Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mean Mary – Year of the Sparrow

Mean Mary James
Nashville’s multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter and novelist Mean Mary, is a master of eleven instruments (guitar, banjo, violin, viola, mandolin, bass, keys, saxophone, trumpet, dulcimer, castanets) with a moving, enchanting, full vocal range.  Year of the Sparrow is an original album of folk, bluegrass, blues, and Celtic that features both her fast banjo picking and her intricate story telling. Ghost pirates, a demon guitar, a horse vs. train race, and girls who can’t stay out of trouble are just a few of the subjects covered on this excellent album. Available on iTunes Check Upcoming Shows
“I have my own vision of how my original songs should sound, so it makes sense to create the music myself and work with my brother, who’s been playing music with me since we were kids. And it’s cheaper than hiring a bunch of extra musicians,” she jokes. “I record all the tracks at my home recording studio in Nashville and then work with a wonderful engineer and friend, Jim Brown, who mixes them. It keeps the music real.”

Year of the Sparrow Tracklist:  
1. Wherefore Art Thou, Jane?
2. Iron Horse
3. Sierra Leone

4. Dance of the Thistledown
5. Death and the Maiden
6. The Sparrow and the Hawk
7. Memphis Moon

8. The Safebreaker's Daughter
9. Good Time Gal
10. Sweet Jezebel

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