospel (Milwaukee, WI) singing "The Hill Outside My Home" for the Couch By CouchWest '11 Sessions.

Rev. Peyton's Big Damn Band announces tour with Shooter Jennings!

Friday, September 27
Bloomington, IN
The Bluebird 7:00
Address: 216 North Walnut St.
Thursday, October 3
Lincoln, NE
Bourbon Theatre 7:00
Address: 1415 O St.
Friday, October 4
Denver, CO
The Bluebird Theater 8:00 pm
3317 E. Colfax Ave.
Saturday, October 5
Kansas City, MO
Knuckleheads 7:00 pm
Address: 2700 Rochester St.
Wednesday, October 9
Little Rock, AR
Revolution Music Room 7:00 pm
Address: 300 President Clinton Ave.
Thursday, October 10
Birmingham, AL
Workplay Theatre 6:30 pm
Address: 500 23rd St. South
Friday, October 11
Atlanta, GA
Masquerade 6:30 pm
Address: 695 North Ave. NE

The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band -Between the Ditches Full Album Stream

First half of Shooter's "The Other Life" film. 
From the album "The Other Life" available from Black Country Rock/eOne Music.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stream> The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle Discography

The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle have updated their bandcamp page where you can now stream their discography before you buy. Since early in the year 2011, The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle has been performing high energy theatrical shows on street corners, bars and various stages around Michigan. Over time, evolving  from a loose conglomeration of artists on the streets to a dedicated band of performers with hand built props, scripts and pyrotechnics. They have become more of a family than anything else- a family of creatives, hard-workers, misfits and trouble-makers.

Extra! Extra! Released 01 January 2013
Released 11 May 2012
Rust Belt Jukebox Blues EP FREEBEE Released 01 April 2011

The Tillers - Hand on the Plow

The Tillers are Mike Oberst, Sean Geil, and Aaron Geil.
The Tillers don’t just sing and play their homegrown brand of joyful, driving old-time – they holler, stomp, swagger, and swing, fearlessly throwing themselves into the music and winding up in the hearts of their audiences.  The trio hails from Cincinnati, just across the Ohio River from the hills of Kentucky and at the northwestern edge of Appalachian coal country, where much of the band’s traditional style comes from.

“Playing folk music, you have to be just as much a historian as a musician,” says Mike Oberst.  
And through his family’s past, Mike is deeply connected to the very history documented in many traditional tunes.  In the 1940s, his grandfather was forced to sign away his farmland to the Sunshine Coal Company, and like many Americans driven from their land by the growth of coal companies, never received most of the money he was promised.  It’s a story straight out of the coal ballads and protest songs of the Appalachian valleys, and so when the The Tillers cover union hymns and sing about the lot of poor folks in America, they do so with a deep awareness of that history.  They’re also known for putting their music in the service of their convictions, playing benefit shows for homeless communities and collaborating with Ohio Citizen’s Action to combat mountaintop removal.

The Tiller’s latest album and 5th overall entitled Hand On The Plow is the inaugural issuance of original, full-length from the newly-formed Muddy Roots Records, and features 11 tantalizing tracks and an appearance by Legendary Shack Shaker and Dirt Dauber Col. JD Wilkes on harmonica. And lookie here, you can listen to the whole dern thing below.  Purchase Hand On The Plow on CD - Download Hand On The Plow -  Purchase Hand On The Plow On Vinyl
Recorded straight to tape, Hand on the Plow debuts the band’s new lineup, featuring multi-instrumentalist Mike Oberst with brothers Sean Geil on guitar and Aaron Geil on the upright bass.  The winners of 3 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, the trio are audience favorites for their live performances.  And Hand to the Plow brings all that verve to the album, from the swampy blues of “I Gotta Move” (featuring harmonica madman Col. J.D. Wilkes of the Legendary Shack Shakers), to the joyous fiddle licks of “Treehouse,” to the ode to the band’s Cincinnati stomping grounds in “Old Westside.”

In March they announced that original bass player Jason Soudrette has been battling Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) through extensive chemotherapy treatments with a bone marrow transplant to follow. His stay may be long and the bills will mount so that’s where we all come in to help and show our support, they re-release thier debut album, Ludlow Street Rag available on CDBaby with previously unreleased tracks from the bands humble beginnings. The CD will be decked out with new (old) photos and other fun stuff from the era in which Jason was our bass thumper. All funds raised from ticket sales and cd sales at the show will go to Jason’s cause.

Sun Voyager - Cosmic Tides

There’s something brewing in upstate New York, so much good music coming from that area, to many to mention here, it seems to be becoming a music Mecca. Another recent discovery is Sun Voyager from Albany. Their debut EP Cosmic Tides, while they consider it a demo and are heading back into the studio to work on a full length, it has all the ingredients of great psychedelic/garage rock mixed with a bit of stoner, raw loud and rockin’ with sprawling guitar solos, fast beats and wailing vocals. Based out of Orange County, New York, the four musicians see themselves as more of a brotherhood, having known each other for 7-8 years. They vibe on the same musical wave length and set out to write simple songs that groove. I'm looking forward to the debut of the full length, this young band has something that works.
1. Oh, Sally
2. New American City
3. Cosmic Tides

Released 29 January 2013

Bonnie Whitmore Annonces August Tour Dates w/ Somebody's Darling

Bonnie Whitmore (photo: Matt Lankes)
Continuing her June/July whirlwind Tour in support of her new album ‘There I Go Again’ Bonnie Whitmore has announced new dates for the month of August with Somebody’s Darling and drops another single from the album, ‘Heartbreaker’ below...

About her latest release she says,
"I feel like I've grown up a lot, I turned 30 this year, and I've been in the business 15 of those years. Songwriting as a profession is a humbling career choice. To write songs that are accessible and relatable as possible required a level of maturity and focus that I have strived to attain on this record. It’s a less self-indulgent record then Embers. Embers To Ashes was what I needed to get through that period of my life. There I Go Again is a celebration of success and failure. Plus, nobody wants to hear two breakup albums in a row."
8/12 - Hi Ho Lounge, New Orleans, LA (w/ the Kid Carsons)
8/13 - The Basement, Nashville, TN  
8/14 - Downtown Tavern, Jackson, TN
8/16 - House Pub, St. Charles, IL  
8/17 - Tonic Room, Chicago, IL (w/ Steve Leaf Trio)
8/18 - MOTR, Cincinnati, OH  
8/19 - Purple Fiddle, Thomas, WV  
8/22 - Rockshop, Brooklyn, NY (w/ Charlotte Cornfield)
8/23 - Norfolk Taphouse, Norfolk, VA
8/24 - Hampton Taphouse, Hampton, VA  
8/25 - The Station at Southern Rail, Chapel Hill, NC  
8/26 - Radio Room, Greenville, SC  
8/27 - Preservation Pub, Knoxville, TN  
8/28 - The Earl, Atlanta, GA (w/ Tedo Stone)
8/29 - Iron City, Birmingham, AL (w/ Delicate Cutters)
8/30 - Hey Joe's, Cleveland, MS
 (more dates to be announced soon)

Bonnie Whitmore's There I Go Again is out now on CD and digital formats through This Is American Music.



There I Go Again Tracklisting:
1. There I Go Again
2. Heartbreaker
3. Reckless and Young
4. Colored Kisses
5. Too Much Too Soon
6. Cryin' Out For Me
7. You're Going To Love Me
8. The Gavel
9. Borderline
10. Be The Death Of Me

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Naked Sun on the road....

Drew: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Tim: Guitar, Keys
Eric: Bass
Dave: Drums

Philly rockers The Naked Sun announce mini tour, Space, Place and Time below.....

Mini-Tour Kickoff Club K Baltimore, Maryland 
Saturday, July 27, 2013 at 8:00pm
Mini-Tour  Stop 2 Radio in Somerville, MA
Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Mini-Tour Stop 3 Venue TBA Providence, Rhode Island
Friday, August 2, 2013
Mini-Tour Stop 3 Branded Saloon, Brooklyn, NY
Sunday, August 4, 2013 at 9:00pm
Bring it on Home - Mini-Tour Concludes at Silk City Diner Bar & Lounge 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tuesday, August 6, 2013 at 9:00pm

Read this excellent review of Space, Place, and Time EP at Bucket Full of Nails

Crazy Pills - Restless

photo credit: Donald Lee / QRO Magazine 

Recently leaving Pow Wow! to concentrate more on her other band Crazy Pills, fireball Amanda Burdon aka Tha Kitten - Lead Guitar, Vocals with Jim Wood and Edward Anthony are set to drop their pure unadulterated rock and roll debut record ‘Restless,’ this Saturday (7/27)
Conceived in 2010 as a means to bring forth soulful, guitar-driven music in homage to the R&B influenced rock of the 60s, the grit of the 70s and the punk of the 80s, they aim to sonically deliver something catchy, heartful and nostalgic that you've never heard before.

Release Show at Cake Shop with Desert Sharks, Fan Tan & Let’s be Loveless. It’s only $5 and doors are @ 8. RSVP here

There is a kickstarter going on until Aug 12, 2013 where you can get the extra goodies. 

Check them out, Serious Business on BTR [ep123] 24 Jun 2013

Featured song: "Break It Down" /// Crazy Pills' debut album, Restless, is scheduled for release this July. They've launched a new Kickstarter campaign to help with the release: /// Crazy Pills on Tumblr: /// Facebook: /// Twitter: @crazypillsband

Monday, July 22, 2013

He's My Brother She's My Sister - UK and US Tour Dates Announced

He's My Brother She's My Sister 
UK Album Release, Fall US Tour Dates Announced,  UK Tour Dates This Week 

We are very excited to be in the UK celebrating the release of Nobody Dances In This Town, available digitally at these fine retailers:

We kicked off our first ever UK tour dates Friday with a SOLD OUT show at Somerset House Summer Series with Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros! Get tickets to one of our other UK shows this week below.


Tickets are available now for our full Fall US tour below!

For all of our upcoming shows visit

The Woodwards Announce Album Release Date, Share New Bluesy Single DL

Stevie Guy/Peter Schuyff

The Woodwards announce 21st of October as the release date for the new album titled… 'The Woodwards II' and share another tasty new free single 'The Wood' if you missed the first one back in July, click here

Peter Schuyff  makes Urban, Folk Noir, which is both dark and funny – songs from a man who has seen everything.

He has some amazing stories to tell… Many from his times living as an artist in the Chelsea Hotel where he counted Andy Warhol (he even did Peter's portrait) and Keith Haring as friends. He was a painter/art at this stage with the likes of Dennis Hopper collecting his work.

The focus has now switched to making music, with comparisons made to Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits - songs are the painting he has always wanted to make.

Outside Animals - Black Room

Colin Orthmann on Vocals and Guitar, Benny Macias on Drums, Mark Peters on Bass 
and Pete Coro on Lead Guitar

I'm digging everything about LA rockers Outside Animals, the snazzy outfits, the humorous bio, the fact that they're big fans of CxCW '13 alumni Boxed Wine and especially the catchy indie rock tunes. Outside Animals has been building a loyal fanbase and crafting their songs for almost a year now. Having released two singles, “Adrian” and “Song 12″ on July 13th they release their debut EP 'Black Room'  
Loud swashbuckling guitar riffs, fervent vocals, great melodies and steadfast danceable beats, their debut marks them as an LA band to watch.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Grifters & Shills - Trainwreck Junkyard

Rebecca Ferguson: Lead Vocals
John Stoll: Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Harmonica, Backing Vocals, Percussion

Grifters & Shills Trainwreck Junkyard EP features Rebecca's enchanting twang and tight harmonies with John over the impressive strings of John's multi-instrumentation create a feel good porch stomper sound as warm and filling as a plate of mashed taters and gravy. 
Perpetually touring the Southeast since 2010 and touring nationally once a year, they’ve released two albums, both independently as Westbound, ‘Blackjack Road’ and ‘Now & Then’ now using the moniker Grifters & Shills "Trainwreck Junkyard" was released July 19th, a 5 song EP preview of the full length album that will be released in 2014. 
These songs are all recently written, and are all true to the lives of Rebecca and John.
Available here 

1. Cottonwood
2. Hasn't Happened Yet
3. War Torn
4. What We Do
5. Keep on Comin' After You

The Homegrown Tour – 2013 Upcoming Shows:

07/27/13 Longview, TX 75601 at Historic Longview Farmers Market
07/28/13 Huntsville, AR 72740 at Wildfire Farm – House Concert
07/30/13 Sedalia, MO 65301 at Sedalia Farmers Market
08/01/13 New Haven, MO 63068 at New Haven Farmer’s Market
08/02/13 Kokomo, IN 46901 at Weberfest 2013
08/03/13 Kenosha, WI 53140 at Kenosha HarborMarket
08/04/13 French Lake, MN 55302 at Weber’s Deck
08/06/13 Lincoln, NE 68508 at St. Paul UCC Farmer’s Market
08/07/13 Boulder, CO 80302 at Boulder County Farmer’s Market

Joe Pug Announces Fall 2013 Tour Dates

Joe Pug announces fall tour dates including a short stopover in Europe in September.
Free Sampler Track Listing (press play to listen) give an addy, get em tell, a friend.

1. Hymn #101
2. Nation of Heat
3. How Good You Are
4. Speak Plainly Diana
5. Hymn #76

Click here to order tickets
Aug 03 Reevestock Elkin, NC
Aug 22 Fayetteville Roots Festival Fayetteville, AR
Aug 23 Fayetteville Roots Festival Fayetteville, AR
Aug 24 Whispering Beard Festival Friendship, IN
Sep 14 Take Root Fest Groningen, Netherlands
Sep 15 Paradiso Kleine Zaal Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sep 16 Sneaky Pete's Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Sep 17 Broadcast Glasgow, United Kingdom
Sep 18 The King's Arms Salford, United Kingdom
Sep 19 Borderline London, United Kingdom
Sep 20 Whelans Dublin, Ireland
Oct 04 The Live Oak Music Hall & Lounge Fort Worth, TX
Oct 08 Low Spirits Albuquerque, NM
Oct 09 The Rhythm Room Phoenix, AZ
Oct 10 The Soda Bar San Diego, CA
Oct 11 The Satellite Los Angeles, CA
Oct 12 Cafe Du Nord San Francisco, CA
Oct 13 don quixote's Felton, CA
Oct 16 Sam Bond's Eugene, OR
Oct 17 Doug Fir Lounge Portland, OR
Oct 18 ELECTRIC OWL Vancouver, Canada
Oct 19 The Crocodile Seattle, WA
Oct 20 The Green Frog Bellingham, WA
Oct 21 Mikey's Moscow, ID
Oct 22 Neurolux Lounge Boise, ID
Oct 23 The State Room Salt Lake City, UT
Oct 25 The Larimer Lounge Denver, CO
Oct 26 Record Bar Kansas City, MO
Nov 05 Linneman's Riverwest Inn Milwaukee, WI
Nov 06 Gabe's Iowa City, IA
Nov 07 7th Avenue Entry Minneapolis, MN
Nov 08 Lincoln Hall Chicago, IL
Nov 09 Do317 Lounge Indianapolis, IN
Nov 10 RUMBA CAFE Columbus, OH
Nov 11 The Southgate House Revival-Revival Room Newport, KY
Nov 13 The Stone Fox Nashville, TN
Nov 14 Zanzabar Louisville, KY
Nov 15 TBD Champaign, IL
Nov 16 The Firebird St Louis, MO
Nov 20 The Vanguard Tulsa, OK
Nov 21 Opolis Norman, OK
Nov 22 Fitzgerald's Houston, TX
Nov 23 The Parish Austin, TX

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