Friday, July 26, 2013

DD Dagger - Finger Off The Trigger Video Premiere

Photog: Mark Zell
DD Dagger a.k.a Allyson Lipkin- Vocals, multi-instrumentalist
Harold Lehmon- guitar, effects (Rabbit Fist, LaRue, Nurk)
Jeff Merrill - guitar, keys, back up vox, trombone (Context Clues, LaRue, Nurk)
Cliff White - bass (Vellum, Winsor for the Derby)
John Ashley - drums (LaRue, Nurk)
Virginia Meza - cocktail drum (Rabbit Fist, Candi & Cavities)
Adina Effron - keyboards, effects, bass (LaRue)

New video from DD Dagger 'Finger Off The Trigger' from her sophmore album, RADiXXX
Originally from Houston, Dagger now calls Austin her home and has used the capital city as a staging ground for her art.
Dagger, who routinely switches between guitar and sax per her set list, plays with the confidence of a seasoned veteran both on “Radixxx” and at her live performances.  Tracks like “Finger off the Trigger” deal with the need to be cautious in a world beset with regrets over past mistakes, while “Playing with Fire” centers on making bad decisions, time and time again.  Dagger’s voice smolders at the forefront of “Snake Charmer”, while an authentic voodoo beat pulses in the background.
Featuring the La Pistolle Dancers, a DD Dagger show takes on a new dimension.  With a soundtrack that is both sensual and dangerous, the La Pistolle Dancers take the music to a completely new level as they virtually embody the music and lyrics.  In fact, the dancers were part of Dagger’s adoption of a more jazz like sound.  “The focus was dance,” Says Dagger, calling it a “combination of art forms.”  The decision to include the La Pistolle Dancers provides an atmosphere of a Vegas style floor show, albeit a slightly more avant garde and dangerous one.

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