Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Lovely Savages - Two

Daniel Crandall - Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica, Keys, Weirdness
Robert Wright - Drums
Substitute a sixties garage in the suburbs of San Francisco for a cabin deep in the woods of Oregon, imagine it surrounded by generators pumping sparks and interment current through extension cords laid out on the ground. Inside two throwbacks to another age are laying down tracks with primitive savagery, animals ears perk up before they make a mad dash off deeper into the woods as droning guitars and pulsing beats send them scattering like suicidal lemmings.
The Lovely Savages new release ‘Two’ is like roughhewn Cottonwoods, splinters exposed, rough notched and bound together with mud and grass but pieced together with craftsman’s hands. The end result is a sturdy, weather worn, deep rooted album that will stand the test of time.
 "It’s got more warts and pocks and chunks and bumps than all the inbred offspring of Quasimodo – but for all it’s flaws it has come together as a thing of savage beauty."

Released 26 July 2013 

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