Friday, July 26, 2013

Buffalo Gospel Release An Amazing New Album 'We Can Be Horses'

Ryan Necci - Vocals / Guitar 
Heidi Spencer - Vocals 
Brian Wells - Bass
Allen Coté -  Guitar 
Ryan Ogburn - Mandolin 
Kyle Keegan - Percussion

 Couch By Couchwest  Alumni, Milwaukee's Buffalo Gospel first full lenght 'We Can Be Horses' is set to drop on July 27th, I've been listening to it for almost two months now, trying to figure out what to say about it, you know flowery verbage and lofty praise, but it really comes down to something simple, this album is a gotdang masterpiece of Rock/Bluesgrass fusion! Touching on a more personal level on this album, songwriter Ryan Necci - Vocals / Guitar leaves his comfort zone, this time writing autobiographical lyrics in a way relatable to all of us, adding punch to these new songs, unlike their previous acoustic EPs, they plug it in and crank it up, the songs range from somber to foot stompin,' all delivered with heartfelt abandon. Kyle Keegan is back on drums adding some bangin’ beats, Heidi Spencer adds her beautiful harmonies. The band also includes the amazing Ryan Ogburn on mandolin and guitar, Allen Coté on Lap Steel, Guitar and Brian Wells setting the groove on bass. It’s albums like this when I feel most that my writing skills are sorely lacking, so Simon at Beat Surrender has strung some sentences into descriptive paragraphs you should read, check it out.

Track List:
1. Song Of The Ox
2. Mule
3. Hoarse As A Crow
4. When God's Away On Business
5. The Northern
6. The Western (The Devil Is Me)
7. The Eastern
8. If I Was The Last Man
9. The Long Way Home
10. The Hill Outside My Home
11. All That I Got Left
12. Letters To Georgia

It will be available at all the usual outlets 
Stream the whole album and buy! Album Release Show w/ special guest Jonathan Burks July 27th at Linneman's River West Inn
1001 E Locust St, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Couch By Couchwest '12 premiere of the new song 'The Northern'

Ryan Necci of Buffalo Gospel (Milwaukee, WI) singing "The Hill Outside My Home" for the Couch By CouchWest '11 Sessions.

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