Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Don Ryan Releases New Song and Video - Top Of The World

Don Ryan is an iconic personality both musically and socially in New Jersey, he is an unbridled mass of creative energy whose demons occasionally surface like ghosts of Christmas past, he is a vibrant orignal. A two time Couch By Couchwest alumni, his first year was a bit late and is now considered a classic misfortune. Today he released a new single 'Top Of The World' with his most recent band Don Ryan & The Blank Canvas Movement featuring Don Ryan - Vocals, Guitar, Paul Vanderwal - Cello, Rich Haddad - Bass and Joe Vernazza - Drums

Couch By Couchwest '13 premiere of 'Vultures'

Desiree - Don Ryan (CXCW '12 Outtake)

If you missed the excellent 2011 album Tangle Town check it out now....

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