Saturday, July 6, 2013

Baby Brother - Sounds May Vary

Jeremy Beazlie, Vincent Vitek, Ian Hardie, Ben Longwell
Packing an aggressive punch of wailing guitars, pounding beats bordering on the barbaric intones of ravaging savages, Baby Brother assault you upside the head with powerful rock and roll.
Baby Brother is a New York City based rock & roll band founded in 2009 it was started while drummer Ian and guitarist Vincent were getting drunk while working a slow bar together. Boredom and that unique spontaneity that comes from one shot too many sparked an idea: get musician friends together and goof off. 
Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Jeremy Beazlie hails from Kentucky, and it shows in his song writing style, incorporating nuances of folk and bluegrass in his approach to vocal melody. He fronts a whopping group backed by lead guitarist and Texas original Vincent Vitek, and from the great state of Washington, Ian Hardie on drums and Ben Longwell on the bass. Stemming primarily from rock, country, and blues origins, their style ranges from the classic feel of early rock and roll, to the gritty fuzz of modern hard rock. Yet intermingled throughout is an element of pure Americana blues and country. Making for a unique and powerful sound.
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Sounds May Vary 
Track List
1. Molly
2. Lorimer
3. Go Go Dancer
4. Bushwick Blues
5. Big Head
6. Mississippi
7. Shut Up Man
8. Eli
9. Ode to E Major
10. Hunches
11. Tennessee
12. Walking My Dog


Debut self released album Strange Things released 05 March 2011
All songs written by Baby Brother except for the Rodeo Song which was written by Gary Lee and the Showdown.

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