Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sun Voyager - Cosmic Tides

There’s something brewing in upstate New York, so much good music coming from that area, to many to mention here, it seems to be becoming a music Mecca. Another recent discovery is Sun Voyager from Albany. Their debut EP Cosmic Tides, while they consider it a demo and are heading back into the studio to work on a full length, it has all the ingredients of great psychedelic/garage rock mixed with a bit of stoner, raw loud and rockin’ with sprawling guitar solos, fast beats and wailing vocals. Based out of Orange County, New York, the four musicians see themselves as more of a brotherhood, having known each other for 7-8 years. They vibe on the same musical wave length and set out to write simple songs that groove. I'm looking forward to the debut of the full length, this young band has something that works.
1. Oh, Sally
2. New American City
3. Cosmic Tides

Released 29 January 2013

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