Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bellwire - SummEP Debut

Photo--Taylor Maroney
Chris Faulkner-drums
Jack Holland-bass
Tyler Burdwood-Vocals/Guitar
Mike Holland-Guitar
Natalike Kovalcik-Miscellaneous
Sam Rheaume-Miscellaneous 
I have great admiration for the younger set that finish college and then persue their creative dreams knowing a rough ride lays ahead. Bellwire are a band like that, bound together by a creative vision they are now set to put it in motion by shacking up together in a house in Allston, MA for the purpose of their music. They have their debut full length in the works.
Whimsical lyrics, danceable beats and tasty hooks their debut SummEP grooves like a sunny summer stroll in anywhere USA. Though they cite Bright Eyes as one of their influences, there is an early Kinks feel to their vocals and melodies, it’s a joyous rock and roll romp. Looking forward to the full length.

SummEP Released 13 July 2013 available for Name Your Price

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