Monday, July 8, 2013

Raw Geronimo - NEW Single - Magnetic Love FREE Download

Laena Geronimo - lead vocals + songwriting (Dante Vs. Zombies, Swahili Blonde, prev. of The Like, +...)
Michael Rudes - drums (prev. of Cactus Pricks, The Virgineers)
Lauren "Feather" Fay - percussion (Amanda Jo Williams, Jeffertiti's Nile)
Shannon Lay - rhythm guitar, keys, vocals (prev. of Facts On File)
Lance Piebenga - bass (Gnarbaby, prev. of Honeychild)
Vug Arakas- lead guitar, vocals (prev. of a hundred bands in Columbus Ohio)

I've been a huge fan of Laena Geronimo since her days in The Like and have been waiting for this since she started Raw Geronimo. They will be releasing their first full length 'Dream Fever' album July 30th grab this free download from the upcoming album.

Faustine/Magnetic Love 7" single released in November 2011 by Neurotic Yell Records features songs performed and recorded before the band was formed by Laena Geronimo. An intimate sneak-peek into the bedroomy beginnings, if you will.

Role Play/Shot On The Spot 7" single released in January 2012 by Neurotic Yell Records features the full band recorded and produced by Mudrock at The Hobby Shop in Highland Park.

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