Monday, July 8, 2013

The Whiskey Farm - From The Still

Brett Wilfrid, Clark Stacer, Chantelle Thomas, Jason Horowitz, Matt Brown, 
Wesley Otto Wilfrid and Jen Wilfrid.

I love sitting around a fire surrounded by musicians strumming stringed instruments, using anything for drums, the old timer pulling out a harmonica ‘Hey know this one?’ as everyone sings along, claps and stomp their feet. Occasionally under the waxing moon as sparks reach for the stars a new song will be born right there on the spot.  Jason Horowitz of The Whiskey Farm was a camp counselor at Camp Minikani, I imagine the kind of counselor all the kids looked up too. There he started writing songs and playing them around the campfire, together with guitarist/songwriter Brett Wilfrid this American pastime is evident in the songs on their second full-length album ‘From the Still’ with the Folky/Bluegrass songs feeling spontaneous and robust with a warmth like old friends sharing a jug. Pull up a log guys, have a listen and sing along!

With strong melodies, and multiple vocalists the band features multi-instrumentalists Jen Wilfrid - Apiarist extraordinaire, Chantelle Thomas a wandering musical vagabond, Clark Stacer bassist and backup vocalist in the Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, and mad beat master Matt Brown.
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Photo by William C. Lubing

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