Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Release> Fruition - Just One of Them Nights

Jay Cobb Anderson - vocals, lead acoustic & electric guitar, harmonica
Kellen Asebroek - vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
Mimi Naja - vocals, mandolin, acoustic guitar, piano
Keith Simon - upright & electric bass
Tyler Thompson - drums, percussion, banjo

Fruition the accidental bluegrass rising stars of the Portland music scene. When formed in '08 Kellen says none of Fruition's members was well-versed in bluegrass or folk. A chance meeting between Kellen and Georgia transplant Mimi soon had the two playing on the streets and small bars, and soon after Jay Cobb Anderson and bassist Keith Simon, both transplants from Lewiston, Idaho we're drawn into Mimi's magnetic force and together the sound that came out was old-time folk and bluegrass. 

I have been waiting for a new release since a bandcamp surfing excursion lead me to their 2011 ‘It Won't Be Long’ I am not disappointed ‘Just One Of Those Nights’ was well worth the wait as they push the boundaries of old-time folk and bluegrass which makes them hard to pigeon hole, the album kicks off with the sing-along ‘Git Along’. The laid back ‘Whippoorwill’ features Mimi’s beautiful vocals that drew the band together in the first place. ‘Boil Over’ with bluesy vocals and fast pace with rockish strings is just one song that shows off their instrumental work while ‘Come On, Get In’ highlights their sweet three-part harmonies. The album closes with ‘Portland Bound’ a joyous romp about heading home and Mimi’s longing heartfelt vocals on the sentimental ‘Gotta Get Back Home’ 

It’s an outstanding album that shows why this band has such a dedicated fan base and are on the accession on a national level.

1. Git Along 
2. Whippoorwill
3. Blue Light
4. Mountain Annie 
5. The Wanter 
6. Broken Hearted 
7. Come On, Get In 
8. Just One of Them Nights 
9. Boil Over 
10. Portland Bound 

11. Gotta Get Back Home 

Released July 30th
Recorded by Calvin Turnbull @ Old School Studios in Caspar, CA
Mixed by Justin Phelps at Cloud City Sound in Portland, OR
Mastered by Robert Carranza

Relix Magazine “Rooftop Sessions”

Upcoming Shows
Aug 1:
Cervantes Other Side - Denver, CO
Aug 2:
State Bridge Riverside - Bond, CO
Aug 3:
195 River Run Rd - Keystone, CO
Aug 4:
195 River Run Rd - Keystone, CO
Aug 6:
The Top Hat - Missoula, MT
Aug 7:
Great Northern Bar - Whitefish, MT
Aug 9:
Whitehorse Mountain Amphitheater - Darrington, WA
Aug 25:
Emerald Meadows - Eugene, OR
Aug 30:

Waterfront Park - Spokane, WA

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